Baby it's Cold Outside

"I have to go." Jackie said as she started to get out of bed.

Hyde grabbed on to her waist and pulled her back down saying, "It's to cold."

Jackie giggled and tried to get out of Hyde's grasp. "Of course it's cold. It's the middle of winter."

Hyde put his face in the nape of her neck and muttered, "I don't want you walking home in the snow. Besides you're perfectly fine right here, in my bed, naked."

Jackie giggled and got out of his grasp. She heard Hyde sigh and she said, "My mom will get suspicious. So will Eric, Mr. Forman, and Mrs. Forman…I don't want to, but I have to go."

Hyde watched as she ran about the room to find her clothes. He loved when he was alone with her. She acted like herself around him, and only him. She was really a huge fan of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and ACDC. He loved that she knew about Joy Division too. Donna didn't even know who they were. He even found out that she really hated shopping and make up. She even told him her real thoughts about marriage. That it was the only thing to do when you're drunk, if you're trapped, or if you found your soul mate and loved them unconditionally. He was also surprised when he found out how smart Jackie really is. She only told him that she got a better SAT score then Donna did. (Which was 1230 I think) After Hyde did a bit of persuading to make her tell him, she did. Hyde was shocked to find out that Jackie got a 1350 score on her SATs.

Hyde walked over to his record player and put on 'Baby it's Cold Outside.'

Hyde walked over to Jackie and put his arms around her waist from behind and whispered the lyrics in her ear as they played.

"Is this your way of telling me to stay? Cause I got to tell you, it's very…Cheesy." Jackie giggled as she tried to fix her shirt. All the while Hyde was distracting her with his singing in her ear.

"Damn him and his sexy voice…Come on Jackie, you got to stay strong. He can't win this time." She thought to herself while trying to ignore the feeling of Hyde's hot breath near her ear.

"But baby it's cold outside." He sung in her ear quietly as she shivered slightly against him.

Jackie walked to Hyde's dresser and got out one of his shirts while putting hers in the bottom drawer. He gave Jackie her own drawer because she spends a lot of nights in his place, and she needs a new outfit for the next day so they wouldn't get caught.

You see, Jackie and Hyde have a secret relationship. When they're around every one else they act like they hate each other, but when they're alone they are really affectionate towards each other. They never thought that their friends would approve, and Jackie thought it best to keep it secret because Hyde and Jackie both have reputations to uphold. She's a cheerleader and he's a rebel. Even though Jackie's only a cheerleader because her mom makes her do it. Hyde was the only person she told about her true self. They both acted completely different around each other then they do with other people.

She put on her favorite Led Zeppelin shirt that went right down to her thighs. Hyde stared at her in hungry manner.

"How do you expect me to let you go when you're wearing that, and only that?" Hyde said as he walked up behind her and put his arms around her tight, again.

Jackie giggled and slapped at his hands around her torso and said, "Steven. You have to let me go. People will start to suspect something, and Donna is already noticing the ring line on my finger."

"As your fiancé, (I bet you didn't see that one coming) I forbid you to leave…You already used that when you made me help Eric with his stupid Donna problems. Now it's my turn, so stay." Hyde said as picked Jackie up off her feet and walked backwards with her to his bed.

Jackie was on her back against Hyde's chest, so she turned around to face him. She looked into his eyes and said, "So, when are we actually going to tell them. I mean, graduation is next month." (In this story Jackie is the same age as everyone and they are going to graduate together)

"I was kinda thinking of breaking it to them gently. Telling them that I was drunk, and that you tricked me into marrying you." Hyde said with obvious sarcasm.

Jackie giggled and slapped his chest in attempt to get him to be serious. "I'm serious Steven. It's bad enough that I can't even wear the ring in public. And I know you won't actually tell them the real story of how you proposed to me."

Hyde smiled as he remembered how he proposed to Jackie. It was about a month ago


Jackie snuck out of her house and met up with Hyde outside of the Formans garage. "I am so excited to see Alice Cooper. He is like a god. You know, it's a good thing that Donna, Eric, Michael, and Fez are all afraid of Alice Cooper." Jackie after she walked over to Hyde and gave him a quick kiss.

Hyde smiled nervously and said, "Yeah. Alice Cooper is awesome."

Jackie noticed he was nervous and said, "Steven, are you ok? You seem nervous."

For the first time ever, Hyde used his Zen when they were alone to hide his nervousness. "No I'm fine."

Jackie smiled at him and gave him a long and meaningful kiss. Hyde responded to it and deepened it. They stayed like that for a few minutes, just kissing.

"Ok. We're gonna be late if we don't leave right now." Jackie said after reluctantly breaking the kiss.

Hyde smiled at her and opened her door in a mocking gentlemen way. "Madam."

Jackie laughed, jokingly curtsied and said, "Thank you sir."

Hyde chuckled and closed the door after she got in.

He walked to his side of the door, but stopped right before he opened it. He checked his pocket for the little black box in it. Hyde sighed and thought, "Ok. This is it. Relax Hyde, be Zen man. Zen."

He shook his head hoping to get rid of his nerves. He opened the door and looked at Jackie for a few seconds.

