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Edward and I exited the plane and walked out into the heat and sunrise of Jacksonville, Florida. He took my hand and for once I was quite happy to hold his icy cold hand, I looked up into his golden eyes and lost all thought. He squeezed my hand and then I looked up and noticed Renee standing there watching us, with a small smile lighting up her features.

"Bella, how much I've missed you!" She came rushing at me and pretty much attacked me.

"Whoa mom. You don't want to break me." I replied and smiled at her and blushed at how she was looking at Edward.

She stuck her hand out and said, "Hello I'm Mrs. Dwyer. You must be Edward. It's a pleasure to meet you." I watched as Edwards eyes were amused with delight as he finally met the woman who raised me.

"It is nice to finally meet you ma'am." He shook her hand and I noticed how she looked down at his icy skin.

"Are you getting a cold dear? Was someone sick on the plane?" Renee asked looking concerned as a mother should, obviously trying to act the part in front of Edward.

"You know now that you have mentioned it I don't really feel very well." He stood and held his stomach for a moment and his eyes flickered to mine for a split second, I caught a short wink. I tried to hold back the laughter that was about to explode from my mouth. I could feel my face burning up from the hidden amusement of him acting sick, like he could be sick ever.

"Well how about we get you home and into bed, that may make you feel a bit better." My mother looked over at me and asked, "Why is your face purple? You look like a plum." She giggled and started walking towards baggage claim.

"Breathe Bella." Edward whispered into my ear, his cold breath sending chills down my spine. I let out a gust of breath I didn't know I was holding and took his hand as we walked out into a bulge of people waiting for their luggage.

For the rest of the afternoon Renee asked questions regarding school and what universities I was applying to. Edward was lucky, being the one sick in the guest bedroom.

"Mom, what is for dinner? Would you like for me to make something?" I asked and looked around the small, dreary kitchen in search of ingredients.

"Oh that would be great sweetie. Would you mind making pasta tonight? I really miss your tomato sauce." She closed her eyes and I could just imagine what she was thinking about. The crusty garlic bread I make with the spaghetti.

"As long as you have all the things I need." I replied and stood up. "But first I'm going to check on Edward." I walked out into the hallway looking for the door he went into.

"In here Bella." I heard him call from a door to the left that was cracked open. I pushed it open and saw the most beautiful man lying there on a blue quilt. "Hey. I heard you're making spaghetti." He smiled his crooked smile and patted the space next to him. "Come here." He stretched his arms out, an invitation I couldn't resist. I walked over to him and lied down next to him, resting my head on his rock hard chest. He kissed the top of my head, I closed my eyes in pure bliss.

"Hey kids, I'm going to head to the grocery store to pick up some food. Don't do anything funny and I mean it young lady." Renee poked her head into the doorway pointing at me.

"Okay, no funny business. I get it mom, have fun at the store." I said sarcastically and snuggled closer to Edward. I heard his chuckle rumble through his body. "What's so funny?" I asked looking up into his eyes.

"You." He smiled and reached down and kissed me, pulling away too quickly. I frowned and closed my eyes, laying my head back onto his chest. "Are you tired?" He asked and rubbed my back.

"Just a little. It's the time changed." I replied and I heard the start of my lullaby come from his lips. I felt the greatness of unconsciousness wrap itself around me and I was off into dream world.

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