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Chapter Song: Broken by Lindsey Haun

When you're Broken

In a million little piece

and you're trying'

but you can't hold on anymore

every tear falls down for a reason

don't you stop believin' in yourself

When you're broken

Oh good god, I groaned as the soft thud of my paws carried me past the bloodsucker's backyard. I had just spied my oh-so-wonderful Alpha and his new play thing reading in the perfectly cropped grass. Well she was reading; Jake was drooling at the mouth with a glazed look over his eyes. This had become one of his favorite hobbies in recent months-among other equally disturbing things-and it was slightly sickening. Every minute he wasn't drooling, laughing, or obsessing over his little half-demon was wasted according to him.

Every attempt to separate him from her was met with a fight or an argument, "You heard what that foreign kid said, Nessie's only got seven years to grow up, I don't want to miss anything!" He would just keep getting louder and more obnoxious until whoever was trying to persuade him to leave would give up.

I didn't like his unwavering attention anymore than anyone else, but I knew by now that there was no point in arguing with him. I just hoped that he didn't mean he was actually gonna wait seven years to shower, two days was already pushing it with Jake, any longer and you'd need a gas mask just to get near the kid. As it was he hadn't left the crypt in almost a week, I wondered if he'd even slept.

A boom of laughter rang out into the otherwise pleasant silence, apparently Jacob thought it was absolutely hilarious when the creature jumped an unnatural fifteen feet into the air to catch a passing butterfly. I wrinkled my muzzle to show my disgust as Seth's patrol intercepted mine.

Leah don't be such a pain, I know it's almost impossible for you, but just let him be. He's happy, Seth tried to sway me with his thoughts.

Well he won't be so happy when he drowns his little monster in the river of saliva dripping from his big, stupid face, I retaliated, I mean look at him! It's disgraceful to be a subordinate to that!

Seth didn't try to refute my statement, but I could see and feel his disagreement by the sudden rush of memories that washed over his mind from the first night our little pack had been formed. Memories of the three of us running patrols for days on end under Jacob's surprisingly efficient guidance. Memories that I also shared, but with different emotion. Seth felt devotion, even admiration, towards Jacob. I felt only gratitude, gratitude for giving me an escape from my ex-boyfriend and his soon-to-be wife. I mean I'll admit that once I got to know him he was a pretty good guy, I would even consider him my closest friend, but his love for all things un-dead made me question his sanity.

Pick your poison Leah; Sam and Emily, or Jake and Ness, Seth shot back as he intruded on my thoughts.

Bite me Seth, I growled. Annoying pup, couldn't stay out of other people's heads...

Well I won't have to if you keep calling Nessie a monster, he sighed and I saw daddy dracula's disgruntled face staring at me menacingly from Seth's point of view, Edward will bite you for me, he warned.

Great, I upset the he-vamp, better run for cover.

Seriously Leah, it's his kid. How would you feel? Seth pleaded as he turned to run beside me. Ugh it was so typically Seth, fraternizing with the enemy, looking out for the leeches. Personally I didn't even think vampires could have feelings, so I wasn't about to waste my time sympathizing for one.

Let's see, what would I feel if I were a bloodsucking monster? I pondered dramatically and nipped playfully at Seth's heels, Hmmm...probably hungry. Yes, definitely starving. I wonder if he ever thinks about having his tasty bouncing baby girl as a midnight snack?

Seth groaned at the same time that I heard a loud hiss from the direction of the backyard. I guess cannibalism was a touchy subject around here, but I couldn't resist overstepping the boundaries every once in a while. The only sure consequence was that world's best dad was about to go apeshit all over my fury little ass.

You're in for it now, Seth sighed and pivoted to continue the circle in the opposite direction. The path wasn't hard to follow, it had been worn into a dirt trail by our constant and pointless searching. Three months had passed since those mafia vamps had ran back to Italy with their tails between their legs, and Jake still had us running patrols around his little girlfriend's house.

