"What is it that he left?" Tenma said as she was able to grab the phone from Yankumo,

"Hello? Is that you Tenma?" Harima asked on the other line,

"Yes it's me! So, what is it that he left???" she asked with a tingling voice,

"I think it's better if I just show to you at school okay? So eat up breakfast first and we'll meet there," Harima advised,

"Okay then..."

Tenma was silent for a while. She kept thinking of what Karasuma could have left for her.

"Are you okay there?" Harima asked worriedly,

"Yeah, I'm fine, just spaced out there for a moment… Anyway, thank you, Harima-kun…" she said, tears falling down from her cheeks, which Yankumo was able to see,

"No problem Tenma-chan, okay, I should go now, you should too, or we'll be late again! I'll see you in school!" Harima exclaimed which produced a slight smile on Tenma's lips.

She put down the phone, and proceeded to the table and silently ate her breakfast. Yankumo just followed her and ate her food as well. The two took bath in turns and proceeded to school.

While they were walking, Yankumo couldn't help but talk first to her sister to break the silence in them.

"So, what did Karasuma leave for you?" she asked while kicking some stones on the way,

"I don't know too... Harima said that I'll know at school, so, let's hurry up!" Tenma said trying to look happy in front of Yankumo, but, her eyes were obviously full of questions.

Yankumo just nodded, and the two of them continued walking.

As they reached the school, and to their separate classrooms, Tenma was greeted by a giddy Harima who was carrying something in his hand.

"Good morning Harima," Tenma greeted, her eyes were glued on the thing in Harima's hand,

"Ohayo too Tenma-chan! Oh, before I forget, here it is," he said, handing her the thing which was covered with a white cloth.

Without hesitations, Tenma immediately removed the white cloth covering the 'thing' that Karasuma left behind for her. It was a little wooden chest, it even had a tiny lock on it which Tenma noticed.

"This needs a key right?" she turned to Harima,

"Yeah, and I have it here," he said handing the small key to Tenma.

She carefully opened it. Before she could got hold of the tiny 'thing' that was also wrapped in a white cloth, a cold gust of wind brushed against her cheeks, and the wind was like kissing her gently, as if it was full love and excite.

"Is it you Karasuma-kun?" she thought to herself, smiling as she unveiled the object that was inside the wooden chest.

Beneath the covers was a small, card-like thing. It had something written on it, but would need a magnifier to read.

"Does anyone have a magnifier?" she asked around to her classmates,

"Here, I have one," the silent, but 'always ready' Akira said to her handing the large magnifier.

"Thanks Akira, I can always count on you," she said receiving the incredibly big magnifier from Akira who just nodded and smiled in response to Tenma.

Before she would read the inscriptions in the tiny card in her hand, she returned back to her seat to be able to concentrate. She carefully placed the magnifier over it, and it read:

You're probably wondering why I had to make these words so small,

And I'm probably gone when you're reading this, Tsukamoto-san,

It's just now that I found it incredibly hard to say these things,

But anyway, I'll just say it. I love you, if only there were words,

Enough to describe these feelings of mine for you Tsukamoto-san,

Though I never let it be clear to you that I liked you a lot,

I did, so much in fact that I always wanted to be near you at times,

But, this illness of mine, if only this was just another nightmare,

I would ask your hand, because the thing I long that most is to be with you,

I know that I may not be that obvious, but I do love you Tsukamoto-san,

That I hid my illness from you, because I don't want to see tears in your eyes,

I'm using my last ounce of strength to write this letter to you,

Because I know I can't be with you anymore after writing this,

But my love will always linger around you, no matter where you are,

And I know that I'll be in heaven soon, but, even if I'm there,

I'll still miss you.


Everyone noticed Tenma in tears.

She kept reading the last line over and over again, more tears came running down in her cheeks. Harima couldn't stand the site of it, he wanted so bad to go to her and comfort her, but he knew that she'd be fine on her own.

Tenma returned the small letter to the wooden chest and closed it. She closed her eyes and thought of his face, his smile, everything about him. Eri, Mikoto, and Akira couldn't help but smile altogether because their friend finally smiled, this time, a real smile, it wasn't weak or shallow anymore, but a warm, loving smile.

Their adviser, Ms. Masami, was observing her class all that time, and she understood Tenma very well, since she had the same experience during her high school days. When she entered, the whole class was surprised, but she just smiled and proceeded up front.

"Good morning everyone!" she said with an overly happy voice,

"Good morning too Ms. Masami," the students replied,

"So, is everyone fine today?" she said, looking over at Tenma who was just sighing in her seat.

But Tenma noticed that the whole class was looking at her and was first to say,

"We're fine!"

They were relieved to say her smiling again, everyone was hoping that the old Tenma would be back again.

The class ended and everybody headed for home, Tenma met up with Yankumo at the stairs.

"So how were you today onee-san?" she asked her big sister who was still wearing her bright smile again,

"I'm fine! Really fine!" she replied, showing a jump to prove it.

Yankumo just smiled and the two walked home.

When they passed by the park, Tenma noticed the wonderful sunset.

"Nee, it looks so beautiful huh?" Tenma said which made Yankumo just nodded in agreement.

The two stopped there for a while to sit on the swing, just like when they were little. Tenma closed her eyes again, as the bright rays of the sun entered her eyes. Even if it was particularly hot that afternoon, she felt a cold gust of wind caressing her shoulders again.

"I can feel you, Karasuma-kun... I know that you're watching over me from there in the heavens... Whenever I feel the wind, it feels like it's you. I just want to let you know, that I miss you... So much..."

The two sisters continued to watch the beautiful sunset, remembering every detail of it.

And Karasuma? He's up there, watching over his beloved Tenma.

Wee! I know it sucks a bit, I wanted it to be dramatic, but all the important words which I wanted to be in this story seemed to have been flushed down the toilet lol, but anyway, I'll revise this sometime and make it more dramatic xD! Thanks for reading, and please review! :D