At dawn the gentle petals awake from their slumber. The doors open and they unite with the breeze. They sway embracing a new day. Gabriella pulled her ebony curls into a pony tail taking in the fragrance that roamed her shop. She owned her flower shop for about a year and a half. Ever since she was a little girl she loved them. The smell the texture the beauty. They seemed to sing with no words. Just a single blossom could hold so many meanings and memories. They would absence themselves during winter but be reborn during spring making the earth laugh in flowers. Her mother always said before she died that she would rather have roses on her table then diamonds around her neck, and Gabriella couldn't agree more.

"A new day." Gabriella breathed happily looking down at the border collie named Hero who was sitting by her feet. She went over to the windows drawing back the curtains. Hero went to lay in his spot which was situated near the window under a group of lily's. Flowers were located through out the stores. Every flower you could imagine. They were in vases on the floor on the window sills, on tables, on shelves they all complimented the store beautifully. She lived upstairs in the apartment that was built right above her shop. She would always come downstairs to read or when she wanted to think or to just remember her mother. She went behind the desk looking through the mail. The tiny bell dinged as the door opened signalling someone entered. She looked up from the bills to see someone she was very used to seeing.

"Hello." He said and she laughed.

"What are you doing here?" she asked amused

"You think you'd be used to me by now." He said smiling at her. She laughed and rolled her eyes. "I happen to be here to buy flowers. This is where you would normally go." He teased.

"Right." She said disbelievingly

"I am."

"Oh really then what kind of flowers are you looking for sir?" She asked playing along

"Depends. What's your favourite flower?" Gabriella laughed and shook her head trying not to blush. He walked closer to the desk leaning on the counter. "So listen I was wondering-"

"No Troy." She said smiling knowing what he was going to say.

"Oh come on. Why not?"

"I barely know you."

"I beg to differ." Troy replied

"Just because you come in here every morning doesn't mean I know anything about you." She said and he laughed.

"Come on, one date."

"No." She laughed

"Please, come on, we don't even have to call it a date, more of a… two person social event and if there's sex after words so be it." He said and Gabriella laughed. This happened almost every morning. Troy would come into the shop trying to get her to go on a date with him she would say no and he would try again the next morning. His first visit to the flower shop was about five months ago. His mother was arriving at the airport and he was told to be there to pick her up, flowers in hand. Troy didn't exactly like the rare visits from his mother.


'Okay Troy its only two days.' Troy thought to himself walking briskly down the streets of New York. His mother was coming to visit complaining that she hasn't seen him in a while. He definitely was not looking forward to her visit. He knew all she would do is complain that he didn't become a lawyer or a doctor. After college Troy decided to become a photographer for a local newspaper. His mother wasn't to happy about the choice but he loved it and that's all that mattered. He had to pick her up in an hour and she not so subtly hinted she wanted him to bring her flowers. She more like guilted him into bringing her flowers. 'flowers? Where the hell do I get flowers?' He thought, then suddenly saw a small shop called Ella's.

He walked into the small store immediately liking the cozy atmosphere. He had never noticed this store before but it was rather convenient since his bossy and controlling mother would be arriving soon.

He saw a beautiful girl behind the counter filling out a paper. She looked up at him hearing the bell from the door opening. He felt his breath get stuck in his throat. Never had he seen a photograph as beautiful as the women in front of him.

"Hello." She said.

"Hi. I need flowers." He said lamely and she laughed.

"Well you came to the right place. I'm Gabriella."


"So do you have an idea of what you want?"

"No, not really."

"Okay, no problem you can just look around if you like.-"

"Um, actually do you mind helping me a little, I'm not that great at picking out flowers." He said coming up with an excuse wanting to talk to her more.

"Yeah sure." She said happily and Troy smiled. "If you don't mind me asking what are the flowers for? A girlfriend?" She asked


"o..kay. Because it really depends on the person your giving them to. If it was for a girlfriend you'd get some that are romantic and loving and if its for a relative or a friend you would give them something simple and whimsical."

"okay well I need some for my mom. She's in town for a couple of days."

