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"I can't believe you got a detention already," Ron chuckled a little, sitting in one of the chairs by the fire beside Harry, who was staring at their chess game intensely. The redhead gave him a smug look before turning back to Neville, who was putting his school work away.

"Oh, you know it wasn't his fault." Hermione pulled her hair up into a rather bushy ponytail and looked over to the sandy-haired teen who just sighed. He put his bag in the chair he had been sitting in; he would probably be back before any of them went to bed, so there was no reason to give up his seat next to the fire.

"I don't even know why I'm still taking his classes." Neville moaned. It had been Potions of course. It always had to be Potions.

"You've gotten better at potions, Neville. If Malfoy hadn't thrown that gillo-root into your potion…" Hermione huffed. "Well, you should hurry before you're late, don't want to make it any worse."

"See you guys." Neville waved with a small smile before passing some third years and going through the portrait hole.

Their seventh year had just started at Hogwarts and he didn't really know what he had been expecting, but he had already blown up a cauldron- causing nothing short of a catastrophe in class just a week in. It was weird with everything that had happened the year before.

The end of sixth year was chaos: With sieges and Voldemort trying to take over. He shook his head, trying not to let any negative memories flow through, it was hard. It had been war and there were casualties, including Dumbledore, Percy Weasley, Seamus Finnigan and a lot more people Neville knew he was going to miss, but would remember forever. Harry had defeated Voldemort during the summer and the whole wizarding world rejoiced. They were even able to catch all the known Death Eaters.

It seemed too soon that they were starting school again, and everyone was surprised by Harry (well anyone that didn't know him too well) when he had shown up. He said that he felt like he still had things he needed to learn and then it seemed like everything was back to normal.

Neville's fingers twitched slightly as he made his way down the stairs, passing a few Ravenclaw girls who were chatting about something. He hadn't gotten proper time in the greenhouses since he had been back and Professor Sprout had even given him the password to gain access out of class hours. He was really excited about planting some seeds his Uncle had given him as a birthday present.

Of course, his first real free time just had to be spent with Professor Snape in detention. It turned out that the man was a good guy and for some reason, Neville realized that he had never doubted it. Sure, he had terrified Neville in his early years at Hogwarts, but Neville was taller now, and a lot more comfortable with himself than he had been before. Well, the war and spending time in the greenhouses had done well for his figure.

He wondered idly if Snape had noticed how much he had grown. He blushed at the thought. Neville knew he liked blokes; it was something he had realized right before the war. He had talked to Hermione about it, but let her know he still wasn't sure if he should let anyone else know. It was enough of a shock for him, especially when he was beginning to have strange feelings for certain potions expert.

He prayed Snape would never find out and if one day he did, hopefully Neville would be too far away to be flayed or skewered or whatever the other man would do to him.

Neville sighed; this had to be some joke Cupid was playing on him because he had finally started getting comfortable with himself.

"Oh no!"

Neville didn't even have time to look up before something hit him hard on the head and shattered. He grabbed the railing of the stairs and tried to steady himself so he didn't fall over. His ears were ringing and he realized that he was doused in something; he ran a hand through his hair and looked at his hand to see a weird pink fluid and some blood. He groaned, this wasn't good, even he could figure that out.

He was closer to the dungeons than the infirmary, maybe Professor Snape would let him clean up before the detention started. He didn't recognize it, but it definitely had to be a potion and Snape would know more about those anyway, right? He suddenly felt dizzy again and grabbed the rail. He looked at the mess around him and realized that whoever had dropped the potion had decided to book it.

He growled at his luck before setting a quicker pace toward the dungeons and ignored all the looks he got from the younger students that he passed and quickly knocked on the Potion room door. He was bleeding and there was a mysterious potion soaking him, there was really no time to stop and chat.

"Come in."

The silky voice came through the door and Neville tried to fight back another wave of dizziness as he walked into the classroom. Snape was arranging some papers on his desk.

"Professor, I was wondering if-"

"Longbottom, what are you…" Snape stopped and looked up at the state of the student in front of him. He got up and pulled the teen's arm toward the sink. He started to run the possibilities through his head of what it could be; there were a few well-known potions that took that color… "What happened to you?"

"Someone dropped it down the stairs…" Neville blushed a little at the older man's grip on his arm before he got a look at the Professor's expression. "Professor?"

Snape's face had gone strangely pale and blank. Neville noticed that his black eyes seemed to have glazed over and then Snape leaned forward and… sniffed… him.

Neville felt flustered as the older man pulled him closer and started to sniff his arms and chest. This was weird. "Is there something wrong, Professor?"

Snape's head snapped up and he looked at the teen, still blank and slightly glazed. Neville knew there was something wrong and he needed to get some help, but he couldn't move and he was getting another wave of dizziness again. But Snape never answered him nor did he release his grip at all.

The professor then scooped up a bit of the potion onto the tip of one of his fingers and tasted it. Neville stared wide-eyed, that didn't seem like a good thing to do. He had no idea what this potion was, not to mention his blood was mixing into it. But then again, he wasn't a Potions master and he never would be, so maybe the other man knew what he was doing.

And then Snape made this weird noise and before Neville could react, he was being pushed backwards. He tripped over his robes, causing him to fall backwards and his head to hit a desk with a loud smack and everything faded black.

The first thing he noticed was that he hurt all over. His body was pounding and screaming at him. His heart was pounding in his chest.

The second was that he felt very sick. He fought the bile in his throat.

The third thing Neville noticed before opening his eyes was that someone was having sex with him. He opened his eyes and it took them a while to open before he saw Snape above him…thrusting into him.

It hurt.

It hurt really badly.

He wanted to puke.

