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Hinata's List

Nov 9

Dear Diary,

I have done a very bad thing. I stole. And to make matters worse, I stole from the man I love. Yes, I Hinata Hyuuga stole from Naruto Uzumaki. What I stole were some personal items of his. I usually just watch him from afar, or just constantly think about. I love him. I really do, but to steal from him. Am I so smitten by him that I would actually steal from him?

I guess this makes me a fangirl (or a pervert.) But id what I did does make me a fangirl, then know this: I'M NARUTO'S FANGIRL!

Anyway here are some of the items that I took from Naruto:

Kunai and Shuriken

Naruto trains. Naruto trains a lot. He trains so much that he sometimes breaks his kunai and shuriken. If he does break them, he'll just leave them there. That gives the chance to take them.

Chopsticks and Bowls

When Naruto finishes eating Ramen at Ichiraku, he leaves. That is when I quickly run inside and ask for the chopsticks and bowls that Naruto had just eaten with. I get them, and to make sure that Ayame and Teuchi do not ask any questions, I give them a lot of money.

Now what is next will make me seem like I'm a fangirl (or a pervert.)

Naruto's Underwear

Even I am shocked that I took this. I do not know what came over me to want to actually take Naruto's underwear. Maybe it's because I love Naruto so much. Or maybe it was that when I saw them on the Bikochu Beetle mission, something inside me just told me that I had to have them. And now I do have them.

I used the Transformation Jutsu to look like a boy, and sneak into the boy's bath at the bathhouse, which was were Naruto was. I was able to find his clothes, and there they were! They were just sitting there. Anybody could have taken them. So I did just that.

Lock of Naruto's Hair

Let's just say I gave Naruto a small haircut… at his apartment…at night… while he was asleep.

Naruto's Blood

You really don't want to know how I got his blood. All I will tell you is that it is in a cooler. (A/N: Sorry, I couldn't come up with anything on Naruto's blood.)

Naruto's Urine


Yours truly,

Hinata Hyuga

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