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I've received permission from the wonderful author, Lnzy1, to write a side story to her story, Domestic Liberation. If you haven't read it yet, I highly recommend that you should since it is kick-aft and very well written. Those who like relationships between humans and transformers or are suckers for "the human pet" factor will adore this story. I can't guarantee that it'll be as well written as her stories, but I'll do my best to make it as believable as possible.

Disclaimer: I do not own the transformers. If I did, I wouldn't be on this site now, would I? But then again, if I did, my storyline would probably suck…big time… ^_^' But Jazz would still be alive. I think that is an upside! And should any certain characters are noticed, they belong to Lnzy1.

Anyway, here it is: Gradual Subjugation


March 19th, 2007

Mom forgot to turn off the teapot again. Only this time, the water had long boiled out and melted to the burners. This happened while I was at school. Nothing too big a deal, had we not been broke. So I paid for a new one, since mom wouldn't receive her paycheck until Friday and I had burned the last teapot. It must be a hereditary thing or something.

Click… click… click

"Mr. Roe, you in danger of failing my class. I suggest you pay attention."

Amy chuckled a bit when the dirty blonde unsteadily raised his head from the desk top, propping one arm under his chin and letting out an audible groan. Mr. Chester glowered down at the boy before continuing down the row of desks. "If you wanted to sleep, then you should have chosen a different class. I'm not like Mrs. Vrenner, who allows children to sleep and get points knocked off. This is an honors Physics and if you continue to lay your head down-which is against my third policy- in my class, you'll have to explain to your parents why you received the grade you get on your report card."

The balding man returned to the board, grabbing the small blue chalk piece and finishing the objective set for the class of seniors and juniors. Nigel let out a small yawn before pulling out his cell phone, hiding it behind the width of the desk before texting to another student, the teacher fully oblivious to his actions.

Amy shook her head as she looked back up to the board, twiddling her blue pen between her fingers as she dazedly glanced at the very neat cursive on the board, one only a Science and English teacher could master. After a few seconds, he finally placed his chalk down before glancing around the room, grabbing a grade book and a pencil before his eyes landed on the sixteen-year-old girl. "Ms. Richmond, will you please read the objective aloud to the class?"

Amy tilted her head up just a bit, allowing her arm to retreat from cheek. "Students will be able to apply their knowledge of Thermodynamics in this experiment in order to prepare for the upcoming exam."

"Very good," Mr. Chester replied, adding participation points onto her grade, "We will have a lab today you guys to see how much you know on thermodynamics and to see if you guys were paying attention. But, first we have to do the drill. Niko, do problem number one on the board. Erin, number two. Kelsey, number three. Nigel, number four."

Amy watched as her neighbor grunted before pushing his chair back and rising to his feet. Picking up the drill paper in his left hand while placing his phone in his pants pocket in another, he stalked towards the board passing the rows three rows in front of him.

Three minutes passed when Erin-who had to double-check his problem when he spotted a mistake- sat down, Mr. Chester looked back up at the board looking at the problems. He let out a sound in contemplation before looking at the class of twenty-two teenagers. "Numbers one and two are correct. Kelsey, you forgot to divide and Nigel…your answer is correct, but you didn't show the work for it. Can the both of you please return to the board and finish?"

Yet again, after about a minute and a half had passed, the two finally were able to return to their seats, with there re-advised answers on the board. Mr. Chester grabbed his pencil before scribbling back in his grade book. "Ah, excellent."

Amy looked at her partner, giving him a small smile. "You cheated off my paper didn't you?"

Nigel smirked. "Everyone knows I never do my own work."

Amy stumbled on a rock before regaining her balance.

"I saw that."

Turning her head, she spotted a raven-haired girl with purple contacts who stood a shoulder taller than her. She let out a small chuckle as the newcomer caught up to the short chestnut blue-streaked haired girl. "What's up Mannie?"

The aforementioned girl, who was still chuckling, looked up. "Nothin' much. Cept' Mr. Graff had kicked Tony out of his class for getting caught with his cell phone on in Precalc. Plus a referral for talking back. "

Amy sucked her teeth a little. "Tch! Tony always gets in trouble in every class. I don't think he's ever actually done his work either. Madame Harpner almost had him suspended for hassling Riva in French class like, several days ago."

"Oh yeah, that reminds me. Guess what happened over there?" Mannie asked, pointing towards the small playground beside the sidewalk they were on. There was a "DO NOT CROSS" line surrounding the border of the gates. Amy tilted her head a bit. "What happened?"

