By Pointy_Objects

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"…so, he wasn't an Olympic class swimmer?"


"And…he didn't want to join the Peace Corps?"

"I strongly doubt it…"

"And he-"

"Look, Olga!" Helga shouted, growing frustrated. "I have reason to believe that everything that he told you was one huge lie. Which doesn't surprise me because his name was Doug LeSham. Le Sham, Olga."

"I guess itmakes sense now that you put it like that." Olga said calmly. Helga nodded, appreciating that even though it was Olga that she was talking to, at least she was listening. She could just imagine trying to have this conversation with her parents.

"Sorry I waited so long to tell you." Helga said, actually meaning it. Olga was a nervous wreck for an entire two weeks after Doug left abruptly, and she concocted her grand lie, but she was unsure of how Olga would react a year later. Olga could either go to one extreme or the other. She could drown herself in blankets and fall into a downward spiral, or she could get over it in a millisecond.

"It's alright, Helga." she replied, placing a hand on her shoulder. "I just hope he's okay."

Helga's shoulders dropped as she looked upon her sister, dumbfounded.

"Are you serious?"

"Serious about what, Baby Sister?" Olga asked.

"You hope he's okay?!" she asked, standing up.

"Of course. He must have been in a very sad place to tell all those lies, just to get attention from our family, like that. And-

"Olga! This guy lied to you, and your parents, and your Baby Sister," Helga said, pointing to herself. "And did a really bad job at it, by the way, and you're wondering if he's okay?! You should be mad! You should be punching something, or someone!" she exclaimed.

"Helga," Olga said, in a somewhat chiding manner. "He's a human being, and we all make mistakes. Besides, getting angry doesn't solve anything. It's best to forgive and forget." she finished with a smile.

Helga's lip turned at her sister's syrupy sweet words, and she huffed her annoyance audibly. Clenching her fists, she turned from her sister and moved toward the doorway of the room.

"Where are you going, Helga?" Olga asked.

"Away from here!" Helga replied, turning back to her sister. "You're so…so…You're so nice!" she said before stomping down the hall and disappearing in her own room.

Olga had half a mind to ask her what she meant, but merely shrugged her shoulders and finished brushing her hair.

Yay! I love writing about Olga and Helga. They're such fun. I kind of wrote this to contrast how Olga deals with things, and as opposed to how Helga does. Sometimes Olga takes things very hard, but I kind of like the thought of her taking something that was seemingly terrible, really lightly. Where as Helga does the same thing, only to a different degree. Anyway, something similar to this happened to my sister and I, where someone did something to her, and I was really upset but she was very, "It's okay, things happen." about it. She's so's almost annoying. Hope you enjoyed this!