Chapter 1: New Threats

Spyro and Cynder were sitting on the balcony of the dragon temple looking at the stars. They were both twelve years old and had just defeated the Dark Master. But their victory did not come with out a price. Spyro nearly died in the last moments of battle and was very lucky. The Dark Master toyed with Spyro and gave him a large slash make that ran down the left side of his face. It started right above his left eye and stopped at his jaw. He had collected many other scars from his battle with the Dark Master, like the scar that ran along his right front leg. The line of light purple started at his shoulder and went down to the topside of his wrist. The scar stood out from the darker purple scales around the line. His left side had a large slash mark and his lower right back. His upper left chest scale had been dented and disformed from the Dark Master's powerful Convexity attack.

Cynder was next to Spyro with her head resting on his shoulder. She sighed and asked, "Is it not beautiful?"

Spyro smiled and said, "No."

Cynder looked at him questioningly and asked, "Why do you say that?"

"Because I have something more beautiful and she is sitting right next to me," Spyro replied.

Cynder blushed and looked down. Spyro licked her cheek and Cynder giggled looking into Spyro's eyes.

"We have been going out for four years and that is the best you got?" Cynder asked.

"I just didn't want to take it too fast for tonight," Spyro countered.

"Too fast?" Cynder questioned.

She threw herself onto Spyro and locked lips with him. They broke and Cynder and Spyro smiled at each other. Spyro looked into her beautiful green eyes and lock lips with her.

"Thank you Spyro," she said when they broke.

"You're welcome," Spyro replied.

They both moved to the side of the balcony and lay against. Spyro wrapped his tail around Cynder's and she rested her head on his shoulder again. She closed her eyes and Spyro warmed his wings around her. Spyro tickled her side and Cynder moved a little bit towards him and away from his hand. He tickled her side again and she moved closer. He used both hands getting both her sides.

She laughed a bit and said, "Stop it Spyro." He didn't stop and she opened her eyes and looked at him and said, "I mean it." He still didn't stop and she began to lose control of her voice and started to laugh loudly, "Please Spyro stop it!"

He stopped after a couple seconds and Cynder tickled his side. She started where his scar was, but Spyro didn't respond to it. She was puzzled and continued to tickle the same spot, but Spyro was just looking at her trying to figure out what she was doing.

"Your not ticklish on your side?" Cynder asked.

"What?" Spyro asked.

"Your side," Cynder replied, "I was tickling it. Didn't you feel it?"

"No," Spyro said, "Where were you tickling me again?"

"Here," Cynder said as she tickled the same spot. Spyro looked down and saw that she was tickling the scar on his left side.

"Cynder may be that's because you're tickling dead scales," Spyro suggested.

"What," Cynder asked confused at what he just said.

"You were tickling my scar. It's all dead scales I don't feel anything there along with my other scars," Spyro said.

Cynder looked down and saw that she was tickling his scar. She placed her hand on it and looked at him. He shook his head tell her that he couldn't feel it. She moved her hand along the scar and he shook his head again. She poked it, but Spyro still shook his head. She raised her hand to the scar on his face and ran her finger along it. She hoped that he would nod, but he didn't.

"Spyro, why didn't you tell me?" Cynder asked.

"Because it wasn't important," he replied, "The dead scales are numb."

He pressed his claw into one of his scarred scales until he began to bleed a little. He didn't wince or do anything except watch.

Cynder pulled his hand way from the small injury and said, "Stop, don't do that. I'm sorry that has happened to you."

"It's ok," he said as he held her in his arms, "I fact it's better. I have less of a chance of getting hurt now."

Cynder laughed at the comment and said, "Oh Spyro, you always are funny. That's what I love about you."

"That's one of the many things I love about you," Spyro said.

"What?" asked Cynder.

"That you love me. That's one of the things I love about you," Spyro answered, "Besides the fact that you are beautiful, smart, loving, and amazing."

"Aw, you're sweet," Cynder said as she leaned in and gave him a kiss.

They watched the night sky for the rest of the night with each other. They fell asleep next to each other dreaming of each other.

Morning came quickly and the sun brought warmth and life to the land. Chromius, a dragon that was a deep silver color was wandering the temple. He arrived a year ago with two other dragons that were found along the far borders of this realm. Those other two left to find more of their kin and bring them back. He went out onto the balcony and saw Spyro and Cynder together, asleep. The silver dragon turned back towards the temple and went inside. He made his way to the main gate. He exited the temple and enjoyed the sunlight that was falling on him, warming his silver scales and his light blue under scales. He went down to a pond and washed himself and got a drink. Chromius heard something not too far from the pond and dove into the water. He moved to where a small waterfall feed the pond with water. He blended in with the white water and mist.

"Dragon land near here," said a large black demon like creature. It was followed by thirty more of these creatures. Luckily the creatures continued without stopping. Chromius burst out of the waterfall and flew as fast as he could towards the Dragon Temple.

Spyro woke up with Cynder still in his arms. He smiled as he looked at her. Her forehead crest shined beautifully in the sunlight.

