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"If you need anything, don't hesitate to call." Carlisle said as Harry entered the room, looking around disorientated. He turned when he was inside, looking at Carlisle. "Thank you." He murmured and Carlisle nodded, closing the door.

Harry's head found the pillows of the bed immeasurably fast. His glasses were off less than a second later and Harry didn't even remember getting under the covers fully before he was asleep. But despite their best efforts, Harry's sleep was restless. When he awoke the next day, his scar was prickling furiously and he was panting. This was not good. Not good at all.

6. I've Never Had Good Luck with Seers

Harry turned over in the comfortable bed, trying to keep the prying sunlight out of his eyes. His hand clutched his forehead and he sucked air greedily into his chest. The nightmare had felt like it was suffocating him and if that wasn't bad enough, he was sore all over. He groaned, not wanting to shut his eyes again for fear that he would see the remainders of the dream behind his eyelids. He hadn't had a nightmare like that since last year. Not since the incident at the Ministry of Magic. Not since Sirius' death. Harry's chest tightened painfully, adding to the angry throbbing from his scar and the pain of his sore muscles. It was a dull echo of what he had felt while asleep but it was effective enough to remind him of what that meant. Voldemort was attached to his being there, whether he knew it or not. And apparently he didn't, according to his dream.

What was worse, his dream had begun pleasantly. It was pleasant because there was no dream. The peacefulness of a deep sleep was shattered by the feeling of being pulled...

He had been pulled from his bed, through the sky to a dilapidated building and then into a dark room. He had been sitting in it. Or rather, Voldemort had been sitting in it, his impatience growing exponentially. The room was small and dusty, light seeping in slits through the boards on the windows. Dust swirled in and out of the rays through the air, each little particle wanting to have the warmth of the sun touch them before returning to the cold darkness of the shadows. The chair stood facing an unlit fireplace, the wood charred and rotting within it and the tools in disarray. The feet of the chair left imprints in the light layer of dust on the floor. He had never been much of a laborer and these accommodations were only temporary. There was no deed to leave evidence of his residency there when he left.

There were more important matters to attend to than housework anyway. Nagini curled around his arm, hissing at the arrival of someone behind him. The nervous fluttering of Wormtail's breathing discerned him from the others and he heard the friction of fabric as Wormtail fell into a deep bow.

"The news, Wormtail?" He murmured, inclining his head slightly.

There was a space of silence before Wormtail sputtered to speak, his voice muffled by the bow. "She has made the journey across successfully my Lord."

"Good." His lips curled in satisfaction, so after all the waiting, it was happening. His plan was in place, set in motion at last. He would soon have more followers than before should they choose to follow him. If they were smart they would. He would finally be restored back to his full power and have the resources to remove the sixteen year old thorn in his side.

His musings were cut short by a tentative cough. Wormtail was still there. He assumed that with the message received, Wormtail would have left his presence but apparently there was more to tell. "There's more." He spoke, sounding slightly amused by such a thing. Wormtail was wasting his time; there was so much to do…

"My Lord… My most humble apologies but… Harry Potter has gone missing."

"What?" Voldemort hissed, incredulous anger bubbling to the surface as he stood from the chair, turning to face the cowering Wormtail in one fluid motion. Wormtail sat on his haunches, arms up and covering his face, trembling noticeably all over. 'Y-y-yes m'Lord… Our informant s-supplied it himself. H-he vanished into thin air." He whimpered, hoping that he would not lash his anger out on him.

Harry Potter was missing. And while he would have reveled at the thought of his disappearance and most certainly his death once before, now it disappointed him. "So this is how Dumbledore watches out for his so-called saviour." He drawled, chuckling darkly, "What a pity too… send the word out to my followers Wormtail; should anyone see him, they are to take him alive and bring him to me. I will have the satisfaction of killing Harry Potter myself." Wormtail nodded fervently and stood to leave but stopped short suddenly and cast his eyes down. "My Lord… and if he is already dead?"