"Fun." She teased

"Tons." He replied sarcastically and she laughed.

"Well if its for your mother then you'd want something like day lily's. Lily's are the Chinese emblem for mother." She said and Troy nodded taking in the information.

"Well okay then I'll take the lily's." He said and she smiled grabbing a bouquet.. "Can I ask you a question?"

"You just did." She said and he laughed.

"What made you get into the whole flowers things?" He saw her smile grow and even felt the small smile that laid on his face widen as well.

"I believe that love awaits at the edge of a petal, you know? Flowers hold so many different purposes but love is always one of them. Whether its asking for forgiveness, mourning a loss, or just out of thought….you probably think I'm crazy." She said shaking her head and Troy stared at her amazed.

"No, I think it's incredible, your absolutely right."

End Flashback

"No Troy." She said again. He was just about to rebut when a beeping went off. He looked down at his pager.

"Shit, I got to go." He said backing towards the door. "But don't worry I'll see you tomorrow." He said giving her a charming smile and she laughed shaking her head.


"Yeah, Ell?"He asked turning around

"Daisies. My favourite flowers are daisies." She said shyly and he smiled

"I'll keep that in mind." He said honestly before turning around and walking to the door. She watched him leave with an amused smile on her face. She knew Troy was a photographer and every morning on his way to work he would come by her shop. She put the mail on one of the shelves that was built into the old mahogany desk. She got a good amount of people coming in and out of the small flower shop, enough to pay the bills but she liked that it wasn't really busy it gave it a homey feeling. After some paper work and doing a few things here and there like cleaning and watering and helping some customers it was time to close. On Sundays she closed early to go and have a late lunch with her best friends Taylor and Sharpay. She locked the doors pulling her coat closer to her body feeling a slight breeze in the air.

"Hello ladies." Gabriella said taking her jacket off and hanging it over her chair then sitting down. They always meet at the same café to catch up and talk about their week. Sharpay was currently interning for a fashion designer hoping to become one herself further down the line and Taylor wasn't working since she decided to stay home after having a baby. Her name was Molly and she just turned 1. She was the cutest baby. She already reminded the girls of Taylor but looked like her father; Chad. Gabriella always babysat when Taylor and Chad wanted to have a date night, but Gabriella didn't mind, She liked Molly being there and Molly loved being at the flower shop playing with Hero.

"Hey Gabi." They replied.

"We ordered you your coffee already." Taylor said shifting Molly on her lap so she would be more comfortable.

"Oh thank you." She said grateful." So how has everyone's day been?"

"Pretty good. What about yours was the hot photographer in again today?" Sharpay asked taking a piece from her muffin and popping it into her mouth.


"Oh come on he's gorgeous, why won't you go out with him?"

"I don't even know him. I'm not going to go out with a complete stranger."

"Technically he's not a stranger Gabs." Taylor said and Sharpay nodded in agreement.

"Yeah you see him every morning, I think he deserves a date."

"He's nice and everything I'm just not looking for a boyfriend right now."

"Who said anything about boyfriend? Just use him for sex." Sharpay said casually and Taylor and Gabriella's eyes widened.

"Sharpay! One year old baby here!" Taylor said pointing to her daughter who was just sucking on her fingers.

"Oh she can't even understand, can you Molly?" Sharpay said tilting her head to the baby who just looked up at her with her big brown eyes. "See." She said shortly and Taylor rolled her eyes.

"Here you go ma'am." The waiter said placing her coffee in front of her and Gabriella smiled her thank and added some cream.

"I'm not going to use him for…" She stopped once she saw the look she got from Taylor "..for that." She looked at Taylor waiting for an approval Taylor smiled and shook her head letting out a small laugh.

"Why not, I would."

"Shar you have a boyfriend." Gabriela said. Sharpay was dating a close friend of hers. His name was Zeke. He was best friends with Taylor's husband Chad and owned a restaurant called Baylor's.

"I know, I mean If I didn't, and you don't so why don't you?" Sharpay said not really understanding her own sentence

"I happen to like my life the way it is. I don't need a man right now." She said confidently and Sharpay and Taylor rolled there eyes.

