This is an add on for Kill Ari Part 2 when Ziva went to talk to her father in MTAC. This is what I believe happened during that conversation. Please read and review:)

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Ziva arrived in MTAC and placed her bag down. She looked up and saw her father, Deputy Director David on the screen.

"Shalom Director David."

"Shalom Ziva"

"I have been told it will be only you and I who will be talking, our Mossad computer experts have made sure this is true. I have not been able to get in touch with Ari. When is the last time you had contact with him?

"When we arranged the drop off for his passport and money. Officer Tarel handed the items off to him and she then headed to the safe house to meet him when he arrived. The evidence the American's have shows that Ari did not do this. Ari had done a good job."

"Ziva I must ask you to go along with the American's Gibbs is going to ask you to back him up. If Ari has gone against Israel then you will have to execute him."

"Papa, he is my.."

"ZIVA, he is a Mossad officer who is under your control. You are in charge of him. It is your job to remove any one who decides to make a threat against Israel. If Ari has decided to support Hamas then there is no other choice the threat must be removed!" The Director demanded.

"I know I have asked you to do things, things you should have never had to do." Deputy Director David now looked at his daughter with regret and sadness.

Ziva looks away when he said this and thinks about the last person she knew that she had to kill. Her assignment was to infiltrate a Hamas cell by getting involved with a Persian Arms dealer, they had got engaged and 8 months after the engagement she killed him one night, and then she escaped and returned to Israel. She had thought it was the hardest thing she had would ever have to do, she was wrong.

"I will listen to what they have to say." Ziva informed him, however you could hear the regret in her voice.

"Ziva the plutonium we gave to him is missing. Ari was to turn it over to Officer Tarel three hours ago before she left for the safe house. Listen to them and then do what you know you must."

"Yes, Director."


The Deputy Director disconnected the call then looked at the picture of his children.

God Forgive Me for what I have done to them. I just hope that NCIS is wrong for Ziva's sake.

Authors note: The part about Ziva's fiancé is from Under Covers script this scene was not on the show but is in the script.