A/N: I'm almost willing to pay someone to make me stop coming up with ideas. Hiatus tomorrow due to SmackDown vs. RAW 2009. (For the record, I love John Morrison)

You might find this interesting...

That was not exactly a calming subject title on a Myspace message. Albeit it was from his sister, John Morrison was reluctant to click on the link to open the message. He trusted his sister with his life, but this didn't sound too good.

And it wasn't.

There was a link to a livejournal account. Why should John find this so interesting? He read the rest of his sister's message.

I don't know who this person is, but they don't seem to like you very much. It's probably just a useless hater, but they seem to know too much to just be a fan. Maybe someone you work with? Just letting you know. Sorry if it bothers you. Love you, bro. Call me sometime.

So what did John do? He clicked on the link, of course.

A bright pink layout downloaded on his screen. The writing was black and green.

The first thing that caught John's attention besides the bright colors? The title of the journal entry.

Eight Pack of Retardation

John thought that the title had to be about them. No one in the WWE coveted their abs as much as John Morrison did.

He continued to read the article, shocked at how personal it had become.

I don't understand this guy. All he does is rub on himself no matter where he is. I've seen John Morrison outside of television and he's such a pig. He does not look like Jim Morrison and he needs to stop pretending that he does. He is not a shaman. He is not sexy. Christ, the other day we were all out at the hibachi bar and he kept rubbing his abs under the table. Okay, this dude is way too obsessed with himself. Sure, he has hair that any woman would die for, but that doesn't mean he's awesome. All he has is his good body. That's it, nothing more. The lights are on, but nobody's home. Actually, the lights aren't even on at all. Besides, he and Mike are way too close for comfort. I'm starting to question them. I understand that they have plenty of female fans and all, but they aren't even that funny. "The Dirt Sheet" is a joke. I could perform a funnier skit in my sleep. I know I must sound like a bitch for all of this, but I can't help it. I could never tell anyone about this in person, and this is my only way of venting. Sorry if I offend anyone...

xx. Starbright

John looked at the entry in disbelief. Who was this woman to judge him? And by the sound of it, he knew this girl. Apparently, he went out to dinner with her not that long ago. Who could it be?

His eyes trailed to the top of the page that hosted the area for the user name. "Starbright-Moonshine" was written in bright pink script with silver sparkles adorning the letters. She must be a girly girl, John thought. But then again, what Diva wasn't a girly girl?

John decided that he would have to keep up with this livejournal account to find out who it was...And maybe make one of his own.