09/11/2008 00:06:00

There really is no point to this thing that I'm doing right now. My first one-shot. I'm surprised it's not a romance but you know how I am…Anyway, I got this idea when I was passing notes in class. Ummm…set before the events in bleach.

Disclaimer: I don't own bleach.

This is in notes, not speech just to make it clear and it happens in a particularly boring meeting with the captains and vice-captains. Hope you enjoy.

Gin: Psst, Ran.

Ran: Don't distract me-I'm listening.

G: Why not, he's talking about the second division, it's not like you need to pay attention anyway.

R: Wait, he's talking about what? And here I was looking so interested.

G: You got sprung girl.

R: Shut up.

Kyoraku: Sup?

R: Nothing. Captains should pay attention. That includes you, Gin.

G: No fair.

K: Yeah, why should we pay more attention than you?

R: Coz Toshirou will fill me in later.

Hitsugaya: Like hell I will.

R: Kids shouldn't swear.

H: Grown women shouldn't pass notes in meetings.

R: Touché.

K: Who's gonna fill you in now Ran-chan?

R: I think it's more who's going to fill you in?

G: The woman has a point.

R: Thank you.

K: Too bad she forgot Nanao-chan.

Nanao: Who forgot me?

K: Responsible vice-captains pay attention to meetings.

N: Only so their good-for-nothing captains don't have to. And anyway, they're talking about third division.

G: Shit!

RKNH: Haha, sucks to be you.

G: Not really since he just asked you a question Hitsugaya.

H: Fuck.

GR: Kids shouldn't swear.

H: F***

K: Better.

Shuhei: Leave me out of the conversation why don't ya?

Isane: They have a reason for leaving you out, why me?

S: What reason?

I: You suck.

S: Do not!

I: Do too.

S: Do not!

IHGRNK: Do too.

S: Shut up.

H: Quick, he's looking over here.

Byakuya: You do realise that what you're doing is morally wrong.

R: You say that with a straight face.

B: Technically it's a straight pencil since I wrote it.

R: You have no idea what you just said do you?

B: Only those with twisted minds would reach that conclusion.

K: How interesting that we're all blocking images from our minds at this moment.

N: Hitsugaya's going red.

R: OMG! How cute!!!


Abarai: Why does this side of the room suddenly have their eyes closed?

B: Because the lot of them have twisted minds.

A: You're passing notes, Kuchiki-taichou?

B: You know how to read, Renji?

A: -_-


N: You guys spend too much time on the internet.

B: Only because of mangafox.

N: :-O

R: Traitor. I use onemanga.

G: As if. I've seen Naruto up the top of your screen many a time missy.

H: Usually when she's meant to be doing work.

R: Only then. I have better things to do in my free time.

N: I've heard of that.

G: It's called having Kira as your vice-captain.

B: Or Renji.

H: It's called threatening Matsumoto with rehab.

N: It's called hiding Kyoraku-taichou's sake.

KR: It's called being mean.

A: You deserve it.

I: I love Unohana-taichou so much.

S: Only coz she makes tea.

I: She gives me biscuits too.

S: Well la-de-dah miss well-fed.

Yamamoto: What an interesting conversation. Might I suggest that next time you try to ignore an important meeting you do it in a room that doesn't have mirrors behind you.

R: Sir we were-

Y: I won't listen to anyone who doesn't use mangafox. It goes against my principles.


So, just a bit of randomness on my part. Haha, you may have guessed I'm a mangafox girl. :P