Bestia Animus

Chapter One: Disaster thy name is Harry

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HARRY'S LUNGS WERE ON overdrive as he raced through the dungeon's corridors to his last class of the day. Potions. Professor McGonagall had held him back after transfigurations and now he was running almost an hour late. Harry dreaded what was to come, Snape loved giving him detentions and any excuse would do.

Harry paused just outside the potions classroom taking a moment to catch his breath and another to attempt to fix his disheveled appearance, he failed dismally, before opening the classroom door and creeping in.

"Potter, you're late!" Snape snapped at him from the front of the room.

Harry gritted his teeth and took a deep breath before replying.

"Sorry Professor. Professor McGon-" was as far as Harry got before Snape interrupted him.

"I don't have the time or the inclination to listen to petty excuses Potter. Twenty points from Gryffindor for your tardiness" Snape sneered at Harry.

"But Prof-" Harry tried to argue his case.

"Ten points from Gryffindor for attempting to argue with a teacher. Now find a partner and start the assigned potion before I decide to give you a detention as well." Snape glared at him before turning back to his papers.

Harry looked to his right searching among the Gryffindors for a partner. Finding no unmatched Gryffindors he turned to his left, very slowly, to face the Slytheryns. -Despite the majority of the slytheryns and their family's denouncing their support of Voldemort before the end of the war, there was still quite a lot of animosity between the two houses. After all leopards never change their spots.- Harry groaned forlornly when he saw that the only free spot left was next to none other than Draco Malfoy. The bane of Harry's existence.

Snape looked up at Harry, who was still standing in the aisle dividing the two houses. "Problem Potter?"

"No Professor" Harry mumbled.

"Then sit with Mr. Malfoy and Get... To... Work!" Snape yelled, his patience with the raven haired boy wearing perilously thin."

"Yes Professor" Harry walked cautiously over to the bench Malfoy was working at and sunk down onto the unoccupied stool, dropping his bag on the bench top with a loud thunk, before turning and eyeing Malfoy with trepidation.

"Watch it Potter!" Malfoy snapped. "This is a highly complex and unstable potion."

Harry swallowed his retort before leaning over the bench and taking a cautious look into the cauldron. He scrunched up his small nose when he saw the thick bubbling grey liquid, which looked suspiciously like the polyjuice potion Hermione had brewed in second year.

Harry looked up at Malfoy who was monitoring the boiling potion.

"What are you brewing?"

"What WE are brewing Potter, is the animus bestia potion." Malfoy said airily.

Harry rolled his eyes and asked. "What's it supposed to do?"

Malfoy looked at harry out of the corner of his eye. "Oh for... did you not bother to read the text snape assigned last lesson"

"Huh?" Harry didn't remember that.

"Merlin's beard Potter! How the hell did you even get into advanced potions?"

"Hermione" Harry told him, taking sudden interest in the detailing of the wooden workbench.

"Humph." Malfoy huffed. "Doesn't look like that will be an option anymore does it Potter?" Malfoy smirked at Harry.

"No." Was the only reply he got from Harry. After the war had ended Harry had finally decided to be his own person and had announced to all of England that he was in fact gay. With this revelation Ron had denounced his friendship with Harry, apparently he was homophobic. Who would have guessed? And Hermione, being Ron's girlfriend had obediently followed him.

Malfoy narrowed his eyes at Potter, he had been suspiciously silent as of late. No matter how many jabs and insults Malfoy threw at him the boy had refused to fight back, it seemed that Potters fiery temper had been doused.

Malfoy went back to studying the potion instead of Harry.

"The name of the potion is Latin and translates as animal soul, the potion purpose is to reveal a persons animal counter part. Very helpful when learning how to become an Animagus. One Dose lasts for five minutes." Malfoy explained.

"Oh, so it's kind of like the polyjuice potion then?" Harry asked, thinking back to second year when Hermione had turned herself into a human hybrid cat.

The Slytheryn Prince snorted at Harry's logic.