It had been unbearable enough when he was trailing after Bella Swan like some sick puppy, but this whole imprinting thing was a hundred times worse. At least when he was obsessed with Bella all we had to deal with were his mushy fantasies about the two of them, but now everything was just so damn kid friendly. It was teddy bears and unicorns everywhere. Blech...made me wanna puke.

"Leah," an irresistibly smooth voice called from the trees as I ran by them without a second thought.

Oh shit! How did I miss a vamp sneaking up on me? I thought slightly panicked as I skidded to a halt and turned to face Edward, Geez, he looks like he wants to rip me face off! Oh wait...he probably does...I wonder if it's good on toast?

"My patience is wearing thin," he said with a stereotypical father-like tone and held his hands palm up as a sign of good intentions, "it's already a test to my self control, having to deal with Jacob's constant fawning over my daughter, but I simply won't have you thinking such venomous things about Renesmee. She is one of the two things I would give my life for in this world and if your choice is to stay with Jacob, then you will have to learn to tolerate her."

I tolerate her just fine, I thought and rolled my eyes, trying not to gag at his disgusting smell, I'm just full of tolerance, I'm practically exploding with it.

"I'm serious Leah," he said abandoning all attempts at light conversation and skipping straight to intimidation, "if I feel that you are a threat to my family for even one instant, I will not hesitate to break every bone in your body."

That would suck, really it would, but could you at least spare my legs? I'm rather fond of them, all the rest you can break, but not the legs, I smiled-well the best smile a werewolf can produce-but bowed my head just a fraction to let him know that his message was received.

Don't worry, she's still part human, I can't touch matter how bad she smells, I assured him with my thoughts and at the same time shot a nasty picture of a couple in my school making out towards Seth. I knew he was eavesdropping on our conversation and decided that he needed to be reminded that when you played with fire, you got burned.

EWWW gross Leah, I'm gonna need therapy! He whined in the distance.

You know what they say about eavesdroppers Seth, I chimed with satisfaction and turned my attention back to Edward. I had grown more comfortable around the vampires as of late, but I promised myself that I would never forget what the burning in my nose was programmed to tell me-they were our enemies. Leeches were not to be trusted. Besides if it weren't for them I wouldn't be a freak, I'd be engaged to Sam instead of Emily, I'd be happy...

"You know Leah, you really would be quite funny if you weren't so determined to alienate everyone around you," Edward smiled warily, "Your humor is almost refreshing-well when it isn't about my daughter."

Yeah I'm thinkin about going on tour sometime, you know late night comedy on Leno or something, I smirked, and hey, if they don't laugh at my jokes I can always turn into a giant wolf and eat them right?

"I could see that," he chuckled and started to make his way back towards his "family" at just above a normal human pace. Bella was undoubtedly awaiting his return with bated breath, it was like one could barely function without the other. It was the most pathetic thing I had ever seen in my life.

See ya vamp, I sighed and yawned widely deciding to get some shut eye. I knew he had heard my last thoughts, but I hoped that it would make him realize just how whipped he was and make him man-up.

"Good bye dog," he smiled a crooked smile as if I were missing some crucial point to the situation and was gone. Even though he was an arrogant, un-dead monster, I couldn't deny that he was stunningly attractive. I might have even considered a few fantasies with him as the star, but tall, pale and bloodsucking wasn't exactly my type.

I sighed as this thought brought up the issue of boys; a subject I tried to avoid at all costs. To tell you the truth I really didn't know what I wanted anymore. At one time I had known my type, Sam was my type, but now I recoiled from everything and anything that reminded me of him. Sam had made me happy, he was exactly what I wanted, but now everything I had once hoped for was gone. It was tainted, forbidden fruit. I needed someone that was the opposite of Sam, the anti-Sam, but how could I love someone that was the opposite of everything that I loved? It was like asking a wolf to howl at the sun instead of the moon.