"Professor what… stop… " He groaned and his throat cracked, he could feel the tears falling out of his eyes. Snape still had same the expression on his face as before. "Please… stop… "

He didn't want it like this, never like this. He bit back a sob and tried to move, but his whole body was aching and Snape was holding him down. There was blood on the floor and the potion was still covering him and his butt felt ripped and sticky.

"STOP!" He screamed, crying, and grabbed something in his hand before smashing it against Snape's skull.

Whatever it was, it shattered and immediately his hand stung and he knew there was probably some glass in it. Snape fell instantly to the ground motionless and Neville pulled away, hissing in pain but staring wide-eyed at the fallen professor. He puked.

He couldn't stop the tears and his whole body was shaking, he tried to wipe his face and pulled his robes around him, ignoring how torn his pants and shirt was. He couldn't be in here, he had to leave.

He ran out of the room, refusing to glance at the man on the floor and did his best to ignore the way his body was screaming at him, or the fact that he was covered in potion, blood and semen.

He ignored everyone he passed and was slightly thankful for his inability to be noticed by the population. It wasn't until he was through the portrait hole and into the Gryffindor common room that the situation had hit him.

He felt the tears falling from his eyes again and his whole body was shaking roughly. He puked again.

"NEVILLE!?!" Hermione was in front of him. "What happened!? Ron! Go get Professor Lupin!"

"I…I…" He swallowed and looked over at her. "I just killed Professor Snape."

And everything went black.


His head hurt.

To be honest, it was screaming.

Snape groaned and opened his eyes.

"Ah…Severus…" His eyes immediately fell on McGonagall and she was looking grim as always these days. Then he noticed he was in the Hospital Wing.

"What…" He tried to sit up, but then there was a hand on his chest stopping him. He followed it to see Remus Lupin; the man had offered to take over the DADA classes until Minerva could find another Professor for the spot.

"You have a nasty head trauma, move a little slower, Severus." Snape sat up a little slower, still not understanding how he had gotten here; he had been grading papers.

"Do you remember what happened?" Minerva asked and he gave her a look that he hoped said 'No, I don't recall grading papers to be a rather violent task, so no I do not know why I am here'.

"I was grading papers in my room waiting on Longbottom…" He stopped, his head really hurt. "He had came in covered with a potion and…"

It clicked.

He put his hand over his mouth and immediately there was a bucket in front of him and he threw up. He remembered it; there was something odd about the potion but…

He had raped Neville Longbottom.

He groaned as his head began to throb again and put his hands over his eyes, not wanting to look at them. This was disgusting, why was he still here? He should be halfway to Azkaban for something like that. The images kept flooding his mind and he felt disgusting… the teen had even been knocked out at first but had started fighting when he had come to.

But he had just kept going.

He pulled the bucket close again, puked and gagged.

"Severus…" He looked up at Minerva, who looked rather pale.

"You need to tell the Governors and I'll come quietly and…" His mind began racing frantically, "You'll need to find someone to replace me but I bet you could get Horace here for a few months…"


He realized he was shaking, but with his mind racing as it was, he couldn't pinpoint the reason why. He looked up at Lupin and then back at McGonagall. Why wasn't he on his way to prison already?

"You're not going anywhere." She stated rather emotionlessly. "I already notified the Governors, of course, and but as of now, until they come up with a decision, you still teach here. I…"

"But why!?" He looked at her frantically, "This isn't something that should be allowed, especially not involving a student and a professor! I….I…"


"I raped him…" He said it and they all got quiet. He eyed the bucket in his hands, but didn't think he had anything else to get rid of inside of him.

"You couldn't have helped it." It was Lupin this time, not looking directly at the wreck in front of him. "The potion he was doused in…it was Amortentia, well, more like a slightly botched and updated version of it."

Snape's eyes widened slightly, but he still ran a hand through his hair nervously, "What do you mean updated?"

"The short explanation is that the two girls that made this also added some fertility ingredients to it as well as some transitu-root."

Snape did the math in his head, "They were trying to make a love potion that would hypnotize the drinker and make sure they're fertile?"

"So it seems. But they have been dealt with and sent home." Minerva sniffed shortly. "They decided they were going to test it but accidently dropped it on Mr. Longbottom. This potion… it would have been impossible for you to control your actions, Severus…"

"I should've known better… the second I saw him… "

"You were concerned for his safety and got too close, there was no way you could recognize a botched potion." Lupin smiled slightly and Snape felt disgusted at the gesture. What were they doing? Didn't they realize the situation?

"Anyways… when Poppy and Pomona are done speaking with him," she eyed Snape warily as if knowing that he didn't like any of this, "we will let him decide what happens. And if you still feel like you need to be punished, I think I could come up with something… but for now you need to settle down, Severus, and compose yourself."

That's when he noticed that there was a bed across the room with curtains drawn around it; they hadn't put them in the same room after what had happened, had they?

"He woke up right before you." Lupin had noticed him staring at the curtains, "We decided to let Pomona try and speak with him because he seems closest with her."

Snape put a hand over his eyes and sat back on the bed. Maybe Longbottom would talk some sense into these people. Rape was serious, and he didn't think that any of them were taking it as hard as they should be.

"There was no way, Snape." Remus sighed, watching the silent struggle, "Both of you were…"

"Stop it." He said it quietly, but the other man had heard and quieted… and they waited.


Neville lied on the bed as Madame Pomfrey explained it to him. Professor Sprout was at the head of his bed twirling his hair in her fingers, something he had told her comforted him when he was little. He was glad she was here; she was the second closest thing that he would consider to be a mother figure. He curled his legs to his chest, ignoring how his body told him to stop moving because it hurt.

So it had been the potion's fault. He didn't know what to do. It had been awful, but did he really want to make Snape quit his job?

