Chapter 1:

Why must the good die young?

Roy heard a knocking come from his office door. He dropped the papers he was pretending to read and stated, "Come in…"

God he was so tired, he stayed up the whole night listening to Hughes complain about how Elisha had a nightmare. 'I swear if that is Hughes coming to tell me anything more about his daughter I will singe him!'

Sure enough Hughes came in, but before Roy could yell at him, Roy noticed the grave look Hughes had on his face.

"Hughes what's the matter?" Roy asked. Something must have happened because a situation, no matter how grave, could have Hughes looking the way he did.

"Edward Elric came back from his mission Roy, and Al is not with him." Hughes solemnly said.

"Maybe Alphonse is at Resmbool-" Roy tried to imply before Hughes interrupted him.

"No Roy! They ran into some trouble down in the town Atlezotope where you sent them. Ed is severely wounded and is now in the hospital. Roy, when the MPs arrived they found Fullmetal and this…." Hughes hesitantly reached into his leather briefcase and pulled out something big wrapped in cloth.

He handed it to Roy who quickly unwrapped it only to almost started to cry when he saw that it was the portion of Al's armor that held the blood seal which apparently seemed to be smeared away.

"Oh my god….Hughes I can't believe it… I seriously can't…" Roy managed to choke. "Does Ed know about this?"

"I think he does, although he has not regained consciousness we can only assume. The doctors have to keep sedating him because he seems to be constantly suffering from panic attacks."

"Hughes I have to go see Ed now!" Roy jumped up from his desk and half-done paper work to grab his coat and run through the door with Hughes close behind.

"Sir, where do you think you are going?" Roy heard Hawkeye yell as he imagined her drawing her gun.

"Stay here Riza! Ed is in the hospital, gotta go! Bye!" Roy called back to her.

At the hospital, Roy ran up to one of the nurses and practically screamed at her, "DO YOU KNOW WHERE EDWARD ELRIC IS, I NEED TO SEE HIM NOW!"

"Um…hold on one minute sir let me check what room he is in….but please try to calm down, Sir." The nurse replied. It looked like she was afraid of the Colonel.

"Geez Roy I'm worried too, but you seriously have to calm down. I thought Fullmetal annoyed you in the first place." Hughes put in.

"Hughes, it may not appear to be so in public but I care for Edward. I don't know I feel like since I helped him to enlist for the military, he is now my responsibility." Roy sighed and sat down in one of the chairs that were next to him in the hallway. He placed his head in his hands and sighed greatly. "Hughes I was the one who sent them both on that mission, I wanted to give them a challenge to try to restore a city for me…but then Alphonse wound up being killed and Fullmetal is severely wounded…. I don't want Fullmetal to blame me for anything."

"Oh come on Roy, you know Ed better than that, I doubt it he would blame you for anything. Knowing Ed, he'll probably blame himself more than anyone else." Hughes then placed a hand on his friend's shoulder and said, "Well we won't know anything unless he wakes up."

"Thanks Hughes. Where did that nurse go anyway? She's been gone for like five minutes. I don't think it takes that long to check some charts."

Just then as if to speak of the devil the nurse came running down the hallway.

"Sirs! We need your help! Apparently Major Elric is on suicide watch. He woke up and locked himself in his room using alchemy!"

Roy jumped out of his chair and began to run with Hughes and the nurse to go to try and snap Ed out of his train of thought. How could Ed even think to try and do something like that?

'Well duh,' Roy thought. 'He is a young teenage boy who never really had anything in life but his brother and the ambition to return him to normal, and he saw it all shatter in front of his very own eyes.'

They could only hope that they were able to reach the door in time…


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