Fred sighed. He was currently sitting with his twin brother and his girlfriend Katie Bell. He wasn't really paying attention to those two. They were always off doing something exceedingly couplish. It wasn't that he didn't like Katie, far from it, he thought those two were perfect together, it was just, he was sick of seeing it, when he himself was so miserable. Currently, while those two, were having some soul mate moment, Fred was eyeing the object of his desire.

She was sitting several yards away, completely oblivious to everyone around her. She was also a might upset, Fred knew this, not because she told him, but because he could read her tempers better than anyone. She was currently scribbling away furiously, staring at her parchment with the utmost contempt, not realizing that it was time for dinner, and that everyone in the common was heading down. He himself barely registered the fact that Katie and George had just headed down, seeing as he was so wrapped up in watching her.

When the common room was finally empty, she slammed down her quill, and it cleanly broke in two pieces. This was Fred's cue. He stood up and walked over. Of course she was too angry to realize it until he spoke.

"So, what did the poor quill do to you Ini?" he asked lightly, as she looked up at the sound of his personal nickname. She simply shrugged. "Oh, come on, you just broke your favorite quill Hermes." At that she looked distraughtly at her beloved quill. But instantly, it had been repaired, causing her to sag her shoulders in relief. "You can tell me, what happened?" he asked quietly. She took a deep breath, before leaning back into the couch next to him.

"Ron." she whispered.

"Ah, what did my git of a brother do this time?" he asked lightly, sliding an arm around her shoulders.

"Apparently, I'm not spontaneous enough!" she hissed. "After all that I did in that bloody war, I'm not spontaneous enough! I'm halfway tempted to storm downstairs and hex his bloody arse" Fred grinned, leave it to his little brother to piss off Hermione Granger. Smartest witch their age, and he picks her to make angry.

"Ah, but love, you planned that all, and I'm not saying it's a bad thing, you need a good plan in battle. But Ron's not the brightest." she nodded absently. "Although I do have a way if you really want a chance to be spontaneous." he said grinning, knowing that she'd want to prove Ron wrong. That's how the two were, more so after the war had finally ended.

Sure enough her eyes had lit up in interest. "How?" she finally asked, attempting to sound as if it wasn't something she was interested in.

"Oh...nothing really big...just a little game of truth or dare, Weasley style." At this she raised an eyebrow. "Pretty much, it's ongoing. You dare someone one day, they dare someone the next, and everyone gets one truth a week. Oh, and then if you don't do the dare, there are consequences." he said waggling his eyebrows.

Hermione thought about, not only would it give an excuse to prove Ronald wrong...again, it did sound like fun. But it could go badly, after all, this was Fred Weasley, he lived for pranks. Although, it'd be interesting to prank him, and this would give her a perfect chance to do it.

"Who's all playing?" she asked. He grinned at her.

"Well, the two of us, obviously, and George will want in." At this she held up her hands. "What?" he asked.

"No, there is no way you two are ganging up on me, if you get George, I get someone." he grinned, this would certainly would be interesting. Unofficial teams. It was brilliant.

"Fine, you can get one person to join, but other than that, you have to keep it to the four of us. No one else can know." she nodded. "So who do you have in mind?" he asked curiously. At this she grinned deviously.

"Ginny." This single word froze Fred's inside. This had in a single moment, gotten very, very interesting. Ginny Weasley was a combination of the most devious people on the planet; Fred, George and Bill Weasley. Heck, she even had a lot of Charlie's personality in her.

"Deal." he said grinning. She shook his hand, and then asked thoughtfully, 'what are the consequences.' This made him grin all the more.

"How about, we have to admit who we like to each other, and then do something about It." he offered. She froze. "Oh, and under a truth spell."

"What about George, he's dating someone." she pointed out. This made Fred grin.

"This consequence will be just for you and me. We'll have another one for all four of us." She nodded. "Do you want to go get some food?" he asked standing up and pulling her to her feet. She nodded absently. Not letting go of her hand, he tugged her along, "Kitchens?" he offered. She nodded again, and they hurried along. After they had finished eating, he grinned at her.

"What?" she asked raising an eyebrow at him.

"Oh nothing really, I just have your first dare."

