A/N Well I did not stop Over and Over I am just taking a lil brake and the 9th chapter is halfway done, but I just wanted to write this because, Jasper is my second fav Cullen and, I love a southern man, though I grew up and living in northern WI I some how some way have an accent even my family can tell, weird right? Well probrobly because I love Country music. Oh well here we go!!

Set after Breaking Dawn Nessie was never born and Jacob imprinted on someone in La Push and stayed friends with Bell but he is not in this story. They are living in a cloudy town somewhere and are going to school.

Bella's POV

I was lying next to Edward on the couch and Emmett and Rosalie were on the floor, while Alice and Jasper were across from us on the other couch and Esme and Carlisle were on the third couch.

We were watching Sweet Home Alabama, I loved that movie it was so sweet and very realistic in my world at least. And though I loved Edward, Jake was so hot, and that accent, just made me melt. (To the people who didn't watch the movie Jake is one of the main characters, not Jacob Black.) Then something dawned on me, wasn't Jasper from the south? Why didn't he have his accent?

We were halfway though the movie so I just held on to my questions.

When the movie was over, I asked Jasper
"Jazz, what happened to your accent?" He looked at me thinking about what to say, and the others looked like it had just dawned on them too. Then Jasper replied,
"I don't really know, I just learned to talk without it because Rosalie didn't have one, and we were supposed to be twins."

That would make sense but I tried talking in a English accent and it was hard to keep up, wouldn't it be the same? So I asked,
" Is it hard to keep up?" he pondered that for a second and said. "No, I am so used to it, it just comes natural." I thought about it and got an idea to make him retouch his roots.

"I think you totally lost it, I bet you could not go one week with your southern accent." Jasper looked shocked but then said "Your on."

"Ok, it begins in 3,2,1, now!" We all waited for him to speak but he did not.

Alice deiced to take it into her own hands and said, "What was that thing you said to ask to Edward today?" he hesitated and then said with a sigh in a very thick and though he his my brother, sexy southern accent, "When can we go huntin' and if it could be just us boys." Then Edward said, "Ok Jazzy, but I want to do something tonight."

"What's that?" Jasper asked

"Cullen Idol!" Edward said

"OH, we haven't played that for ever!!" Alice said excited,

"I'll get everything set up." Esme said.

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