"The kids that used to play there went missing!"


"They were all Madame Harpner's neighbors' kids too. She told us in our class, but not yours?"

Amy shook her head. "She told us that something happened around her neighborhood, but didn't tell us everything. How many kids went missing?"

"Eleven. One of them is Darrell."

Amy's head snapped up and to the taller friend, a look of incredulousness placed upon her face. "Darrell!? As in, the 9-year-old, pain-in-the-anus Darrell!? The one who pissed off that old lady down the street!?"

Mannie laughed. "Yeah, that Darrell. Oh my gosh Amy, you don't like him at all do you?"

Amy snorted. "That little monkey keeps on insulting me whenever the bus passes by. I hate little kids these days. They are just so bratty and think they own the place. He loves to just piss me off. So anyway, you were saying…?"

"Right, so anyway, the kids at the playground all went missing on Friday evening around five o'clock and they don't have any proof who took them. Some dude said he saw a kid running, but he didn't know if he was one of them around the area. I saw it on the news Saturday morning. They said they found a dart or tranquilizer like thing, but there were no DNA traces on it."

"Oh wow. Mannie, we're gonna have to start taking the long way home. That sounds like scary stuff to me." Amy said while shaking her head as the two picked up the pace on the concrete.

"I know right. I asked mom if she could pick me up from school today, just in case, but she said she wouldn't be able to leave work on time, so I have to walk with someone or ride with Montez or Chelsea. If the kidnappers do show up, I won't even look back. I'll drop my stuff, abandon you and make a run for it!"

Amy laughed. "Oh wow, abandon me?"

Mannie chuckled. "Yep! I'd be like 'See ya' later Amy, I'm gonna miss you!' and go. Psych, Amy. I'm just kiddin'. I'd never do that to you."

"Naw, I'd probably do that. 'So long buddy!' and dip into the bush right there." Amy said, pointing to the small evergreen bush which was next to a mailbox. "Not really…"

"Anyways, no one's seen them or saw any traces of them whatsoever. Barbara said she had passed by the area like several minutes before when she was going to work, but didn't see anything suspicious. And the news also said like a bunch a kids and people on the street went missing as well. Some homeless dude that lives on Bridgebrook Avenue also went missing too."

Amy stopped walking as she stood in front of the green mailbox labeled "RICHMOND" in bright yellow letters on the side. "Mannie, you'll have to call me when I get off of work at nine. I gotta tell Andrew he won't be able to go to the park today until they find out what is going on. See ya' Mannie!"

The raven haired girl adjusted her glasses before waving back, a smile on her face. "See ya' Amy!"

And with that, Amy opened the compartment of her mailbox and withdrew the stack of letters and magazines before sauntering inside the house.

"What the…?"

Amy dropped her book bag as her mom walked over to the adolescent. "Hello Amy."

"Uh…hi mom…" the girl greeted, allowing the taller woman to place a kiss on her bang-covered forehead. "Could you do me a favor and throw this out please?"

The parent placed the handle of the incinerated tea kettle in her daughter's hands. The girl looked down and looked back up, noticing the kitchen still had smoke around. "Mommy, how'd you burn another tea kettle. I mean, all you have to do is wait…"

The mother gave a small plop on the head of the short haired girl, cutting her mid-sentence. "Now don't make me have to tell your little brother that I was sent to jail because I attempted first degree murder now."

Amy chuckled. Her mother always had a good sense of humor, as did she. Her mother worked at home, on the computer of her downstairs office. Amy had no idea on what she did since she had the house to herself, but knew that she was quite the procrastinator. And with a television, a Cadillac, and a stereo within range; she had nothing to keep her on track.

Amy shook her head, a smile plastered on her face. "Since I'll be on my way to work in a few minutes, I'll stop by the store and get another one."

Her mother's eyes widened and she let out a joyful gasp. "Oh Amy, Thank you! I'll pay you back when I get my paycheck."

"No, that's okay mom. Besides, I burned the last one a few weeks ago."

Well, how was chapter one so far? It may start out slow, but I'll try to make it as entertaining as possible. Keep in mind what is happening in this chapter. It'll fill you in a bit on what's taking place. You may have an idea on what is going on, but just you wait. Anyway, thank you lnzy1 for your granted permission. I'll try my best not to overdo anything.

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