Leah, you're making my head hurt, Seth complained as he continued running. His thoughts were slightly smug at the fact that I had quit before him, but I was too wrapped up in my own confusing depression to care.

Then mind your own head! I snapped and pictured him as a toddler playing dress up in our mom's high heels and lipstick.

Oh man! Leah you're such a-

What I was exactly I would never know. At that moment I phased back into my human form and Seth's thoughts immediately ceased to play through my head. I had had enough of my little brother and it was time to get some well deserved rest, relaxation and privacy.

"Oh crap, where did I put my clothes?" I moaned in my human voice as I found myself completely naked and garment-less in the middle of the woods. My shirt and pants must have slipped out of the chord I was wearing around my leg without my noticing . Awesome.

I was about to be in a real dilemma when I looked to my side and spotted a white cotton dress folded neatly on a rock. Edward must have brought it out with him when he came to have our little chat, he probably was forced to take it courtesy of his momma vampire. Normally I would refuse anything that they gave me on pure principal, but I was a rational being and my pride would just have to take one for the team this time. I was not going to sit here and wait for my brother to find my pants, that was just degrading.

I slipped on the dress, which smelled strongly of bleach with the slightest hint of vampire stink, and dropped to the ground. Why did everything have to smell like leeches?


I awoke the next morning and immediately knew something was wrong. Seth wasn't running patrol, Jake wasn't worshipping Renesmee and there was shouting coming from the Cullen house. I didn't even bother to wipe the sleep from my eyes before I was sprinting towards the front door.

Ugh it smells so sweet it burns my nose, I think I'm gonna puke.

Just then the door flew open and Edward was in the doorway motioning to me impatiently. "Finally, I thought you would never get up. Will you please get in here and calm him down," he said very quickly as he shoved me in the house. His touch was like dry ice against my skin.

Oh my god the smell is too much, I'm not gonna make it, I couldn't help groaning internally as the disgusting stink of vampire hit me full force. I knew that Edward would be able to hear me, but trying to be polite by not offending a vampire was not reason enough for me to censor my thoughts. My eyes started to water in protest and I very nearly ran back out the door.

"Get a grip Leah, you don't exactly smell like a rose garden yourself, now get over it and do something," he rolled his eyes and pointed towards Jake who was yelling and flailing his arms at Seth. For the moment I forgot about the smell and growled menacingly at Jake, I knew that Seth could be annoying, but I was positive that he had never deserved that kind of discipline.

"Jake, step off Seth and pick on someone your own size," I scowled and stepped between them. At a little over six feet, I towered over Seth and could almost look Jake in the eyes, give me some heels and I could have stood neck and neck with him. "What is your problem anyway, your girlfriend dump you?"

I received a lot of death stares for that comment, but the vamps stayed quiet, they probably just wanted to wait until I diffused Jake before they maimed me.


"Oh," I said surprised for a moment, but quickly regaining my composure. After all this was something I was forced to do quite often; being part of Jake's pack came with the requirement that you be able to make rational decisions when he was...otherwise inclined. "Jake calm down, stop trying to shout us to death with your disgusting morning breath and sit."

I said this with such force that he had no choice but to comply, he looked as though he might have considered making a run for it, but even if he had I would have caught him. We both knew I could. He looked at me murderously and plopped down on the couch with a huff, crossing his arms like a child throwing a tantrum. Maturity was not Jake's strong point.

"Alright so here is what is going to happen," I said commandingly and shot him a vicious glare to make sure he didn't interrupt me, "First, you are going to stay here at the house, you are not allowed to leave until you calm down."

"I am calm Leah," he growled and the muscles in his arm twitched as he tightened them across his chest.

"I mean really you stop having thoughts about murdering Paul," I rolled my eyes and he turned his head away in defiance, "and second, you're going to explain to me why the hell Rachel and Paul are in Seattle and not in Forks."