The older man was just as much a victim as he was.

But then he didn't think that he could take seeing the older man any time soon… it was just too much. He felt nauseous. Maybe they could all pretend that it had never happened?

He began to wonder idly if the whole school had thought he tried to kill Snape by now.

"Mr. Longbottom…" He looked over to the nurse who was looking at him with worry, "I suggest that you get some counseling for a little while and we still need to decide if you want to stay or…"

He sat up a little. "I-I want to stay." He looked at his hands on the bed. "I mean, I want to finish my schooling and it's not like I want to leave or anything."

They were both watching him nervously; he didn't know how he felt about that.

"I-I know the situation." He sighed and tried not to think about it again. "I don't think that either of us could have stopped it… and it's not like it was on purpose…"

"I want to stay here…" He looked at them both, "I-I just don't think I can… you know… I should drop out of his class. I wasn't any good at Potions anyway." He tried to smile, but it didn't seem to work.

"But you are alright if he keeps teaching here?" Professor McGonagall was there and she pulled back the curtain. He looked down at the ground but nodded.

"It was an accident; it wasn't either of our faults…" He still couldn't stop shaking.

"As long as you are sure, Mr. Longbottom, and if you change your mind you can come speak to me." Her voice was strangely soft and he nodded again, not looking at her.

"Well, you need to lie back down and get some rest." Madame Pomfrey immediately went into her normal nurse mode. "I'll be keeping you here tonight and you can decide tomorrow if you feel like going."

He nodded again and lied back down on the bed and closed his eyes. He was grateful for whoever's hand started massaging his hair because it helped him fall asleep.

Minerva looked over as Snape, who had heard the boy's answer. "He doesn't blame you for anything, Severus, but I do suggest that we continue this somewhere else, in case he wakes up again."

Snape nodded slowly and Remus helped him out of bed.


A week after.


Neville sat in the common room watching everyone talk with their friends and Ron beat Harry at Wizard's Chess. He had thought it would be harder, but it had been easy to try and forget what had happened- it was probably because no one knew what really happened.

He still got strange looks from people who thought he had tried to kill Professor Snape and the Slytherins had been worse than usual, but he knew secret passageways and now only had to see them in class or in the Great Hall and both had teachers there.

Most of the Gryffindors had assumed he had just botched another potion in detention and that Snape had banned him from classes, when really Neville had chosen to stop attending.

It was weird, but he was glad he didn't have to see the Potion's Master anytime soon and Snape hadn't been eating with the other professors in the Great Hall either.

"Neville, you alright?" He looked over to see Harry looking at him, slightly worried. He must have lost already.

"Oh, yeah," he smiled the best he could, "I just zoned out."

"You've been doing that a lot lately." Hermione was suddenly sitting beside Neville on the couch he was occupying. "Are you feeling alright? You look a little tired."

He smiled at her; it was nice to have friends that cared. He wondered for a second if he should tell her… she had been good on her word to keep his other secrets so far… He quickly decided against it, the less people that knew about it, the easier for him to pretend it never happened.

Minus the fact that he had to go to counseling again today, but he had been feeling tired lately, more than usual. And he had just planted his seeds the other day and hadn't had a chance to check up on them even though he knew that Professor Sprout was probably keeping a good eye on them for him.

"Yeah, just tired I guess." He shrugged, "Maybe I'm catching a cold…"

Hermione seemed okay with that answer and she patted him on the arm. "Just take care of yourself, okay?"

"Man, Neville." Ron sighed dejectedly, "I don't know how you do it…"

"Do what?"

"Oh come on…" The red-head grinned teasingly. "Don't tell me you haven't noticed all the girls givin' you looks and stuff…"

Neville flustered, "Wha-what?"

"Just saying, man," Ron made a face like he had missed a chance at something he thought he should have, "First you almost kill Professor Snape and don't get expelled (Neville had paled slightly at these words), and now you're getting all the attention from the ladies…"

"It's finally my y-year I guess." Neville decided he really was tired and got up. "I think I'm going to get some winks in before I have to meet McGonagall."

"Must be tough with those extra lessons." Harry yawned, "Must be nice to be missing out on Potions though."

"Heh, yeah." Neville looked over the new game of chess they had started and moved one of Harry's pieces to put Ron in check. "See you guys later."

"Cheater!" Ron shouted after the laughing teen.


"So everything is going alright then?" Minerva McGonagall watched the boy in front of her nod. He looked tired. "Are you getting enough sleep, Neville?"

He smiled slightly at that, "Yes, ma'am, just a little tired today."

"Is there anything you wanted to talk about today?" She smiled softly at him.

"Well actually, I was wondering if I could leave a little early today," Neville shuffled a bit, "I wanted to get to bed a little early."

"How about we skip this meeting today then?" She stood and he followed, "And I think we can just start having sessions twice a week if that is alright with you?"

He nodded fervently; he had been going to meet her every night since he had left the hospital.

"Please take care of yourself and get some rest."

Neville said goodbye and went down the spiral steps from the Headmaster's office. He braced himself against the wall as he made it into the hallway; a sudden wave of dizziness had hit him. Maybe he was more tired than he thought.

He slowly made his way down the hall before he noticed some Slytherin students ahead of him. He paused, noticing that they hadn't seen him and quickly went behind a curtain that had a quicker way back to his common room. He wasn't in the mood to be dodging hexes.

He made it to the stairs and was glad to see it was green free, but then suddenly the stairs started moving and another wave of dizziness caused him to fall backwards. He braced himself for the fall down the stairs and hoped he wouldn't go over the edge as they moved but suddenly there were arms keeping him up.