"What is it?" she asked curiously.

"You have to skip potions tomorrow, and hang out with George and myself." At this her jaw dropped. "Or, you could just admit to me right now whom you fancy." he offered, causing her mouth to shut automatically. "We'll meet you in the common room."

"So, we're all going to skip potions tomorrow, to do what exactly?" she asked. Fred simply grinned at her.

"You'll find out tomorrow, if you actually take the dare." He said as Ginny walked up to where the two of them were standing in front of the portrait of the Fat Lady. He went on inside, grinning to himself, as he hurried over to George and they headed upstairs.

Hermione turned to Ginny. "We need to talk." That was all it took for Ginny to begin grinning like mad and go upstairs to the seventh year girls' dorm.

This year was very special. Well, maybe not classified as special, as just weird. It was the following summer after the Battle of the Phoenix, the great defeat of ole' Voldy, as the twins liked to put it. But anyways, thanks to magic, and several dozen groups of people Hogwarts was restored, and better than ever. Especially with the twins helping out. There were ten times as many shortcuts and secret rooms as before, one including a Caribbean type lake on the fifth floor. But that May, the new head of Auror department, Sara Asher, in addition to the new minister, Diggle, met with Harry, Hermione, and Ron to tell them that they had a spot in the Auror office, whenever they wanted to join, regardless of Newts. Meaning, to Ron's excitement, they didn't have to go back for their seventh year.

Mrs. Weasley, however did not share his enthusiasm. She was angry enough about how George and Fred had never finished school, add that to the fact that her second youngest was already contemplating not graduating, oh she did not like it a bit. She was upset about their part in the war, she could have lost all three of her children, yes, she thought of Harry and Hermione as children, she had every right to. Harry didn't have any parents, and seeing as Sirius was gone, she had every right to claim him. Hermione's parents were stuck in Australia. Her wand had snapped and because she had decided that she didn't want a death eater to be able to remove it, only her wand could. Therefore, she had adopted the both of them, well, she had ages ago, but now she had an even firmer foundation for doing so.

She had surprised all of them, when she had informed them that they weren't taking the job. Ron had gotten especially cheeky, saying that they were seventeen, the moment that the phrase, "Fred and George didn't finish school," she had began yelling at them.

Harry, while annoyed that he was being told that he wasn't allowed to do something, was rather touched, that she thought of him as a son, not to mention he had planned to go back anyways, seeing as it was his first real home, and there was a certain redheaded girl who was going back.

Hermione was pretty much the same as Harry. Well, minus the last bit. She had no romantic interest at the moment. Plus, she wasn't exactly sure that she wanted to be an Auror, she was still contemplating healing. But she was leaning heavily toward continuing with Harry and Ron and learning to be an Auror, it was all she knew, ever since she was eleven years old, she'd been saving the world with Harry.

Ginny, who they'd all forgotten was still in the room, well save for Harry, seeing as he was watching her whenever he thought no one was looking, had finally spoken up.

"Mum, if you really want the twins to finish school, just threaten to stop feeding them." Everyone had began laughing, even though Ginny was perfectly serious. After all, they did tell her that. She'd once asked them if there was a way to get them back to Hogwarts. No one, including Ginny, had thought that Mrs. Weasley had taken Ginny's words to heart. However about a week later, she'd informed the twins of just that.

At first they thought she was kidding, but when they showed up for a meal, with the family and she refused to feed them, no matter what they did in order to get food, including stealing from other's to plates, and she even managed to stop Ginny and Hermione from passing them food under the table, they began to realize they were in some trouble.

The term this year was quite odd. Instead of breaking for summer holiday as they did every year, this year there would be none. School would be in session from Sept 1 to August 30, with the new term starting on Sept 1, this way, they could re-teach the year before, and get more in-depth. Of course there would be a break for Christmas and Easter. So, to everyone's great surprise and happiness, the Weasley twins had been re-enrolled in Hogwarts of Witch Craft and Wizardry. Although, no one was exactly sure how Katie had managed to come back to school with them. But then again, they were some of the Headmaster's favorite students, seeing as she was their head of house.

School had gone back to the way it used to be. Pranks from the twins constantly, for one, in addition to them being the beaters for the Gryffindor team.