"What?" Jackie asked with a smile.

Hyde just smiled and said, "You're beautiful."

He would only be a sappy gut when he was around her. And he hated that she had that effect on him. She didn't even care if he didn't say "I love you" all the time, or give her presents. In fact, Hyde gave Jackie a pair of earrings for there ten month anniversary.

She didn't even ask for anything. Jackie really threw away all the presents she got from people, except Hyde. She got him some new aviator glasses because his old ones were getting scratched up. She didn't want him to throw them away because she loved those glasses.

Anyways. On the way to the concert they talked about the Pink Floyd movie that was coming out in a next month. It was a nice conversation, and Hyde was glad that she wanted to go with him to see it.

When they got to the concert, they were glad that they weren't late. Hyde took Jackie's hand and they went inside.

Jackie was really excited and she tried her best to hide it. She did pretty well, until the concert started. Alice Cooper came out with a giant skeleton behind him. They played one of Jackie's favorite songs of there's and she was screaming in joy. Hyde watched her in amusement.

"Hello Point Place. It's great to be here. We just played Feed My Frankenstein. I hope you in joy the concert.

An hour later the concert was almost over. "You guys have been a great audience, we're gonna play our favorite song to end this great night. It's called Poison." Alice Cooper said as they started Jackie's favorite song.

"This is it. Ok. Here it goes." Hyde thought to himself as he patted the box in his pocket. He watched her for a second as had her eyes closed and was moving her head in a daze.

"Jackie." Hyde said as she turned to him with a smile.

"Yeah?" She asked with a smile as she slowly opened her eyes.

Hyde took off his glasses looked at her with nervous showing every where. "I love you."

Jackie smiled at him and said, "I love you too…Are you sure you're ok? You've been nervous since 'School's out for the Summer' and that's one of you're favorite songs."

Hyde took his hand in his and said, "Remember when you told me that people should get married unless they have to, or they found their soul mate."

Jackie looked at him with a skeptical look and said, "Yeah."

"I'm pretty sure that you're my soul mate. You're the coolest and most awsomest girl I have ever met." Hyde said while looking into her eyes intently.

Jackie looked at him confused and asked, "Steven what are getting at?"

Hyde took a box out of his pants pocket and said, "What I'm getting at is…"

Jackie went wide eyed and gasped slightly when Hyde got down on one knee and said, "Jackie. Will you marry me?"

Hyde opened the box to reveal a ring with a gold band and a single diamond stone on it.

Jackie stared down at the ring in awe and then looked back at Hyde and said, "Oh my god…Yes… Or course I'll marry you Steven."

Hyde smiled at her and his nervousness disappeared when he put the ring on Jackie's finger. "I thought you would say no because the ring didn't have a huge diamond on it."

Jackie smiled and said, "I love it. It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Well…Second best." She said while looking at Hyde with a smirk on her face.

Hyde chuckled and said, "I know this wasn't very romantic or anything though." He looked over at the band playing as they were almost finished with their last song of the night.

"No…Steven this is the only place I would ever want to become engaged. This is so romantic, and it's during my favorite song." Jackie said as she put her arms around Hyde's neck.

Hyde smirked and kisses her passionately while everyone around them was screaming in joy as Alice Cooper was finishing his last note to the song that Jackie and Hyde would remember forever.

End of Flashback:

Hyde smirked as he remembered their first night engaged.

Jackie slapped him on the chest and said, "I know what that smirk is for. That might have been an awesome night. But I never got to ask you this one question."

Hyde looked at her with a little smile and said, "Ask away."

Jackie laid her head on his chest and asked, "Why did you think I would say no because the ring wasn't very big?"

Hyde raised his eyebrows and said, "I wasn't expecting that. But, I thought that you wanted a big ring with a huge diamond on because that's what you tell everyone."

Jackie looked at him confused and said, "Steven. I make all my jewelry. I only said that because everyone was around and I had to keep them thinking that I'm spoiled…I love it."

Hyde looked at her for a moment before saying, "You know. I just can't get the picture of you wearing the ring and…nothing else out of my head. That night was awesome."

Jackie slapped him on the chest again and said, "Yeah, yeah. Keep dreaming."

Hyde looked at her almost challenging her and said, "You can't resist me."

Jackie went dangerously close to his face and said, "You can't resist me either."

Right before her lips were going to touch his, she moved them quickly to his neck and started giving it feathery like kisses.

Hyde groaned and flipped them over so that he was on top. He pinned her arms down on the bed and smiled evilly at her.

"Again Steven? This would be the third time tonight. Usually it's just two. What's up with you today?" Jackie asked as put on a sexy look that made Hyde want to kiss her until her lips were bruised.

Hyde smirked at her and said, "What can I say baby. You're hot and awesome…and I'm sorry, but it's kind of hard to resist you."

Jackie giggled and kissed Hyde soundly but it was quickly deepened by Hyde.

The rest of the night was filled with moans and groans. When it was over, Jackie and Hyde fell asleep on top of one another. Unaware that the next morning they would have to explain every thing from the very beginning and some people would be mad.