A/N: Hey digimon fans. Sorry for the long delay, but I was almost finished with SSBA. Anyway, this story, the digimon will be digi-morphs meaning that they had grown to have human bodies and wore clothes and had hair. AquaVeemon is my oc, a female veemon, just to keep Veemon fans happy. Well, enjoy.

Chapter 1: A new day at colleges:

It has been 4 years since the D-Reaper's defeat, and the digimon all returned to the digital world. Since then, thanks to some modern technology, they had morphed into their adult-human-like forms and some starts going to college.

One day, someone awoke from his bed and groaned as he slowly got up. He has a muscular male body and is wearing blue boxers. He has a white stomach with a black symbol on it and has black stripes on his arms, legs and around his back. He has a dinosaur face with bat like ears. He has golden eyes and messy brown hair. His name is Guilmon Matsuki, once digimon of Takato Matsuki.

He looked at the time. "7:30? Oh crap! I'm going to be late for college!"

He quickly got up and got dressed in a green hoodie shirt and blue jeans. He picked up his tamer's goggles and put them around a headband over his forehead and grabbed his back and dashed out of his flat.

He ran to the bus station to see the bus is still there. He quickly got on just in time as the door almost closed on him.

Guilmon sat in his seat, almost breathless. Suddenly, an orange dinosaur, wearing a red shirt, a blue baseball cap, brown hair and green jeans came up to him.

"Almost late again, eh, Guilmon?" he chuckled.

"Give me a break, Agumon!" Guilmon sighed as he slumped down.

"That's 5 times in a row this week" Agumon said "Keep it up and you'll break the record in no time."

Guilmon glared at him. Then his other friends, Patamon, Terriermon and Veemon came to them. Their bodies had also morphed. Veemon also wears a baseball hat and wore a blue shirtless jacket and army pants. Patamon wore a stripy shirt and shorts and has blonde hair. Terriermon wore a light green jumper and grey jeans.

"Almost late again? But you always make it in time" Terriermon said "Keep it up and you may one day miss the bus."

"Yeah" Guilmon said "I don't want that to happen."

"Well, guess what everybody. We got football practice today" Veemon said "And Coach Ogremon said he's going tough on us this time."

"Urgh. I hate the word tough" Agumon said.

"So we have to work hard and do our best" Patamon said.

Guilmon nodded but he has another reason why he doesn't want Ogremon near him while he was practicing for football.

At long last, they arrived at the college. Guilmon and his friends walked up the steps. Guilmon checked his time-table.

"So today's Friday, right?" Guilmon asked.

"Yeah, and that means, all day practicing for football" Veemon sighed.

"Cheer up guys!" Terriermon said "after this, we can spend together for the weekend. So what do we want to do this weekend?"

"I got some work to do" Guilmon said.

"I got to go take my laundry to a laundry mat" Agumon said.

"I'm gonna have some eggs with jelly beans" Veemon said.

Guilmon, Agumon, Patamon and Terriermon stared at Veemon as they think he is crazy.

"Gross!" Terriermon said.

"You gotta be kidding Veemon" Patamon said disgusted. "You took that line from Izzy."

"Yeah, I'm kidding."

"We should do something together" said Terriermon "I mean, we haven't done this for a long time. I mean, we can all do those things some other time."

Guilmon looked at the time "And if we don't hurry up, we're gonna do push-ups 40 times if we don't arrive in time."

"Good thinking!" Agumon said as they all dashed inside.

Guilmon, Patamon and Terriermon got onto the field in time wearing their red shirts and white shorts. They lined up with the other digimon. Agumon and Veemon, who had trouble with their shoe-laces, arrived a little late. After the 2 digimon did some push-ups (with Guilmon, Patamon and Terriermon shaking their heads in disbelief), they all lined up as Ogremon approached them.

"Right, you tall state of weaklings, tomorrow, we shall be facing our rival college and I want to see this a victory for us for a change, got it!" Ogremon said "We shall be practicing goal try-outs. Matsuki! Izumai! Get over here!"

