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Ichigo was blushing furiously about Nel wanting to sleep in the same bed with him, he shut the door. "Nah, I'm good Nel, you can have the bed, I'll just sleep on the floor." And who said chivalry was dead?

"Ichigo, how's your bankai?" Nel asked returning to her stoic persona for the first time in a while.

"I'm still feeling pretty good with it," Ichigo said, even though he knew he wouldn't be able to keep it out for more than a few more hours; he could feel the fatigue setting in.

"Ok good, because if you can't hold it out during the night you'll freeze to death." Nel said, "I'd still rather you sleep in the bed with me so that you don't freeze..."

"I'll be fine don't worry about it," Ichigo said before picking a spot on the floor on the side of the bed.

"Ugh fine..." Nel said as she got comfortable then she noticed that there was only one blanket in the entire room. "Um Ichigo, you do realize that there's only one blanket in here, right?"

"Crap," Ichigo said, "oh well."

"Ichigo are you sure you don't want to just share the bed, I really don't mind?" Nel asked one last time.

"Yes Nel I'm sure," Ichigo said before laying down.

"Here at least take a pillow, there's two of them here," Nel said as she grabbed one of the spare pillows and handed it to Ichigo who gratefully took it and slipped it under his head.

"Night Nel," Ichigo said tiredly.

"Night Ichigo." Nel said before yawning loudly.

About 3 hours into the night Ichigo's bankai gave out and was transformed back into Zangetsu. Much to Ichigo's discomfort it was FREEZING here! And the worst part was that he was too fatigued from using his bankai for around 2 days straight to actually put up a good defense against the biting cold. Around 10 minutes Ichigo's teeth were chattering uncontrollably. Another 5 minutes the skin on his fingers and toes was starting to turn blue. By now his breathing was ragged and teeth were chattering quite loudly. They were loud enough to wake Nel from her slumber. "I-Ichigo, what on earth are you doing?" Nel said in between yawns. When Ichigo didn't reply and Nel had woken up enough to see him, she freaked out. "Oh my god Ichigo! Why the hell didn't you tell me your bankai gave out?!?"

Ichigo tried to say something, but it was stuck behind his chattering teeth and ragged breathing. Nel then noticed his fingers, they were all blue, and his skin was really pale. "Ichigo take off your clothes!"

Now just from the absurdity of that sentence was Ichigo able to get out a sentence, "N-Nel what th-the h-h-hell?!?"

Nel started to strip down starting with her top, "Ichigo your going into hypothermia, you need to get warm, and fast." Nel had gotten her top off and her large assets were hanging freely. Ichigo blushed the hardest he had ever in his entire life, even more than when Yoruichi was naked before him, and that was saying something. Nel then started to remove her pants, Nel looked up at him mid-strip, "Ichigo hurry up and take your clothes off!" before continuing to remove her pants. Ichigo still just stood still, staring at Nel. After she got her pants off it became clear to Ichigo that she was a natural green-hair**** because the carpet matched the drapes if you know what I mean. "Dammit Ichigo!" Nel said before she nearly jumped on him and ripped off his shihkusho effectively making him just as naked as her. Ichigo was so surprised that he couldn't move. Nel dragged him with her into the bed. "Hey king, I'm gonna let you in on a secret. Hollows are great in bed. *cackling*." Next she covered them with the blanket while pressing her body firmly against his.

Ichigo tried and failed to squirm out of her grip, but he was slowly loosing the will to, she was sooooo warm. Both of them were silent until Nel's breathing settled into a slow and steady pace. Ichigo did get warm quite quickly like this, and he too eventually fell asleep. That is until Nel woke him up in her sleep.

Ichigo could feel Nel's leg over his and also the distinct sensation of something hot and wet pressing up against his thigh. Ichigo's blush reinstated itself over his face. Nel then started to rub her hip against Ichigo and she moaned out in her sleep, "Mmm, Ichigo... ah, more... please more..." Ichigo got a nose bleed but just laid there stock still with his eyes wide open. Nel's hand migrated from his chest downward stopping just before she touched anything important. She continued to rub her hips against him and Ichigo still just laid there. He didn't get a wink of sleep that night.