Voldemort returned to his chair and Nagini curled around his shoulders, eyeing Wormtail as if he were lunch. A chuckle rose from his throat, raspy and dry. His crimson eyes closed and a smirk curled onto his snake-like face. "Oh, he's not dead Wormtail, I can feel him alive. It won't be long now, however. That is certain." And then he laughed, and the sound was so rare and frightening that Harry pushed and pulled his way from the room, fighting furiously against whatever force held him there. He shouted but no sound came from his mouth. He tried to breath but did so in vain, his couldn't draw a breath. His forehead was burning and the pain was almost crippling. His eyes watered…

Harry sat up, his head in his hands. The soft sheets pooled around his torso and they felt cool in comparison to his body. He was sweating but now his breathing was less frantic. This couldn't be happening again. He didn't want it to happen again. He didn't want another person to die for him and he knew that someone would if Voldemort found where he was.

A tentative knocking on the door pulled him from the loud turmoil of his thoughts and back into the quiet room. "Harry? Are you alright?" It was Esme's voice, muffled slightly by the door that stood between them. The door opened and she walked in, or at least he thought it was her. He couldn't see much more than pale blurs. He reached to grab his glasses and winced at the pain in his muscles as he did but he managed to get the spectacles and put them on. Then, he turned and looked back at Esme. She had been joined by Alice and a tall blond who looked extremely uncomfortable. His eyes, like Alice and Esme, were a rich golden brown in color and as he focused in on Harry he felt much calmer. It made no sense but he felt better. The pain in his scar subsided and a rush of relief ran through him.

"Are you alright Harry?" Esme asked again and he nodded, smiling weakly. "I'm fine, thank you."

"This is Jasper." Alice said, looking up at the blond with adoring eyes and a happy smile. Encouraged by this, Jasper inclined his head at Harry in greeting and managed a weak smile but he made no move to come forward and shake his hand. "Hello." Jasper said quietly. Harry wondered briefly why it was that Jasper wasn't as forthcoming as the others were but before he could voice the question Esme answered it for him. "Jasper is the newest member of our family, the newest vegetarian. It's difficult for him to be around humans still, especially ones with injuries." Jasper gave a curt nod to this explanation and Harry immediately felt guilty. He was a burden, an inconvenience as usual. He frowned a bit and cast his eyes down at the bed sheets.

As if she sensed his sadness, Esme was by his side in a second, one of her cold arms around his shoulder. "Come on dear, we've made you breakfast. You'll feel much better after having your fill." She said. He nodded and pulled the covers off of his lower body, getting out of the bed. He walked with Esme downstairs with Alice and Jasper trailing not too far behind. If he remembered correctly, Jasper controlled emotions, which was why he felt so much better when he came into the room. Jasper was staying by to make sure he wasn't in his usual mental anguish. These people were being too kind to him. He didn't really think of think of them as Vampires for some reason. They were probably different from any other vampires he would have met in England because the textbook had only described vampires with red eyes, not gold. He was curious as to why that was actually. But he didn't know who to ask.

The kitchen smelled wonderful and it wasn't until he could full appreciate the smell of eggs and bacon and even the pancakes did he realize that he had smelt it even as he had been coming downstairs; but his mind had been to busy to process them. He sat down where Esme directed him to, which was in front of a plate that was filled completely with delicious smelling food. He couldn't even see the ivory coloring of the plate under all of it. There was a glass filled with orange juice with a full pitcher standing next to it and he blinked at it all at first, not sure if it was all for him. Alice giggled at his expression and urged him on. "It's not poison, we swear."

He looked at the food again and picked up the fork that was next to the plate, dipped it into the eggs and then into his mouth. They were soft and tasted delicious and it wasn't until then that he realized he was ravenous with hunger. He hadn't eaten in almost two days so it was understandable. The next twenty minutes were spent inhaling the food and drink set on the table. He felt slightly embarrassed while he was eating though. All Esme and Alice did was stare at him with amused looks on their faces. Jasper continued to look uncomfortable but made no comment either.

