Note: I was really busy this week and I only had a few hours of free time total. I finally got some time to write and I wanted to finish my story 'first class' and, of course, I got some serious writer's block. yay me. So I just brainstormed for a few minutes in an effort to get my creative juices flowing. I ended up with this. It didn't really help with my block for first class, but hey. Watcha gonna do? Anyway, just a little a Tiva stuff with McGee totally lost, confuse, and rightfully a little scared. Did I mention this is pretty short? If i didn't, I just wanted to say it is. That doesn't make sense actually....whatever. I'm tired. Go with it. Read and (hopefully)review.

He was, She was

Tony dropped his back and settled into his seat. Around him, his teammates continued working.

He glanced back and forth between them.

"Hey McGee, how was your night?"

The junior agent looked up.

"Uh...fine." Tony rarely asked him about his personal life unless he could use it as an excuse to dive into a tale of his own.

"Well, mine was crazy. My date was a total wildcat." He grinned his DiNozzo grin.

McGee sighed. There it was. He returned to his report.

At Tony's words, Ziva's eyes narrowed.

"McGee!" She called, her gaze never wavering from her partner. "Did I tell you that I also had a date last night?"

"No..." McGee's gaze flickered back and forth between Tony and Ziva. He had a feeling that he was no longer a part of this conversation.

Tony's brow furrowed in thought as he met Ziva's stare evenly.

"Mine was better. Much, much better." He finally broke the silence.

Ziva laughed.

"Ha, I doubt it."

"Really? We went to an extremely exclusive restaurant."

"We had a moonlit stroll on the beach."

"I had her practically eating out of my hand by desert."

"He was wrapped around my arm before the main course." Ziva shot back smugly.

"Finger Ziva. Finger."


"Forget it. She had half the men drooling after her."

"All of the women near us were throwing themselves at him."

"Did I mention the other half of the men were begging for her phone number? Literally. They were on their knees. It was very sad."

Ziva leaned over her desk, bracing herself with her arms.

"He was in my apartment by ten."

She smiled smugly. Tony's face hardened.

"Her dress hit the floor before I closed the door."

"We didn't get to sleep until three."

"We woke the neighbors. Twice."

Tony held up his index and middle fingers to prove his point.


"That was only the first half an hour."

Ziva glared at him.

"He was the wildest man I've been with. I have the bite marks to prove it."

"I have the scratches to prove she never stopped."

"He was voracious."

"She was insatiable."

"Really guys? Name calling?" McGee interrupted. "You should both just..." He trailed off. "I'll just keep working."

"Good call probie."

"Excellent Choice McGee."

The verbal warfare subsided for a few moments, but only a few.

"He made me breakfast in bed." Ziva smiled smugly, certain of her victory.

Meanwhile, McGee stifled a groan. This was never going to end.

"" Tony glared at the woman across from him.

"I'm seeing her again tonight." He finally managed to say. Ziva rolled her eyes.

"You are willing to say anything to win, are you not?"

At that moment, Gibbs passed by the bullpen.

"Gear up." He called in passing and continued towards the elevator.

McGee shot out of his desk. He really did not want to be stuck in an enclosed space with those two for any length of time.

As Tony headed towards the elevator, Ziva quickly stepped in front of him, blocking his path.

"This time," She began carefully, "we are going to your place." She whirled around and stalked in the direction the other half of their team had taken.

"Anything you say my ninja." He followed after her, grinning like an idiot.