"Watch it, you idiot, what year are you? You should realize by now these cursed stairs move, you..." His eyes widened at the voice and he immediately spun around and jumped back away from the arms. His heart was pounding through his chest and his body began to shake.

Snape's eyes widened when he saw Longbottom, he hadn't been able to tell from behind and he mentally cursed himself. The boy looked terrified and sick.

Neville noted the shocked face that slowly slid into an uncomfortable expression. The stairs had stopped moving, but he didn't know what to do and he felt sick again so he grabbed the rail to steady himself.

"Are you…" Snape took a step forward but stopped immediately as a hand slapped him across the face.

Neville stared wide-eyed; his hand was stinging. He had just hit Professor Snape! He backed up a few steps but didn't know what to do. "Professor! I-I'm sor-"

"Please return to your common room, Mr. Longbottom." Snape didn't raise his eyes to meet the boy's but kept them closed as his cheek burned. He heard feet run up the stairs but didn't move until he couldn't hear them anymore. He looked around for any witnesses but didn't see any.

He had been doing so well.


A week after the stairs incident and Neville once again had to catch himself against the wall. He wasn't feeling well again and it was happening more often.

"Are you alright, mate?" Ron was beside him and put his hand over Neville's forehead, "You look like hell and you didn't eat anything this morning."

"Ha, thanks." Neville waited for the room to stop spinning, it seemed to be happening more frequently. "I think I might really be coming down with a bug or something."

"Want to go to the infirmary?" He asked quietly as Harry and Hermione walked over to them.

"No, I'll be alright; I think I might go to bed though." He smiled as the other two walked up.

"What's up? You guys ready for Charms?" Harry switched the shoulder he was carrying his bag on.

"Neville's feeling sick, so he's going to bed." Ron answered for the pale teen. "Want us to take notes for Transfigurations too? Maybe Hermione can convince the Headmistress that you should skip your extra lessons tonight too."

Neville nodded gratefully before making his way up the stairs.

He passed Dean Thomas on the way who ended up helping him up to the tower before continuing his way to class.

Neville sat on his bed; it was weird that as long as he wasn't moving he felt okay. There was knocking at his door and Ginny Weasley poked her head in.

"You alright, Neville?" She walked over to his bed and put her hand on his forehead. "You look like hell."

"Your brother already told me that." He laughed lightly. "I feel a little better already; I just don't like moving right now…"

"Do you want me to get Madame Pomfry or Professor Lupin?" She smiled, Lupin had become the new Gryffindor Head when McGonagall hired him, but she still didn't find anyone to take her class… although most students assumed she didn't try very hard.

"I'm good; it'll probably be over tomorrow anyway."

"Hmm…well, you want to help Luna and me with our Herbology essays?" She grinned.

"You're going to let a Ravenclaw girl into a Gryffindor boy's dorm room?" He laughed.

"Don't worry, I'll tell everyone what an experience you are." She faked a husky voice before snorting and walking out the door with a promise to bring a blonde with her next time.


Neville watched as Professor Snape entered the Great Hall looking as nonplus as ever. He took note on how the man didn't even glance at the Gryffindor table. The professor seemed back to normal and had been eating with the other teachers again.

"Oh look, its Snape." Neville looked to see his dorm-mates sit down around him. Ron growled, "He's been worse than ever lately, stupid git."

"Ron!" Hermione hissed at the ginger, but Neville felt a strange sort of relief. If Professor Snape could get back to normal, then so could he.

"No wonder you've been feeling sick lately." Dean snorted at Neville's plate. "Most people don't mix those together."

"I don't see why not." Neville laughed, "It's delicious." Ignoring the grossed out faces of the people around him, he took a spoonful of mashed potatoes with pickles and ketchup. He had to admit it wasn't something he would normally try, but the second he saw the food, he had wanted to mix it up and eat it.

"I will never complain about what Ron eats ever again." Harry turned away, deciding he couldn't watch the other boy eat. This humored Neville slightly, considering they had just gotten out of a war and Harry had probably witnessed a lot worse.

"Oh, Neville!" Suddenly Ginny was beside him with her arm around his shoulders, smiling brightly. He looked over at her warily along with Ron and Harry. Hermione looked amused.

"Luna and I just wanted to thank you for those…" she blushed, "um… lessons… you gave us the other day… they were very… stimulating." And then she was gone, walking over to her friends who were giggling.

Ron and Harry had both spluttered their drinks, making a mess on their robes. Even Hermione was a deep red as they all stared at a very flustered Neville. Dean was giving him an odd look.

"You don't mean Luna Lovegood?" His tone was odd too. Neville's eyes widened.

"I-I just helped them with Herbology!" He glared down at Ginny who laughed and then winked.

"Better have been." Ron mumbled, causing Harry to laugh nervously. Dean smiled slightly but Neville could tell something was on his mind.

"You like Luna, Dean?" He asked suddenly and put his hand over his mouth as soon as it came out.

The black teen spluttered and then blushed furiously before standing up and leaving the Great Hall rather quickly.

"Very tactful, Neville." Hermione sighed, "But that's kind of cute…Dean and Luna…"

"Huh?" Ron looked over at Hermione. "What about Dean and Luna?"

Neville, Hermione and Harry sighed.


Neville sighed against a pillar in the courtyard; today's weather was turning out nice and he was glad to have a moment alone. For the past few days, he had been assuring Ron of his sister's chastity, assuring Harry that yes he knew that Harry liked Ginny and yes he would keep it a secret from Ron and then assuring Dean to try and go for Luna, she was a nice girl and he thought they would be nice together.

He sighed, picking up his bag and ran a hand through his hair. He went into the hallways trying to figure out what he could do before his class and if he had time.