When most of the food was gone and Harry leaned back with a satisfied and drowsy look Esme began sweeping up the plates from the table almost giddily. She would have loved to run a Bed and Breakfast he bet. Harry protested mildly, insisting on helping her clean up – that was, after all, his job in the Dursley household for many years- but she smiled at him and told him that she had it under control and to go look around the house. She seemed to radiate maternal power so he listened and heeded her request, begrudgingly leaving the plates on the table. Alice and Jasper stepped out of the kitchen before him and he followed, not sure where he was going. They ended up in the living room he had been in before. Emmett was there again but he was alone this time and watching something on television. He looked up at Harry's arrival and a grin set on his face again, childish and playful in nature and Harry responded with a smile of his own. It was hard not to smile at Emmett; his smiles were infectious. But Emmett was also extremely intimidating. Harry felt anxious with the hulk of a man offered the other side of the couch to him but accepted anyway, not wanting to see first hand what happened if Emmett was offended in some way.

Emmett was watching Muggle Soccer, which was referred to as Football in America. It was definitely a sport Emmett would have liked, huge men running around a field with a ball, occasionally smacking into each other and being violent. Harry cringed as one man was mercilessly piled upon by others of the opposing team. Emmett guffawed and his ever-present grin spread over his face once more. Apparently he wasn't rooting for that man's team.

Alice and Jasper stayed in the room but at a distance, he was situated in the armchair Harry sat in the night before while she had gracefully plopped herself on one of the arms. There was a moment of silence between them, the only sound in the room being the game on TV. Harry fidgeted a little, pulling on the sleeve of the over-sized shirt he was wearing. He wondered where Edward was and if he was with Bella. He remembered Bella promising to come over at some point during the day if she made it home before her father and he desperately hoped that she did.

It wasn't the fact that the Cullens were vampires that made him feel intimidated. He wasn't at all scared of them (with the exception of Emmett… you couldn't help being scared of him. And Rosalie – just a little), he just felt so plain around them. At least with Bella there he felt slightly normal. He glanced at the analog clock on one of the machines under the TV set and then back at the game he wasn't paying attention to. Merlin only knew where they were...

"Harry." A voice called from the top of the stairs. It was Carlisle. He saw Emmett and Alice exchange glances quickly, almost so fast that he wasn't sure that he actually saw it. Jasper's arm wrapped around Alice gently and she relaxed slightly.

He suddenly felt anxious, wondering what was going on, but he slid off the couch anyway and made his way to the staircase. Carlisle stood at the top, looking calmly down at him as Harry climbed the stairs. As soon as he reached the second landing, Carlisle put a hand on his shoulder gently, just as he had the night before, and led him to another room of the house. "I think it's time we tell you what we know." He said, pushing open a door. The room that they entered was a tastefully decorated study, with many pictures lining the walls, an antique desk and a few comfortable looking chairs. And in one of those chairs, sat Edward, looking expectantly at them.

Harry understood why Edward was angry at him now. He understood what he would bring to this family. He understood what would happen and what he would have to do to prevent any of them from being hurt, especially Bella. But the sketched picture before him made it hard for him to breathe.

After Harry told Carlisle about his dream, the older man had exchanged glances with Edward, both looking worried. It was then that Edward told him what Alice had seen. Alice hadn't wanted to tell him and after hearing it he could understand why. She had seen more than what she had drawn of course -which was just a portrait of a woman- it was just that picture which caused a knot to tighten in his stomach.

It was a crude sketch, the dark pencil markings making the gaunt, skull-like features deeper and darker than he remembered them. The woman's face was surrounded by an untamed mane of curls, some colored silver from her time at Azkaban but all the others were an inky black. The gaunt face was contorted in anger and her thin lipped mouth was stretched in a snarl. Her heavy lidded eyes were wide and seemed to burn through him with evil just though it was just a drawing. Bellatrix Lestrange.

It made sense now. His dream. The unfathomable 'she' who had made it safely across the seas to complete her mission, whatever it was.

Bellatrix Lestrange was here. His heart dropped into his stomach. She was here and according to Alice's vision, she would kill him.

"Why is it, that every time someone tells me my future, they predict I'll be murdered or die by way of something strange like a sugar packet accident?" He asked bitterly when he regained his composure. It was a tense moment but Edward smirked just a bit, trying not to laugh. The image of loony Professor Trelawney predicting his death for the umpteenth time wasn't something he could block out, not that he would want to anyway, it was kind of funny.

"A sugar packet?"

"You don't want to know." Harry murmured sulkily, leaning forward and placing the drawing back onto Carlisle's desk, face down. "I've never had much luck with Seers; I guess that goes for ones of the Vampiric kind too."

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