"What are you doing?" I heard a voice ask in a puzzled voice.

"Dieing." I whispered out.

"Oh. You're a human. You must be having the problem everyone has." I heard something nicker. It sounded like laughing, and my temper flared up.

"Just believe you can breath." The same voice told me. I sighed. Ok, here goes nothing. I stood up, thinking I can breath, I can breath, I can breath! I was shocked when I realized something, I could breath! Opening my eyes, I looked around for the voice. What I saw made me fall down all over again; in front of me was two…creatures. Creatures with flowing white manes and tails, creatures with…silvery shiny horns on their foreheads. One started towards me, slowly lifting one cloven hoof up at a time. I stood still; there was no where I could go. Slowly, the unicorn put its horn on my shoulder. I jumped as I heard the same voice in my head,

"Don't be afraid. I'm Moonbeam. I am a unicorn. You have entered the magical land of Lightheart. Come with me, I will show you where you can rest." Moonbeam left, and started walking away. Hesitantly, I followed, looking around as I walked along. Not only was there coral, but fish and long strands of emerald green seaweed. Suddenly, we came upon a small clearing. Playing in the clearing were five young unicorns. I watched as they swam higher and higher, floating and blowing bubbles as they chased each other around. I laughed as I watched one of them, the smallest, sneeze and be blown backward with the force of it. I looked forward again, and saw Moonbeam and his friend looking at me curiously. Still smiling, I hurried to catch up. They turned around, and continued walking.

We had been walking for a few more minutes when Moonbeam whirled around, a fearful look on his face. He turned and said something to his friend, who started to hurry towards me. I felt something grab my legs, and fell forward onto the soft sandy ocean bottom. I struggled to turn around and look at my attacker, but something forced my head back into the sand. Frantically, I kicked and fought back, but the creatures were too strong. Something hit my forehead, and I became still as the ocean blue of Lightheart turned black.