Amongst The Bookshelves

The moment he set eyes on the contents of the futuristic building, he didn't know whether to be excited by the possibilities of what he could learn or frustrated that the hidden treasures he'd predicted were nowhere to be seen.

Where he'd pictured computers and technology that made Earth's seem primitive were instead floor to ceiling shelves holding books of all shapes and sizes. Some of the books appeared to be bound by man, others by machine. They varied in age: a length of books sporting yellowed pages caught his attention.

"It's a library," he said aloud, more to himself than his friends whom were trailing in beside and behind him. He gingerly touched the spine of one of the ancient looking books. His fingers came away dusty.

"It is," Teyla agreed, inclining her head slightly. "It appears that the people who live here prefer books to technology. Perhaps they believe as many others do that technology can be harmful and is an unnecessary risk."

"You're talking about Wraith, right?" Rodney put in, even as John opened his mouth to undoubtedly ask the same thing.

"I am. It is well known that the Wraith tend to target the more technologically advanced."

"So they limit their technology to stay under the radar," Elizabeth added.

"Yes," Teyla agreed. She offered Rodney a crooked smile as he nodded towards the back of the library. "Excuse me," she said to the others before moving off to follow him past the shelves centring the room in an almost maze-like fashion to where he'd gestured.

"What is it, Rodney?" she asked him softly when they were out of earshot.

Rodney's face flushed red and he grinned nervously at her, hands wringing restlessly in front of him. "I…well…to be honest," he said, "I've always wanted to, uh, make out with a girl in the back of a library."

Eyes widening in realisation, Teyla nodded slowly. "Did you have a particular girl in mind for this?" she enquired.

"I…no. I don't. Didn't. Don't."

"You don't?" Teyla offered a confused smile.

"Well, uh," Rodney managed to say. "Since you're here and you're a girl – and I like you, of course, a lot – would you want to, maybe...?"

For a moment, Teyla stared back at him, bewildered. "Me?" She took a step towards him when he nodded. She chewed on her bottom lip. "Okay."

They edged closer to each other, wearing nervous expressions.

Rodney could all too soon feel Teyla's breath mingle with his own and a strand of her hair brushed his cheek. His hands automatically went to cup her face and then he was kissing her fiercely, his nerves forgotten. Even more surprisingly, she was deepening the kiss rather than breaking away.

It ended quickly and Rodney was momentarily disappointed that he hadn't thought to push Teyla up against the bookshelf. He had often daydreamed about such a situation. His concern evaporated when she did the pushing.

"This," she told him between kissing him some more and panting, "we should have tried a long time ago."

He couldn't form an answer to respond with so just nodded.

They really should have.