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"You see now?" Her voice came to him soft, and floating in the pleasured haze. "If having my teeth in you is this dangerous, having my blood in you would only be even more so. I am not the same as you."

Low rumble of agreement in his chest. "You certainly aren't."

I want you.

I noticed. I did drink your blood. She pursed her lips thoughtfully. At least I know where to find some old furniture now. Thanks for that.

You are very sneaky. I'll have to keep an eye on you.

"Finally you learn."

Her spoken words roused him from the last of his daze. He snapped an arm out and gripped her shoulder.

You took more blood from me than I took from your prey. I want some back. And with that, he captured her lips in his own and tasted. His own blood on her tongue sent shivers up his spine and his scalp tingled. How he wanted to bite her lower lip and pull, and suck, so gently…how had she escaped his notice for so very long?

He knew he was flirting with extreme danger. His own almost insanely strong response to having his blood drawn from him by her had told him that. He began to harbour a suspicion that she could possibly be stronger than him. No. That couldn't be right. But…no. Surely not. It only seemed that way because it had been so long since he had been in contact with one as strong as himself. He had gotten out of practice. He had become too used to dealing with others so far below himself in power. But still. This felt dangerous.

He felt her tongue slide gently along his own. Rough velvet. Oh.

He couldn't say why it felt so dangerous. Vampires often drew blood from each other with no harm. But she had said that she wasn't the same. She was the idea, whatever that was.

It was dangerous, for sure.

She pulled away, and vanished. He let her go this time.

Author's Notes: It's been quite a while since I was really deeply involved in the Hellsing fandom. This story has been left unfinished for a long time. I want to try and finish it (I hate leaving things unfinished), but it will surely be a long and gruelling process for me on my own.

If anyone is willing to collaborate with me and continue this story between us, let me know. I'll send you some notes about where I see this story going. If you don't like my ideas then that's fine, perhaps you have some ideas of your own? You can be as much or as little involved as you like, from simply suggesting plot points to writing entire chapters. Anyone who collaborates on this with me will receive all due credit as a co-author, and we'll have a completed story on our hands! In a way, this fanfic is now a Choose Your Own Adventure, open to all of you, and if you like the story and want to see it continued, please do speak up!