"Oi, Longbottom." Neville flinched before turning to see Draco Malfoy smirking at him. Crabbe and Goyle had died in the war… on the Death Eater's side. Malfoy had actually helped the Order, but that didn't mean he became nice or anything.


"Just wanted to tell you how nice it's been in Potions without you." The blonde smirked. "No one's messed up any of their potions and even Potty is getting passing marks without having to keep an eye on you."

"Glad for the update." He smiled as nicely as he could at the blonde who was obviously caught off guard. Taking his chance, he moved past him and took a passage to the greenhouses; he wanted to check on the seedlings.

But on his way, he suddenly got tired; he yawned as he entered greenhouse number three and went to the back to his pots. He sat down on the stool there and laid his head against the table. Maybe he could catch some sleep before DADA.


Neville noticed that Lupin was giving him a weird look. He wished he hadn't but he had and now he really wanted to know why he has earned it. He looked over himself… he looked normal. He watched the werewolf walk around the classroom with a smile while giving them new instructions on how to deal with Nariph Pixies.

Neville wondered if anyone else noticed that the professor was sniffing the classroom while talking.

He stifled a yawn. He had been getting more sleep lately but it didn't seem like it was enough. He was also hungry but tried to tell his body it had to wait until supper time. It was weird; he seemed to be eating more than usual too… he just hoped he wouldn't gain all that weight he had lost back…

"Mr. Longbottom." Neville looked up to see Lupin looking at him warily, "Are you feeling alright?"

"Yes, sir?"

Lupin seemed to think about this before whispering. "Actually I would like to take you to see Madame Pomfrey if that is alright. Will you wait outside for a second?"

Neville was very confused but he nodded and went to get his bag and shrugged at everyone who gave him a weird look. He didn't know what was going on. He stepped outside as Lupin gave Harry and Hermione instructions on how to run the class and deal with the pixies, also letting them know that he was going to the Hospital Wing in case anything happened.

"Is there something wrong, sir?" Neville asked a little anxiously as the professor closed the door to his classroom behind him. "Do I look ill?"

Professor Lupin smiled, "No, you don't look sick- tired, but not sick. But I think…" He stopped himself and looked around at the students passing them. "I'll tell you when we get there."

That didn't make Neville feel any better.

He fidgeted, trying to think of what could be wrong and why he was the one singled out. He looked over at the professor as they made their way down the hall and noticed he was sniffing again… Okay, so he smelled like he was sick? Did he somehow get a weird disease that's traceable by smell? Well… maybe he was sick and that would explain his fatigue and dizziness…

"Poppy?" They walked into the Hospital Wing to find it empty and Neville was grateful… he didn't really want anyone finding out he had some weird smelling disease.

"Oh, Remus!" She smiled before she saw Neville, "Is there anything wrong?" She asked hurriedly.

"Oh no." He smiled, but Neville could tell it was faked and he realized he didn't appreciate it. "I was wondering if you could maybe check over Mr. Longbottom real quick."

"What for?" She looked the teen up and down and Neville was glad she didn't seem to think anything was wrong but before he could feel very relieved, Professor Lupin had whispered something into her ear and she gasped, staring at Neville wide-eyed. "You don't think?!"

"I just wanted to check… you know just in case…" He cast a nervous glance at Neville and swayed on his heels, swinging his arms.

"For wha-"

"Please sit over here, Mr. Longbottom." Madame Pomfrey interrupted Neville's question but the teen silently obeyed and sat down on one of the beds. "Okay, lay flat on your back and be still please."

"But what are you checking for?" Neville asked anxiously as he lied on his back. "You're making me nervous…"

But she didn't answer and instead started mumbling incantations over him while waving her wand back and forth and then stopped over his stomach. She seemed to grow a little pale. She then started to use her free hand to touch and grope around his stomach and lower abdomen uncomfortably, but Neville did his best to stay still while she mumbled her incantations.

She stopped and looked at Remus. She nodded and then suddenly the professor was out the door and Neville could hear him running down the hall.

"B-but what?" He looked at her and felt scared… what was going on?

"Mr. Longbottom, I don't know any other way to tell you this other than…" She paused before pushing him back against the pillow gently so he was lying flat again. "You're pregnant."


"But how?" Neville sniffled slightly, not allowing himself to cry. He knew he was in shock but really didn't think that crying would make this situation any better.

"We overlooked the possibility." Professor McGonagall was sitting beside Neville's bed and had a hand over her face. "The potion had some fertility attributes but we ignored it because you aren't a girl…"

"No, I'm not!" Neville agreed, nodding his head, "B-but then…how?"

"You're not the first pregnant wizard…" Madame Pomfrey handed him something to drink, "This should calm you down a bit, stress will not be good for your child."

He looked at the drink and then looked down at his stomach; this was getting to be too much. He drank it, hoping that maybe it would put him to sleep and he would wake up with this being a dream.

"Have you been feeling tired lately? Maybe a little nauseous?" Neville nodded at the nurse.

"It's been getting worse, but I thought I was just getting sick or something…" He whispered and then groaned, "And I've got the weird cravings too!"

"Neville." He stopped at the serious tone and looked down at McGonagall who was pale with her lips pressed thin, but she looked more nervous than anything. "W-we need to…." She sighed and closed her eyes for a second before looking at him again. "Do you want to have this baby?"

He looked at her, what other option was there? His eyes widened… she wasn't thinking… "It's a life, Professor…" He put a hand over his stomach, "I d-don't understand everything yet, but it's a life and I can't take away a life."

She looked relieved and color started returning to her face and Neville was grateful that she hadn't wanted him to get rid of it. He had decided during the war that he couldn't kill and he certainly wouldn't kill someone who hadn't even had a chance to live yet… whether or not he was pregnant.

