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She'd dodged him twice, even managing to jump over his sweeping leg, but eventually Ronon managed to snag her wrist and down she went, both of them rolling until she was caught under his big, strong body.

She wiggled under him, trying to get comfortable, and he lifted his weight over softly, then pressed back down.

And now there was another part of him that was decidedly hard.

She moaned a little, rubbing herself against him before she realized what she was doing.

When she did realize she turned bright red, she could actually feel her face and chest heat.

"I…..I didn't…" she started to stammer, but stopped as Ronon growled. He leaned in, his mouth closing over hers. It wasn't their first kiss, but it was definitely there most passionate. Ronon moved fast, his hand lifting to pull at her chin, his tongue sliding in her open mouth and sliding against hers.

She moaned again, her hands fisting in his hair as they began rolling on the mat again, her on top of him as his hands roamed her back and sides, and then him on top of her as their hips moved together.

"Uh…Ronon," the voice was coming from somewhere else, somewhere far away, and Jen moaned unhappily as Ronon pulled away to answer it.

Then her eyes widened as she saw a smiling Colonel Sheppard, Teyla behind him trying to fight a grin of her own.

"Oh god," she said, burying her face in Ronon's neck.

"Go away," Ronon growled, burying his face in her neck and making her whimper.

"Ronon, seriously, this is a common room, it's not the place to…"

Ronon lifted his head again, "Go away!"

She managed to lift her head enough to see Teyla grab Sheppard's arms, "John, perhaps we should go."

"Now," Ronon added.

Finally, Sheppard nodded, "Okay, I'll…lock the door. You kids don't do anything I wouldn't do."

Ronon grinned down at her, his eyes filled with lust, "We haven't covered naked sparring yet, have we?"

With a grin she blushed again, "No, it sounds hard. You might have to work at it a lot with me."

"We better get started."

She nodded and whispered his name as he kissed her. She thought naked sparring would be her favorite kind yet.