I put my hands on my hips and waited for a response, but Jake was apparently incapable of forming coherent sentences at the moment. It really didn't make any sense why the two would be in Seattle. I mean they were busy enough with all the wedding preparations as it was, I couldn't imagine them taking a vacation so close to the big day.

After a long, awkward silence someone finally spoke up.

"Well they went to the hospital here in Forks at first, but there was something weird on the ultra sound, so they sent her to a hospital in Seattle to get it checked out," Seth finally answered my question seeing as Jake was too busy giving me the cold shoulder.

At Seth's word Jacob's cold exterior melted into a puddle of worry and pain. I could tell that he was more worried about his sister than angry with Paul, but if something was seriously wrong with Rachel there was a very big chance that Paul and Jake would end up fighting.

"So you see? I have to go see her, she could need surgery or something!" Jake exclaimed, "and I promise I'm not gonna kill Paul for christ sake."

"No breaking his bones either Jacob," Edward said darkly. Jake had obviously forgotten that Edward could read his mind and he swore under his breath.

"You're too angry right now Jake, if you lost control you could hurt Rachel or Billy," I reasoned. I knew that the thought of injuring his family would bring him back to earth a little, "What if me and Seth go instead? We could see how she's doing and then call and give you the full report?"

I could see Jake mulling it over by the way his arms loosened their death grip on his mid section slightly and a small wrinkle formed on his forehead. You could practically hear the rusty gears clanking to life inside his otherwise empty skull. I loved the kid like family, but he sure was hot headed sometimes.

"That sounds like an excellent idea Leah," the slightly less creepy, doctor vamp said in an attempt to move things along. I had always felt a little less hostility towards him than the others, I mean he was a doctor for heavens sake, he put my arm in a cast when I was sixteen.

"Uh...thanks," I smiled unsurely at him, he responded with his own father-like grin. It was oddly comforting and reminded me of my own father...well before his passing the year before.

Jake sighed and looked around pleadingly at the houseful of supernatural beings until his eyes finally rested on Bella. I had a feeling that he was relying on his best friend to take his side on the matter, but the way she clutched Edward's hand defensively told me that she wasn't going to save him this time. Edward squeezed her hand reassuringly and nodded, with his encouragement she took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

"That sounds like the best idea to me Jake, I mean pregnancy is kind of a girly thing, it would be easier for her to talk to Leah then to talk to you," she said sheepishly without peeking from under her closed lids until every word was out of her mouth. I heard Rosalie grunt in agreement as she placed her hand bracingly on Bella's shoulder. I never liked blondie too much, okay at all, but she was on my side for once and beggers can't be choosers.

Jake looked crazed, but finally defeated.

"Fine, but you leave now and call me as soon as you get there!" he spat and jumped up from the couch, nearly knocking over the coffee table, "Where's Nessie? I promised to take her to the beach today," he grumbled and then disappeared up the stairs.

"He never remembers to pack her beach towel," Bella mumbled and then followed him up the stairs. I knew it was just a lame excuse so that she could go and make sure he was okay.

Edward, being released from Bella's grip, walked over to a desk and rummaged around in the drawer for a second before pulling out a set of keys and tossing them lightly to me. I caught them reflexively and stared down at the expensive looking leather key fob that adorned them.

"Thank you, you're the only one who can make him see reason sometimes," he said sincerely as he shut the drawer quietly, "You can take Alice's Porsche, it has a full tank of gas. Oh and there is an air freshener in the glove box-I just thought you should know," he added as an after thought.

"Thanks," I said a little awestruck that they were willing to trust me with such an expensive toy, but then again they probably had a whole warehouse full of the things, they were so filthy stinkin rich.

"No need to thank us," he shrugged, "but Alice might kill me if you scratch up her ride, so please be careful."

Hmm so the big expensive toy did mean something to them...interesting.

"No problem, but you're going to have to remind me, which one is the gas peddle again?" I said innocently and "accidentally" hit the panic button on the car remote. The burst of the little car's horn echoed from the garage and caused everyone to jump.

Alice nearly passed out.

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