"Remus, you need to get Professor Snape and bring him here." Professor McGonagall was pacing. Neville's eyes widened, he hadn't really talked to the professor since the stairs… He looked down at the ground, if you could consider that talking. Of course he would have to tell Snape… it was his kid too…

Neville didn't know how he felt about that…

"And we need to tell your Gran and…"

"Wait! No way!" Neville put a hand over his mouth, he had just shouted at the headmistress!

"Neville, we are going to need to…" She sighed and began to massage her temple…

"No." He tried to sound as firm as he could. "We can't. She'll either pull me out of school or she'll tell me to get rid of it." He didn't want to add 'or both' but he figured the woman knew. He had lived with his Gran long enough to know how she felt about these things.

"Mr. Longbottom, I don't think you understand the…"

"I'm of age!" He looked at her pleadingly. "You can't tell her without my permission!"

Minerva sighed before sitting down. "I'll think she'll find out when you visit her, or maybe through another student's parents? We won't be able to keep this quiet."

"I would rather her find out later than now." Neville sniffed, the wrath would be the same either way.

"Very well." The older woman nodded curtly. "Is there a relative you would like to notify?"

Neville thought about it. "My Uncle Algie, but I'll write him a letter later."

"Fine." He could tell she didn't agree with not telling his Gran, but he knew it would be for the best.

The doors opened and Professor Lupin walked in, being followed quickly by Professor Snape who had stopped when he noticed Neville and the crowd around him. But his expression had remained collected, a lot different than the surprise last time- but he had dark bags under his eyes. Neville bit his lip; he could tell the older man was wary to approach after what had happened.

"Young Mr. Longbottom is pregnant." Minerva got right to the point as Snape stood at the doorway. The man's eyes widened and he seemed to go a bit paler. That's when Neville noticed that Snape looked a little sick himself. "He's decided he wants to keep it and I think it would appropriate if both of you finally spoke to each other at this moment."

Neville didn't look up as he heard everyone move away from him and the door open again, were they really going to leave him alone with Snape? He could feel himself start to shake. He looked up and only Snape was standing at the doorway looking at the ground. Snape looked sick and tired, different from the collected self he had been pulling off and Neville found himself wishing the man would go back to that image.

Neville cleared his throat, causing the man to look up at him. "I promise not to hit you… just… not too close."

Snape seemed to think about this before walking toward the teen and stopping two beds away; he sat down on the closest one and faced the teen.

"I-I-" He closed his mouth and eyes angrily; Neville watched him struggle for words to say and looked down at his hands. "I've wanted to tell you I'm sorry… about…"

"Yeah." Neville interrupted, not wanting him to finish. "Me too."

"You have nothing to apologize for." Snape said in an almost angry tone that had startled Neville, "You didn't do anything wrong."

"Then you shouldn't have to apologize because it's not like you did it of your own free will, now did you?" Neville started back bitterly, finding himself angry at the older man.


"Listen…" Neville raised his hand to stop Snape… something he would have never dreamed of doing before. "This isn't about that… I'm keeping this kid."

"Okay." Snape nodded but he seemed torn to say something else.

"You're okay with it?" Neville asked, eyeing the older man and was thankful that Snape seemed to be pulling himself back together.

"I think that any decision you make should be the one taken…" Snape nodded. "It's your body."

"It's our child." Neville offered, but then there was an uncomfortable silence and suddenly the tears Neville was trying to hold back earlier came pouring out. He wiped at his face. "I-I'm sorry…I-I just…"

Snape didn't say anything and Neville noticed that the man looked younger sitting across from him with his usually expressionless face watching him closely… almost afraid as if Neville was going to hurt himself.

"J-just let me pull myself together…" Neville sniffed and then decided on a rather brave move, "I would like to start attending your classes again, Professor, if that is alright."

This seemed to shock the black-haired man speechless for a moment before he nodded. "But why?"

"It's been that much easier without me?" Neville tried to joke and wiped his face again, "I still think I can make at least one good potion before I graduate here…"

He smiled when he saw the older man's lips twitch at the ends.

"I think I'm going to get some rest now… big news and all…" Neville lied back onto the bed and was out before he heard the door close.


"You're what?!" Hermione hissed as quietly as she could and then they both looked around. There was no reason because they had the library to themselves considering it was a bright and sunny Friday afternoon.

Neville flushed, he had felt the need to tell her- she knew he was gay and had helped him through a lot and he knew that when the rest of the school found out, he would need a friend like her around.

"I'm pregnant." He whispered again. "It's a long story…"

"Do you know who the father is? Is there a father?" She was obviously slightly excited about the chance to study something rare.

"Yes, there is a father…" He paused, not knowing if Snape would want anyone to know… or if he wanted to tell anyone the circumstances… "I-I just don't know if I can tell you right now… how it happened."

She nodded and he could tell she was making a mental note to bring it up in the future.

"What can you tell me?"

"Well… that's why I'm tired all the time and get kind of nauseous every once in a while."

"Oh! And the weird food…"

"Yes, that too." Neville nodded, "Look, I was really wondering if you wouldn't mind… I know NEWTs are coming up, but if you wouldn't mind helping me research this? It's kind of terrifying and I get uncomfortable asking Madame Pomfrey about all of this…"

"Oh Neville!" Her eyes filled with tears of delight. "If you weren't a poof… yes, I'm going to help you! Of course! And if you need anything else… or help covering up something, let me know!"

Neville grinned and brought her to a hug. "I probably will… I'm just not ready to tell anyone else yet… you know…"

"Well, let's get cracking!" Hermione jumped to her feet and walked off to the shelves of books. Neville sighed and put his hand over his flat stomach… he never would have expected this and the circumstances sucked majorly, but he knew it was the right thing.