Guilmon glared at Impmon Izumai as he glared back. Both Digimon are sworn rivals, hatred to each other to the bone as they stepped forward.

"Uh oh. Guilmon and Impmon. This can't be good" Patamon whispered.

"Now, Izumai, stand in goal and try to block out Matsuki's shot! Matsuki! Try to score a goal. Don't disappoint me!"

Guilmon put the ball onto the ground and looked up at Impmon.

Impmon smirked nastily. "If you're gonna chicken out, dino-boy, that's fine by me. Face it! You're just a low-levelled digimon!"

"Yeah, but I am better than you!" Guilmon said as he kicked the ball. Impmon didn't see it coming and the ball went pass him as he was nothing.


Impmon glared at Guilmon as he quickly ran around the track.

"Good shot, Matsuki!" Ogremon said "Good shot. Now, take a rest before I call you out again. Now, Kamiya! Motomiya! Let's see what you can do!"

Guilmon walked out and sat next to Terriermon. Agumon kicked the ball towards the goal…


"Oops. Sorry, Veemon" Agumon said as the ball was right into Veemon's face.

The ball fell off showing the bruised face of Veemon. "Hey… no prob, Aguy."

"Motomiya, not again, you goofball! Kamiya, take him to the hospital wing!"

After a long practice, Guilmon, Patamon and Terriermon got changed again. Impmon came in, looking quite angry.

"You got lucky with that last shot, Matsuki, but it won't happen next time!"

"Don't be a sore loser, Impmon" Guilmon said angrily.

"Ignore him, Guilmon. He's not worth it" Patamon said.

After they came out, they see Agumon and Veemon came towards them.

"That was one hell of a practice!" Agumon said. But then he chuckled "Nice one, Guilmon. You made a fool of Impmon alright!"

"Yeah, too true" Terriermon chuckled "That guy is a total loser!"

"I wouldn't celebrate yet if I were you guys" Guilmon said "Don't forget we have one more lesson to go."

As the team head off, Guilmon didn't see where he was going as he bumped into someone. The person dropped her books.

"Oh, ermm… I am sorry…" Guilmon said "Here, let me help you with that."

He bent down and helped her up. The other guys ran back to them.

"Erm… here you go" Guilmon said as he held the book to the person.

When the other hand touched the other side of the book, Guilmon looked at her hand. She had a white paw and has a yellow arm. He looked up and saw a beautiful sight. The person was a female yellow fox digimon, she has green eyes, eye shadows and lip gloss. She wore a loose white shirt which some buttons were unbuttoned showing him some part of her breasts. She wore some very short shorts.

"Erm… hello…" the girl said.

"Hi…" Guilmon said.

"Renamon! Are you alright?!" came a voice. 4 more girls ran up to Renamon. Agumon, Veemon, Patamon and Terriermon froze in surprise. One is a bird female digimon and she has pink feathers and a yellow beak. She wore a green top and a skirt. Another is a white furred female cat digimon who had a ring on her long tail. She wore a loose shirt as well and black shorts. The other looked like an aqua coloured female Veemon but she wore a orange top and black jeans. And lastly was a brown furred female version of Terriermon and she wore a grey jeans and a yellow top.

"I'm fine" Renamon said as she got up as she held her books to her chest. She turned to Guilmon "Thank you, sir."

"No worries" Guilmon smirked.

Renamon smiled and walks away with her friends.

"I don't know about you guys, but that girl bird digimon is so cute" Agumon said.

"I say about that aqua female me" Veemon said.

"That cat is sexy. I wonder who she is" Patamon said.

"You know… I think I know that chocolate version of me before" Terriermon said.

Guilmon nodded "Just who is she? She is so beautiful."

Little did they know, their lives will about to be changed forever.

To be continued…

Phew. First chapter done. I'll update soon. Next week, will be the girls' point of view. Stayed tuned.