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"Take care, Tsukamoto-san..."

"No!!! Karasuma-kun!"


She was dreaming again, though in her heart she longed for it to be real, it just couldn't...


It's been a year since he passed away, an unforgettable and painful year for Tenma Tsukamoto, since her beloved Karasuma Oji died.

Since the day after his burial, she couldn't stop crying, longing for him to return. She kept dreaming of him. He was so alive in her dreams, but as she wakes up, her heavy heart greets her, telling her that he's already gone. She just can't accept it yet, everyday for the twelve months that had passed, she kept praying to God to let all of it be just a dream, a nasty nightmare that she wants to wake up from already. It made her friends worry, especially Harima, the guy who promised Karasuma that he'd take care of Tenma for him after he dies, but, no one could stop the pain in Tenma's heart. To her, dreams are just so real.


"Karasuma-kun..." Tenma sobbed as she carefully placed his picture in her hand from her side table.

She continued to cry, it was in the middle of the night that it woke her sister Yankumo up. She decided to get a cup of water for her big sister and walked silently to her room.

"Drink up onee-san," she said as she handed her the cup,

"Thanks... Yankumo, I still dream of him..." Tenma said, as she buried her head softly in her little sister's chest.

Hugging her tightly, she wiped her eyes that were already swollen from crying.

"I know onee-san, I know..." she replied as she too, looked at Karasuma's picture from Tenma's pale hands,

"It hurts so much Yankumo... He's still alive here in my heart... In my dreams, we're always together, side by side, but when I wake up, it's all just a dream, and it hurts a lot, to know that I can never hug him or talk to him ever again..." Tenma continued to say as more tears filled her eyes, making Yankumo worry even more for her big sister, who still couldn't move on from Karasuma's death.

The old Tenma, the girl who was undeniably giddy, high spirited, used to laugh a lot, joke around, and was an idiot at times, had changed. The girl who used to have high hopes in getting what she wanted, now always give up so easily and cry whenever she can't take something anymore. The brute-like, but kind-hearted Harima was always there for her, but even he couldn't comfort her. Karasuma's death was just too much for her. They were in their final year in high school when Karasuma's body finally gave up. Everyone in 3-C was there when he breathed his last, and it was Tenma who was right beside him in his deathbed, punching his chest hoping to revive him. Everyone in the room couldn't help but feel sorry for her, some weren't able to bear the feeling of melancholy anymore that they immediately rush outside the door and continued to cry there. Silence filled the room when the doctor covered Karasuma's body.

"I still have things I wanted you to teach me Nijo-o!" the tearful Harima said out loud, even if he knew Karasuma wouldn't hear it anymore.

Everyone in the room couldn't help but think how secretive was Karasuma all that time. Behind his eccentric and emotionless face was a serious and thoughtful Karasuma Oji after all. He kept his illness a secret from everyone for three solid years, until Yankumo made him confess one day.

"Go back to sleep onee-san," Yankumo whispered to Tenma,

"Okay... You too, I'm sorry for waking you up at this time of night, thanks again Yankumo, I'm really happy, and so lucky to have a wonderful and nice sister like you," Tenma replied, smiling weakly at her little sister who really felt sad to see her big sister still in pain.

"It's okay, I understand, hehe, yeah, I feel the same too, I'm lucky as well to have such a loving sister like you. Good night onee-san," Yankumo replied as she stood up, and exited Tenma's room.

She was all alone in her empty room again.

She went back under her covers again, gently closing her teary eyes, letting the cold tears flow from her cheeks, she begged him to let her sleep.


"Ohayo onee-san!" exclaimed Yankumo, who playfully rolled Tenma in her bed,

"Hey, you should wake up or we're gonna be late for school!" she said once again to her big sister who still didn't move or respond in her cover,

"I cooked your favorite today," she tried getting her attention, which she probably thought would work if she lured her using Tenma's favorite food.

She heard her giggle from underneath the bedsheets.

"Why you little!" Yankumo giggled as Tenma rose from the sheets, still wearing that same old weak smile that started after that day.

"Thank you sis," Tenma suddenly said which made Yankumo surprised,

"You really don't need to keep thanking me Tenma, it's me who should be saying that to you, you've done more for me in your own little ways, and I can't thank you enough for that, you're the only family that I have now," Yankumo replied, helping Tenma up from the floor.

Before they could proceed to the dining room, the phone rang.

"Wonder who's calling this early," Tenma said to Yankumo who nodded in response to her,

"I'll get it, you go ahead to the kitchen,"

Tenma nodded and went on to eat breakfast first. She quickly went to the living room to answer the phone. On the other line, she could hear the caller breathing heavily.

"Who's this?" she asked,

"It's me Harima!"

"Oh, is there something you need from onee-san?" she asked making Harima breath more heavily on the other line,

"Yes, that's exactly what I was going to say! How'd you know???"

"Silly, it's pretty obivious whenever you call here, anyway, what is it that you need from her? You should say it quickly before all three of us will be late for school,"

"Okay okay! Well, to be quite honest actually... Hrmm... How should I say this? Well uhh, here it goes anyway... Karasuma's mom called me yesterday..." he said, choking a bit because of his nervousness,

"What? Why?"

"She said he left something... Something for Tenma..."

Little did Yankumo know that Tenma was listening to her conversation with Harima all that time. Harima was talking a little bit loud on the phone that Tenma was able to hear his voice clearly. She quickly made her way to the living room to steal the phone from her little sister.

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