Bride of The Mask

By: Okdro, Master of Runes

Disclaimer: I don't own The Mask: The Animated Series or anything related to it. The only things I own is my out of control ideas, my laziness and my bad talents at writing. And this is the first fic I have ever writen. So if you're gonna review be nice okay.

This story follows Peggy in the time after the loss of Stanley to the anti-aging creme in the "Little Big Mask" episode.

Author's Notes: If you haven't then I would suggest that you see the "Little Big Mask" episode to understand this better.

Chapter 1: The Pain of Loss

She didn't know what to do. About the same time yesterday she was just taking a walk, thinking about where she could get her next big scoop, when a boy on a skate bumped into her and she found herself on the pavement.

"Hey, next time watch where you're going junior," Peggy Brandt said.

"Yeah, I-I will Peggy, uh I mean Ms. Brandt, uh um ma'am," the boy said.

After taking a closer look she realised the boy looked quite familiar, and adding that the boy knew her knew her name she took a wild guess.

"Stanley, is that you... What happened?"

From there everything happened fast. Stanley told her that The Mask had made a youth creme and that it worked too. His optimism, however, quickly ended as they found out that he was still getting younger by the moment, and feared that it might not stop.

And it all lead to now, as Peggy watched in frustrated panic as Baby-Stanley slowly became younger and younger.

She was sitting in a private room at the hospital trying to think of anything that might save Stanley before it was too late. The antidote they made was probably halfway through the sewers by now and didn't have time to make a new one.

She looked up and saw Stanley playing with some handkerchiefs and felt hope sparkle as she got one last and desperate idea.

She hurried over to him, took a handkerchief and was just about to try wiping the creme off of him when the unthikable happened.

He disappeared. Stanley Ipkiss disappeared into thin air as if though he had never existed, the only thing left of him the diaper he was wearing.

Peggy stood there with wide eyes as shock and terror ran through her before she fell to her knees crying.

"I'm sorry Stanley," she whispered through sobs. "I tried everything I could, I really did, but it wasn't enough."

She cried like that for a few minutes before she stood up, and tried to gather herself enough to get out of the hospital without awakening too much suspicion. The last thing she needed was someone asking her what was wrong. She was only half succesful.

She wiped away the remaining tears and was about turn and leave when she rembered The Mask. She looked around and found it where she left it. She took the piece of wood and stared into its hollow eyes.

"Now that you are gone Stanley, I will take responsibility of The Mask and make sure that all that you fought for will not be in vain, and all that is worth fighting for is met head on," she silently said to herself, tears threatening to come out again. "I swear it."

She put The Mask inside of her jacket pocket, turned around and began the long walk home in silent mourning.

To be continued

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