Okay, so I know this started out as a one-shot and I know that I'm meant to be updating my other story but I suddenly realised that this would be a little more fun then staring at a blank document for three hours. Anyway, this is just a random ficlet from around the start of the arrancar arc. Tousen's talking in a meeting and the rest of the espada and our two fav traitors are getting a little bored. Again, passing notes.

Grimmjow: Hey, Ulquiorra. Guess who I saw in the world of the living when I last went there.

Ulquiorra: You mean when you got your ass handed to you on a plate by some random shinigami.

Grimmjow: You wanna fight me tough guy?

Ulquiorra: Simply stating a fact.

Grimmjow: Fuck off.

Ulquiorra: So who did you meet?

Grimmjow: Not telling anymore.

Ulquiorra: You're acting like a child.

Gin: Well he is only 6 months old.

Ulquiorra: So am I and yet…

Grimmjow: Shouldn't you be paying attention Ichimaru?

Gin: Shouldn't you? I've heard it all before.

Grimmjow: So? You should listen to your fellow traitor.

Gin: That hurts.

Ulquiorra: Technically we don't have to listen since he's simply repeating what he said last time.

Grimmjow/Gin: JUSTICE FOR THE WIN!!!

Ulquiorra: Very mature.

Grimmjow: I try my best pansy ass.

Gin: I laugh because you called him a pansy when you have no chance of living when he chooses to kill you.

Ulquiorra: Why would I kill trash?

Aizen: Why do you call my inventions trash?

Grimmjow: Wait, Aizen-sama. Why aren't you listening?

Aizen: Who do you think had to sit through fifty years of talks with Tousen as he justified himself to me and tried to make me walk the path of righteousness.

Ulquiorra: Gin?

Aizen/Gin/Grimmjow: He made a joke….Oh. My. Aizen-sama.

A/N: Aizen didn't write Aizen-sama. He just said Oh. My.

Ulquiorra: This is what happens when I try to be part of the comedy. People laugh.

Grimmjow: That doesn't make sense.

Aizen: I think he means they laugh for the wrong reason.

Gin: Haha, Grimmjow's dumb.

Grimmjow: Haha, at least I can open my eyes and not have everyone stare.

Gin: Coz yours aren't as pretty as mine.

Grimmjow: Are too!

Aizen: And you called Ulquiorra a pansy.

Grimmjow: Shut the fuck up!

Aizen: Who needs a sexta espada?

Gin/Ulquiorra: Not me.

Aizen: To the execution room!

Grimmjow: Ah, fuck.

Aizen: After Kaname stops talking of course.

Grimmjow: Yes! I get to live for another four hours!

Aizen: Good point.

At this point Tousen raises his head, unsheathes his sword and says:

"Suzumushi Tsuishiki: Enma Kōrogi"

Complete darkness permeated the room. Tousen's voice was the only sound anyone heard.

"Just because I'm blind doesn't mean I can't hear you writing. Now, back to what I was saying…"

Aizen suddenly thought of a better punishment for Grimmjow. Leave him alone in a room with Kaname for a while. The blue haired arrancar would never disobey him again.

Hmmm…didn't turn out as well as I wanted it to. Oh well, I wrote it in like ten minutes so it'll have to do. Check out my other fic Fighting Girl. Anyway…R&R my minions!