The Next Morning

Ichigo was just laying there stock still, eyes wide open and blood shot, crusted blood all over his face descending from his nose. Nel let out a cute yawn as she awoke and stretched fully showing off her assets to anyone who happened to be looking at the time. Which thankfully for Nel's modesty was no one. "Morning Ichi. Get a good night of sleep?"

Ichigo didn't even budge other than nodding stiffly. "Well that's good, I'm gonna go see if they have a shower or something around here." Nel then put on her clothes, directly in front of Ichigo of course. Ichigo's nose restarted its competition with Niagara Falls as Nel bent over with her back aimed precisely at Ichigo's face. After Nel got dressed all the way she went off to find someone to inquire about the bathing facilities, Ichigo sighed and then closed his eyes. He was asleep instantly. About 2.87 seconds later Sevio burst into the room shouting, "GOOOOOOOOOD MOOOOORNINGG, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" And just to top it all off, he was launching a flying kick at Ichigo. Perfect.

Ichigo didn't even wake up as he lifted his fist into the air where Sevio proceeded to face plant into. "Shut. The. Fruck. Up. Now. Old Man." He somehow managed to threaten in his sleep. Old habits die hard. Sevio was comically crying and clutching his non-existent nose.

"Hmph! Well fine, don't accept my generous wakeup call!" crossing his arms as he said this, Sevio stomped out of the room and slammed the door behind him. Ichigo then settled into a deeper slumber. That is until about 30 minutes Nel arrived dripping wet and clad in barely more than a towel that was obviously way too small to serve as anyone's bath towel. "Ichigo! It's time to wake up!" Nel squealed in a very child like manner before glomping him. Which caused Ichigo to shoot up in reflex dislodging the sheet that was covering him, and allowing Nel's towel to go flying off in some random direction.

Obviously this did not bode well for Ichigo as time seemed to freeze up and the world go black in white with Nel's chest right about to hit him in the face. He then heard maniacal laughter coming from his bleached counterpart who was enjoying the view behind Nel's flayed legs. "Hmm, very nice. Hey king when 'er ya gonna move in for the kill?" Hichigo said with a shit eating grin.

"Kill? The hell have you been smoking?" Ichigo said genuinely confused.

"Oh come on, even you aren't that oblivious!" Hichigo was looking expectantly at Ichigo's confused face, his grin fell. "Holy shit you are! Hahaha you really don't know the fuck I'm talking about do you?"

Ichigo shook his head, "Nope not a clue." Ah, the innocence of the young.

"Ugh, I mean when 'er ya gonna bang Nel over there?" Hichigo said jerking a thumb at Nel.

"WHAT! Why the hell would I do that?! She probably doesn't even like me!" Ichigo shouted with a raging blush on his face.

"Are ya freak 'in kidding me? just look at her face, add that to the fact that she constantly strips in front of you, and you got one love-sick puppy. Or antelope, as the, case may be." Hichigo said.

"Just get on with whatever you wanted to say you bleached freak! I don't want to talk about this anymore!" Ichigo said, blush even more intense than it just was.

"Yare, yare, calm down king. I'm just here to mess with your head, and to tell you that you're gonna get devoured by me within the week." Hichigo said with a very sadistic smile before letting out a long string of cackles as the world slowly sped up and regained its color.

Nel landed in just such a way that her breasts first hit Ichigo in the face, then she slid down so that her mouth was just centimeters away from Ichigo's own. And that wasn't even the worst part of it. Nel was basically straddling Ichigo both completely naked, which led to Ichigo's body reacting in a very compromising way. Nel let out a small breath, tickling Ichigo's lips, then said "Ichigo, what's poking me in the butt?"

One very awkward conversation involving kiwis and curling (the sport) later, both Ichigo and Nel were dressed and ready for the day. Ichigo involuntarily let out a shudder, he would never be able to look at kiwis the same way again. "So what are we going to do?" Ichigo asked as he looked up at the ceiling of Castillo de Demonio Blanco.

Nel shrugged. Nel was looking around at the courtyard that they were walking through, it was very beautiful, though not as beautiful as the first one they saw with all the crystalline flowers and reflecting ponds and stone monoliths. "Hey why don't we go into town?" Ichigo asked.

"Sure!" Nel yipped. "Wait what about your mask?"