He rubbed her shoulder and said, "Cynder, wake up."

She moaned and moved closer to Spyro but wasn't fully awake. He repeated himself and she still didn't wake up. He tickled her sides and she snapped awake with a yelp. Spyro laughed and Cynder gave him and serious look. Spyro looked at her like it wasn't his fault. She jumped onto him and gave him and locked lips with him.

They broke and Cynder said, "If you do that again I won't sleep with you again."

"Ah, come on Cynder it was only a little fun," Spyro replied.

"Fun for you may be," Cynder answered.

"Oh come on you know you like when I tickle you," Spyro said as he tickled her side.

She moved away from the hand and laughed, "Oh what I'm going to do with you?"

"Love me," Spyro suggested.

"I think I can do that," Cynder replied.

"Good," Spyro said as he licks her cheek.

Cynder giggled as she laid her head down against his head and whispered, "I love you Spyro."

"I love you too Cynder," Spyro whispered back.

Chromius dove onto the balcony and was panting. Spyro looked at the silver dragon and asked, "What did you do now Chromius?"

"I found some evil creatures that are making their way here," Chromius answered, "I overheard them as they passed by the waterfall."

"We don't have much time then," Cynder said getting up, "We have to tell the Guardians."

They agreed and ran inside and gathered the Guardians.

"Can you describe these creatures Chromius?" asked Ignitus.

"They were fairly large and covered with shadows. They all were evil looking. They were like demons. Their eyes looked like flames and they had large horns growing from random parts of the body."

"Shadow spawn," Terrador spat, "This is truly a bad omen."

"Agreed," Volteer said, "It is the sign of his return."

"But how could that bloody monster have escaped the Desolation Realm?" asked Cyril.

"I don't know," Ignitus replied, "But what I do know is that we must get rid of the Shadow spawn before we proceed."

"Who is this monster?" asked Spyro.

"An incarnation of evil," Ignitus answered, "His name is Marthaeter. He is the one who created the Dark Master. He hoped that the Dark Master would be able to weaken us and make it easier to defeat us, which nearly happened, but thanks to you we are all alive."

"The worst thing about this is that Marthaeter knows that there is someone strong enough to defeat his greatest servant and will create new creations to deal with Spyro," Terrador said.

"Oh great," Spyro replied, "I do what I'm suppose to do and now I'm going to be attacked for that."

"Yes that's true Spyro, but we have help from some old friends who will be assisting us in this new war," Ignitus said as a human in a black robes entered.

The man bowed to the Guardians and turned to the three young dragons, bowing to them saying, "Hello young dragons, it's an honor to meet you."

"This is Spyro, Cynder, and Chromius," Ignitus said.

"I have been looking forward to meeting you all," the man said as he drew his sword. It was large katana, four feet in length and the blade was a dark metal color. Its handle was black and had dark grey colored details. The pummel was a dragon's head and was the same color as the blade.

The three dragons were ready to fight as the man drew his blade. Spyro moved in front of Cynder and was ready to unleash everything he had on the person. The human did something they didn't expect then, he stabbed the blade into the ground and knelt.

He bowed his head and said, "I had no name when I was younger so I was given the name Shadedulath. You may call me Shade for short."

Spyro looked at Ignitus confusingly.

Ignitus spoke up and said, "Shadedulath found us long ago before the Dark Master attacked the temple. He had to leave the area since he was called away for a mission by his own group when the raid on the temple happened."

"What group do you belong to?" Cynder asked.

"The Shadows of Katsumoto is the organizations name," Shadedulath answered, "Katsumoto formed this group as a way to protect our new home and the other inhabitants from harm."

"How is Katsumoto?" Ignitus asked, "I haven't seen him in many years."

"Nor will you," Shadedulath answered, "He died a year ago."

"What?" asked Cyril.

"He died in battle against Marthaeter in the Shadow Vale," Shadedulath answered, "I was given his position and I retreated with the rest of our forces."

"What were you doing there?" Volteer shouted, "An attack on Marthaeter's realm is suicidal."

"We were given false information about a secret passage that would lead into Marthaeter's fortress, but it was a trap," Shadedulath said, "He died a noble death."

"Yes you humans are talented warriors and fight to the death," Terrador replied, "I admire your kin and pity them at the same time."

"Why fight to the death?" Spyro asked, "What point is there in dying in combat when you can retreat and fight another day?"

"Honor," Shadedulath answered quickly, "If we are defeated we have no chance of planning an escape when capture we kill ourselves so our enemy won't have the pleasure of doing it themselves."

"Enough of this bad conversation," Ignitus said, "Shade where are your men?"

"They have secured the temple and are watching for enemies since there is a group of Shadow spawn are heading this way," Shadedulath replied.

"Yes and it is good that you are here to help us," Cyril commented.

"We come to honor our allegiance from long ago," said Shadedulath, "We are honored to fight along side dragons again and my men will help you in this war as long as we breathe."