"In some ways Potter." Malfoy agreed. "The ingredients are much the same, the lace wing flies, crushed beetles, knotgrass, flux weed, powdered bicorn horn and shredded boom slang skin are the same. The moonflower petals, aconite and three drops of the drinker's blood are what set them apart."

It hadn't escaped Harry's notice that Malfoy was being unusually patient with him today, but he did miss the sideway's contemplative looks Malfoy was sending his way.

Harry's thoughts we interrupted when Malfoy spoke to him.

"Could you go and ask Professor Snape for a vial of aconite please Potter?"

Harry was so startled by Malfoy asking him politely that he didn't think on why they would need aconite, which happed to be a very poisonous and deadly ingredient.

"Alright." Harry gave Malfoy a calculating look before hopping off the stool and heading towards Snape's desk.

"What Potter!?" Snap snapped at him, as Harry knew he would.

"Um sir. We need a vial of aconite for the potion. Please."

Snape sighed and handed Harry the vial he needed.

"Spill it Potter and I'll have your head."

Harry gulped. "I won't sir"

Harry was walking back down the middle aisle towards Malfoy and his work station when he tripped on a conveniently placed foot, and fell forward onto Pansy Parkinson and Blaise Zabini's Work bench. Knocking over their cauldron and full glasses of their finished potions. Harry slumped to the floor clutching his head in pain, the no broken vial of aconite lying forgotten on the floor by Harry's feet.

The Gryffindors were too concerned for Harry and the Slytheryns to busy snickering to notice the potion leaking from Pansy's broken glass. The potion poured in a steady stream over the edge of the bench and into Harry's gasping mouth and slid down his throat unheeded.

Harry chocked and spluttered on the thick foul tasting potion, he brought his hands up to his face and covered his mouth to stop the flow of the potion into his mouth, but it was already too late, Harry had already swallowed a large amount of the potion.

Harry's body bowed off the floor, taut as a string, his whole being racked with pain. Harry tipped his head to the side a coughed out a copious amount of blood. Harry clawed at his skin scratching himself madly, doing everything he could to try to relieve the burning sensation in his veins. He vaguely remembered hearing Snape yelling something and strong arms lifting his spasming body off the ground before he slipped into a blissful state of unconsciousness.

Harry awoke mere hours later to the hushed voices of Dumbledore, Madam Pomfrey and Professor Snape.

Harry moaned as his head started to pound again, alerting Madam Pomfrey to his state of consciousness.

"Mr. Potter." She exclaimed. Harry winced, the nurse was speaking entirely too loudly for his liking.

Harry opened his eyes, planning on giving madam Pomfrey a baleful glance, his throat to raw and parched for words, and instead hissed and covered his eyes with his bandaged hands when the overly bright light assaulted his sensitive eyes.

Harry curled into the feral position, holding his head in his hands and hissing in pain when sharp bolts of pain shot up his spine to his skull.

"H...hurts" he whimpered. Tears pooling beneath his tightly shut eyes.

"Drink these Harry" The Matronly nurse whispered and gently coaxed the potions down Harry's throat. Harry gave a sigh of relief as the pain lessoned.

Headmaster Dumbledore, Madam Pomfrey and Professor Snape watched as harry fell unconscious once more.

The Second time Harry awoke it was nighttime and he was able to open his eyes, the bright light and body pains no longer a hindrance. Sitting up Harry looked around, determining that he was in the hospital wing. Again. Harry sighed and slowly lowered his bare feet to the floor, shivering from the chill the tiles seemed to permanently hold, even with the fire blazing. Harry groped around on top of the bedside table for his wand and glasses and stood, slowly his way towards the infirmary bathroom.

Harry quietly entered the bathroom, closing the door behind him before whispering "Lumos" alighting the small space. Harry moved to the sink to splash his hot face with cold water, he let his head hang for a moment, watching the water drip from his face into the sink before lifting his head and staring into the mirror.

He screamed before once again passing out.


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