This is the continuation of "Teenage Love Affair". This one will be entitled 'Clumsy' (based on the song 'Clumsy' by Fergie). There are 4 more to come. Remember: Patience is a virtue!

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"Clumsy 'cuz I'm falling in love"


Science Time

"Ok class, you will be given acid at water. Please mix them and wait for further directions. Please ignore the sulphur. That belongs to the previous class." The teacher announced.

As the class concentrated on identifying the chemicals, Sakura concentrated on Sasuke, studying every detail. From his spiky hair down to his well cleaned shoes.

"Uhm, Uhm, Thakura!" the nerdy lab partner said, calling Sakura's attention. But no, she was too busy looking at her Sasuke-kun. Sakura didn't hear her nerdy lab partner and absent-mindedly put sulphur in their beaker.

"YOU'RE NOT THUPPOTH TO MIX ATHID AND-" he warned but got cut off by the explosion. He coughed and looked angrily at Sakura "-thulphur" he said, red as beet.

"Uhm, Teehee?" Sakura said unsurely.



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