Maybe he would be able to find a guy that liked kids?

He suddenly thought of Snape and how the stoic man seemed dejected when he had spoken to him… understandably so… but still. He had feelings for the man before this had happened and even with everything happening… No, it was impossible for them to even get in close range anymore.

Neville wondered how Potions was going to go… would he be able to do it?

"Hermione…" He looked at where she disappeared before he saw a tower of books heading in his direction. "That many? Are you serious?"

She smiled behind the pile, "I just grabbed everything, and they all might have something useful; you never know."

"Right." Neville watched her put the books down and then arrange them into smaller piles, "I was wondering what Potions has been like since I've been out."

"Oh really?" She gave him a look, "Well it's been the same… Snape's been a lot snappier lately… Actually since you tried to kill him and all." She rolled her eyes. "But he has also been very cautious and watching over everyone more… it's gotten a bit scary actually."

"Oh." Neville, "I'm starting classes again, so I was just wondering…"

"Really? They're letting you go back?" She raised an eyebrow before shrugging, "As long as you don't mind him repeating the laws of potions over and over… or the instructions of that day… Well I guess you won't mind, I know how you like his voice…"

Neville dropped the book he was holding and tried not to squeak. "W-what?"

"Oh, come on." She sniffed, "You don't remember telling me about his oh-so-sexy voice this past summer? Well maybe not… you and Harry had both gotten a little wasted celebrating your birthdays, but still…"

"Oh… did anyone else hear that?" He picked up the book again, trying to be nonchalant.

"I doubt it." She grinned a little at him but didn't say anything else.


"Hey Neville, what are you reading?" Neville closed his book and looked up at Harry and Ron who were coming back after Quidditch practice; neither of them was looking at him as they changed, so he quickly slid the book on pregnancy under his pillow.

"Just some Herbology theories… you know…" Neville smiled and got up. He had been feeling a little better than usual, and the weekend had been going good. Although he would be attending Potions again on Monday.

"Is there really that much to read about plants?" Ron looked at him quizzically and Neville rolled his eyes.

"More than there is to read on Quidditch." He laughed as they both started to argue about the differences. "I'm going to check on my plants… I'll meet you down at the Great Hall for dinner…"

"Okay, see you in a bit." Neville ducked out and made his way to the common room and quickly passed all the underclassman, which was pretty easy since they were so small. He had been in the library with Hermione, which had proven useful for getting his homework done, but after the first book he decided he would rather learn by doing.

If those pictures and diagrams meant anything… this pregnancy deal was going to get messy.

Neville shook his head, not wanting to think about it. Hermione had gotten him to read up on pregnant wizards while she took… the more… descriptive books.

Stepping outside on his way to the greenhouses, he shivered. It was getting pretty cool for the end of September. He wrapped his arms around himself and walked to house number three, mumbling the password and walking through the door. It was immediately warmer in the greenhouse, he looked around the work benches and saw that the fourth years had left their Bubotubers out and the slug-like plants wriggled slightly in their pots when Neville walked past them.

He noticed some vines on the floor, but his attention was immediately given to his pots on the desk in the back. His Great Uncle Algie didn't tell him what he was growing, but had given him instructions with each seed and Neville was anxious for hints of what these plants might be.

He had mailed his Great Uncle a few days ago telling him everything, well, almost everything about what had happened. He had just said that he and Professor Snape got into a potions accident… which was the truth technically. But he asked the man not to tell his sister, she might be Neville's Gran but he still didn't want her to know about it yet.

He prayed that she hadn't intercepted the letter. He still hadn't gotten a reply from the man, but he felt that he could trust him, plus it was big news! Neville still didn't know how he felt about it… or if it had really hit him yet. Sure, he knew he was pregnant and it was going to be a big step and not easy but… he felt that nothing had really changed yet.

He looked down at his stomach wondering when he would look pregnant, but suddenly he saw the vines he had noticed earlier wrap themselves around his legs and before he could do anything the wind was knocked out of his chest as he hit the ground on his face. He groaned and tried to turn over so he could see the source of the vines, but they started to drag him back and he saw blood on the pavement… he must have busted his nose but his face felt a little numb.

He looked back and saw a large group of Devil's Snare. His eyes widened and he reached for his wand, this wasn't good! He tried to stay relaxed as he searched his body for his wand, but it wasn't in any of his pockets, he looked to where he had fallen and saw it on the floor.

Definitely not good.

Okay, he shouldn't struggle because that would make the plant work faster. He sighed and laid his head on the ground trying to think as it pulled him into its tendrils. He watched the vines start to wrap around one of his arms.

Okay, maybe Harry and Ron would notice he hadn't shown up for dinner and come looking for him… but by the time they found him… Neville had to admit that he was starting to get worried and then he noticed he had left the door slightly ajar… maybe someone could be out there?

"IS ANYONE OUT THERE?" He shouted at the top of his lungs, which obviously made the Devil's Snare react and it started wrapping around his chest and throat. Neville choked, trying to remain relaxed.

"SOMEONE? ANYONE? HELP!" And suddenly the plant was grasping his middle tightly and he flinched at the tightness. His eyes widened, wait… there was no way that was good for his baby!

"HELP!" Ignoring his earlier thought process, Neville grabbed the vines at his middle with his free hand and started pulling at them, but they started getting tighter and the one around his throat started to constrict further. With tears in his eyes, he gagged.

No! No! No! It felt like it was trying to break his hips and ribs and he gagged as he tried to yell again, but the vine around his throat was tightening again and his free hand was now being pulled into the vines.


Neville cried and tried kicking at the vines.