"Oh please, you my friend are a hopeless romantic. And hot photographer is totally into you." Gabriella felt herself blush and cleared her throat wanting to change the subject.

"Yeah, yeah. So how's the internship going Shar?" She asked stirring her coffee. Sharpay laughed knowing what she was doing but letting it slide.

"It's going really good I can't wait until I can start my own line, I'm learning so much."

"That's awesome Shar." They talked for a bit longer. After a while Taylor left because Molly was getting fussy and she wanted to put her down for a nap. Gabriella finished her coffee glancing at her watch.

"Crap I got to go, I'm supposed to fill out some shipment reports. I'm getting some daisies in tomorrow." Gabriella said excitedly and Sharpay laughed. That was Gabriella's favourite flower. They were simple but beautiful. She waved goodbye after setting some money down on the table.

"Bye Ella."

Gabriella walked down the streets of New York. She walked up the steps to her shop, unlocking the door and smiled at Hero who ran to meet her at the door. "Hey puppy." Gabriella said running her fingers through his soft fur. Hero was far from a puppy but Gabriella always called him that because he acted as if he was one. Hero just panted happy his owner was back. Gabriella went behind the curtain that was hanging from the door frame that was behind the desk taking the stairs up to her two bedroom apartment. The walls were painted a soft yellow and had soft white curtains draped over the windows and pink daisies were placed around the apartment here and there. She sat at her desk glancing at the clock seeing it was only around 4 o'clock. She started on her paper work hesitantly. She hated having to fill all this out but it was part of the job.

With Troy

Troy and his friend Jason were walking around the fall festival, Troy had to take pictures of the festival that was surrounded with trees that had turned beautiful colors like orange and brown.

"Dude your like border line stalker." Jason said and Troy laughed as he took a picture.

"Troy!" tiny voices yelled and Troy turned around to see two boys running at him.

"Hey guys." He said seeing Joshua who was 7 and Brandon who was 10. They were his co workers kids and were at the office quite a bit. They would hang out with Troy while their dad was busy. Every time they were there they would come and say hi and hang out with Troy while he analysed the pictures he had taken trying to decide which ones to present to his boss.

"Look at our turkeys! We made them over in the tent." Josh said and Troy smiled.

"Hey those are really good. Why don't you guys get together and I'll take a picture." The boy's eyes lit up and they held up their paper plate turkeys. Troy kneeled down taking a picture of them standing in front of the pumpkins.

"Are we gunna be in the newspaper Troy?" Brandon asked.

"I can't promise that you'll make it in the news paper, but i can promise I'll try my hardest to get you in okay?" He said holding out his pinky. The gave each other an exciting glance and linked their pinkies. They said goodbye saying they were going to go find their mom and dad.

"I didn't even know John was here." Jason said referring to Brandon and Josh's dad. Jason worked at the paper as well writing a sports column.

"Me either." Troy replied shaking his head. Something suddenly caught his eye and he smiled taking long strides to his destination. Jason looked at him confused before seeing where he was going. He rolled his eyes before following him.

"Come on man!"

"Hold on." Troy replied kneeling down in front of the flower. "Did you know daisies are Gabriella's favourite flower?" He said before taking a picture.

"Yes. And you know how I know? Because that was about the 100th time you told me that today." Jason replied looking at Troy who was squatting in front of the daisies that would soon be gone because of the bitter cold of winter. He turned his camera getting the picture in different lights and angles.

"Dude do you really need to take a picture of that?"

"Winters coming soon, I'm surprised its still even in bloom."

"Yeah, yeah lets just go okay? We still have a lot to cover. Mr. Berkley said he wanted us to cover the sack race."

"Okay, okay I'm done any way."

"How are you okay with getting rejected everyday?"

"Persistence is key my friend." He replied taking another picture of some of the kids playing.

"Well your 'persistence' is going to get you a restraining order." Jason replied and Troy just laughed.

"You wait Jase, I'm gunna marry that girl one day."

"What ever you say man."

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