"Hmm, yeah I guess I haven't' thought about it, but it's been off for way longer than it ever has before…" Ichigo pondered.

"I may be of some assistance with that matter." Sevio said as he walked up behind them.

"Go on," Ichigo said.

"Your masked fragment seems to be dependent on the amount of reiatsu you have extra, when you called out your mask before it started acting on its own you had to focus a large amount of reaitsu around your face right?" Ichigo nodded, "Well when you ate a higher level hollow your reiatsu jumped up which in turn made your masked form then grow on its own. Over the night you exhausted your surplus of reiatsu, therefore you masked flaked away." Sevio explained.

"Hmm, I see, so I have to wait for my reiatsu to- ARGH!" Ichigo yelled as white fluid started to pour out of his eye and arc around and back to his face forming a mask piece bit by bit.

Sevio winced at the display, "Damn, that cannot fell comfortable." Ichigo by now was clutching his face and spasmming on his feet arms slashing at air and occasionally loosing a cero. After about 30 seconds the whole thing was over. Ichigo was bent over gasping for breath.

"That fucking hurt like hell." Ichigo managed to pant out between pants. Sevio nodded sagely.

"Ichigo are you alright?" Nel asked running over to him and letting him use her as a support.

"Yeah, though that was the worst one yet," Ichigo said slowly catching his breath. "Sevio, is the pain going to get progressively worse the more times it comes back forcefully?"

"It shouldn't, though I think it will get worse the more your body is exhausted." Sevio hypothesized.

"Hn," Ichigo replied.

One tour of the town later. Ichigo and Nel were walking back to their room when Sevio sonidoed right in front of them, "Bob wishes to see you." He then proceeded to sonido away leaving Ichigo and Nel to find their way to bob's chambers. When they finally did arrive, Bob was drunk and smacking empty bottles against his mask. "The hell are you doing?"

"I think I brained my damage." Bob slurred.

"YOUR DRUNK AREN'T YOU!?" Nel shouted with such a terrifying voice that only a seriously pissed off woman could produce, more terrifying than the screams of the most tortured soul in the deepest pits of hell.

Deepest Pits of Hell

A tortured soul sneezed. The demon tormenting it looked at it "I is confuzzled, why you sneeze?" the demon said/hissed at the soul. It just shrugged. The torture resumed as if uninterrupted.

Castillo de Demonio Blanco

"Nel, I swear to -hic- drunk I'm not god!" Bob again slurred.

Nel was about to smack him when Bob got the brilliant idea of trying to kiss her. Yeah, not good for Bob. Bob's lip/mask was about to reach Nel's when she suddenly reared back abandoning her attempts at hitting Bob. Bob followed, catching Nel by the wrist before Ichigo could intervene, Bob had her held up against him with his tongue, which was freakishly long, running up and down Nel's face and neck. His other hand that wasn't holding Nel was messing with her top trying to get the blasted thing off (Ichigo after having watched her strip and dress in front of him multiple times, still couldn't figure out how the hell that thing went on and off). "NOOOOO! Get your hands OFF OF MEEE!!"

It was at this point that Ichigo sprang into action. Ichigo quickly drew Zangetsu, wordlessly going into bankai and his mask formed the rest of the way of its own accord, though not as it did when he tried to suppress it. Ichigo sonidoed up to bob cleaving his arm off and quickly grabbing Nel and whipping her away from the battle that was sure to ensue.

To his credit Bob barely even winced when he had his arm cleaved off by Tensa Zangetsu, though it started to re-grow a few seconds later. "You'll pay for that." Bob hissed at Ichigo.

"I could say the same to you, teme."

"As much as I want to smack your insolent ass up and down the wall, we'll have to relocate so as to not destroy the castle." Bob growled now showing his lion-like traits. Bob sonidoed off to someplace. Ichigo followed, Nel followed Ichigo.

They arrived in a large arena-esque area. Bob stood near the middle Ichigo appeared about 20 feet in front of him, with Nel stopping near the stands to stay out of the way of what is about to happen. "Ichigo, please don't die…" Nel whispered to herself.

"Ready whelp?" Bob growled/hissed now.

"Whenever you are ya old-fart." Ichigo retorted.

And with that they both buzzed out of the eyes of Nel as they started their fight.

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