Suddenly there was a bright light and it became very hot. There was a hand pulling him from the vines as they recoiled from the bright light and heat. The second he was released, Neville gasped for air and kicked himself away from the vines. It was still bright but the heat had gone away and Neville's hands went to his stomach and he couldn't stop the tears from coming.

"Mr. Longbottom." Neville looked up at the silky voice of his rescuer. It was Snape and he was looking over him anxiously but didn't get close enough to touch him again. It seemed that Snape was always there for him and Neville got up and threw his arms around the man's chest, tears falling down his face.

He knew that Snape probably didn't like to be hugged but he had saved him and even after Neville had hit him and yelled at him. He cried… what if…. what if…

"The baby…." He sobbed and looked up to the older man, "the baby…"

Then there were strong hands on his back moving him, but Neville didn't think he would be able to walk, especially not as far as the Hospital Wing but then Snape handed him his wand as they left the greenhouse and Neville noticed that the man was talking but he couldn't hear him very well.

His whole body was shaking and he wrapped his arms around his stomach, hoping. In the books he had read, it was noted how much easier it was for wizards to miscarry than it was for witches, he hadn't even thought about it. He couldn't stop the tears falling from his face; he had never cried so many times and so close together in what felt like such a long time.

Suddenly they were in the warmth of the castle, but Neville allowed himself to be pushed quickly in the direction of the hospital. He hoped that most of the kids were eating in the Great Hall like they were supposed to be doing and no one would see him in this mess.

He wasn't even hungry anymore.

"Madame Pomfrey!" Snape's voice bellowed and then Neville noticed they were already there. He didn't know how they had made it there so fast, but then he was being forced to sit down by the black-haired man and Neville realized how frantic Snape's breathing was. He wiped the tears from his eyes, willing them to stop.

"Severus! Wha… Mr. Longbottom, what's wrong?" Snape went to move back so she could have more space, but Neville reached forward, grabbing the other man's arm. Snape was obviously startled but Neville decided he needed him there.

"P-please stay." The older man didn't move away from the teen's grip and watched Neville try to fight back the tears as he looked at the nurse. "Devil's Snare… it got me…" He wrapped his arms around his stomach.

Her eyes widened and she was immediately handing him something to drink that he didn't even see her prepare. He drank it without question and had to let go of the older man's sleeve as she forced him to lie down. "I'm going to check, Neville." Her voice was soft but he felt himself relaxing. It must have been a calming potion…

He looked over at Snape and their eyes met. He wanted to the older man to stay, but he didn't know if he could ask. But almost as if the man had read his mind, Snape walked over to the other side of the bed and took Neville's hand.

If Madame Pomfrey noticed, she didn't say anything, but she kept waving her wand over him and mumbling. Then she stopped and smiled. "It's okay…"

Neville wanted to cry for joy but decided he had cried enough and he looked over to Snape who had a strangely relieved expression Neville realized he rather liked. He squeezed the older man's hand and looked back at the nurse who was wiping her forehead, but with a small smile. "You should rest here tonight and I'll be talking to Pomona about the plants she's keeping in there and…"

"Neville!" They all turned to see Hermione come into the Hospital Wing being closely followed by Professor McGonagall and another man. "We were looking for you and then some girls said that they saw you heading this way and you looked awful! Are you alright?!"

"He's alright, but he's going to be resting now, if you please…" Pomfrey looked aghast at the number of people starting to surround Neville's bed.

Neville noticed Hermione's eyes fall to his hand holding Snape's and he quickly let go, hoping that maybe she hadn't noticed. "Why were you looking for me?"

"Well, you see…" Neville paled at the voice and looked up to see his Great Uncle Algie walk up to the bed, "I got this letter from my Great Nephew and it was full of all of this information…"

"Miss Granger, I think we should leave them alone for a…" McGonagall pulled on Hermione's shoulder, not wanting the girl to hear anything Neville or Snape didn't want her to know. He knew she would probably come by tomorrow and ask him.

They waited until Hermione was gone and McGonagall was back keeping an eye on the man beside her. He looked a lot like Neville's father would have if he was older. He smiled down at Neville who was still anxiously looking at his hands. "C'mon Nev, I'm not your Gran, why are you acting all scared?"

Neville looked up at the smile and immediately let out a sigh of relief. He smiled, "You're not mad at me?"

"Should I be?" Algie pulled out the letter his nephew had written him and looked down it. "It doesn't seem like you did anything bad. But how did you end up here?"

"Devil's Snare seems to have taken greenhouse three." Neville moved to get up but his body was suddenly stiff and sore. A hand gently pushed him back down and he looked up at Snape, but the older man wasn't looking at him anymore.

"Devil's Snare? Really?" Neville laughed slightly at the eagerness in his Uncle's voice. It was nice to see him again.

"I dare say visiting hours are over and he should be really getting some rest. This kind of stress isn't good for either of them." Pomfrey snorted and motioned them to leave.

"You can stay in one of our guest rooms, Algie," McGonagall put her hand gently on his arm. "And tomorrow you can continue this conversation with a bit more privacy."

Neville smiled up at his Great Uncle who smiled back and nodded, "Alright then, lead the way, Minerva!"

"How are you feeling?" Neville looked up at Snape who had backed off some but was still beside the bed.

"Relaxed." He looked at his hands and he could still feel the heat from the older man's on them. This caused him to blush slightly… what did that mean? He put his hands on his stomach and he couldn't even begin to describe how important this life inside of him was becoming to him… he couldn't even explain it. He looked at the older man and smiled. "Thank you… I really mean it…"

Snape looked at him a little uncertainly.

"I just wanted to say that…" Neville yawned and his eyes started to close themselves… "Thanks and… you have really warm hands…"

If he hadn't been sleeping, he would have felt the fingers caressing the side of his face.


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