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Chapter 7: The final chapter:

After a few weeks after the kidnapping, the players became great heroes. And the girls were so happy to be rescued. The Pokémon team went back to their own land, finally together with their girlfriends. According to Guilmon and Renamon, Pikachu and Lucario were both engaged meaning that when they are older, they will be married. Obviously, Pikachu don't want to lose Lucario again.

AquaVeemon and Veemon were in the hot spring as they relaxed as they bathed as they watched the midnight sky.

"Isn't this relaxing, Veemon?" AquaVeemon said as she cuddles herself next to Veemon.

"Sure is, babe" Veemon said "it's too bad the others isn't here, cause we could enjoy their company."

"Too bad, but I refer that we are all alone" AquaVeemon smiled at him.

Veemon then caught on what AquaVeemon was saying. "Oooohhh… right."

AquaVeemon then started kissing Veemon as they both dived into the water.

Meanwhile on top of the building, Patamon was laying down on the ground when Gatomon came in and sat down.

"The stars are so beautiful tonight" Gatomon said.

"Not as beautiful as you" Patamon smirked.

Gatomon blushed and smiled. They continued to look up. Gatomon turned to Patamon. "Patamon, I want to thank you."

"Thank me for what?"

"For rescuing me few weeks ago. I never get a chance to thank you, so here it is now" she kissed Patamon on the lips. It was a passionate kiss at first, but after the shock, Patamon joins in. Gatomon broke the kiss and said "Thank you."

Patamon blushed but then smiled "Ah, no worries. You know, I was wondering. Tomorrow, how about we head down to the beach and catch a few waves" said Patamon.

Without warning, Gatomon dived onto Patamon smiling lovely. "I love to." And she started kissing him again. They kept kissing as the night sky shone on them.

Meanwhile in a tree house, Terriermon and Lopmon were seen watching a mid-night movie. Lopmon snuggled closer to Terriermon.

When the scary bit was on, Lopmon screamed and held onto Terriermon.

"Terriermon, I am scared" Lopmon said, hoping that Terriermon would hear her.

He did hear her and smiled "Then don't worry. I'll protect you" he said as he put his arms around her.

Lopmon smiled as she put her head on her shoulder as they continued to watch the movie.

Elsewhere, Agumon and Biyomon were outside the restaurant, having finished their meal and going to the docks to talk about their future.

"Agumon, tonight is beautiful" Biyomon said.

"Sure is."

"And I want to thank you and your friends for rescuing us weeks ago".

"I thought I said my pleasure ages ago. You just going on about it. It's no problem!"

Biyomon blushed of embarrassment. Agumon smiled and kissed her on the cheek.

"But it's OK."

Biyomon smiled.

"I'm glad we are together, Agumon" Biyomon said "I thought me and my friends are just going solo for the rest of our lives."

"Do you really think that?" Agumon smirked.

"Not anymore" Biyomon smirked as she kissed Agumon on the lips. Agumon smiled as he returned the kiss. Afterwards they decided to leave because they saw two couple on the beach and decided to leave them alone.

On the beach were Guilmon, in a white shirt and grey trousers, and Renamon, in a beautiful see-through dress, were sitting on the beach watching the sea go in and out as they watched the night sky.

"The night is so beautiful" said Renamon.

"It sure is" Guilmon said as he looked up too. "Man, after the kidnapping, who would've think we all get together?"

"Yeah" Renamon agreed. She turned to Guilmon, as she remembered something and got sad.

"What is the matter?"

"I'm glad we are together but I can't stop thinking about the past about me being nasty to you" Renamon said "You've grown up now and now I want to apologise for what I've done to you in the past."

"Forget the past, Renamon. What past is past. You changed now so you're not that kind of person anymore. Don't beat yourself about it" Guilmon smiled.

Renamon smiled back knowing Guilmon do care about her. She put her head on her shoulder.

"I love you, Guilmon" Renamon smiled as she looked into his face who was smiling back at her.

"I love you too, Renamon" he said.

And then Renamon kissed Guilmon passionately. He replied it back with a kiss also.

And thus, the 5 friends are now couples and they shall stay as a couple for a long time.

The End.

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