A young girl sits by the old oak tree with its gnarled, outstretched arms reaching out toward the treacherous calm waters of the Black Lake.

She places her notebook in her lap, opens it to a new page, puts quill to paper and starts to write.

'Love was lost

Love was found

What would it cost

To realise I'm bound?'

She reads over what she's written, smiling to herself. She looks up to her friends, who are busy disturbing the calm waters by skimming pebbles over the lake's water, laughing.

Both pairs of eyes, one pair green one pair blue, shining with joy in the golden sunlight.

The green-eyed boy runs a hand through his raven hair, making it more of a mess than anyone thought possible, he glances at her and gives her a small smile.

The girl gives a tiny wave and a tiny smile and goes back to her book. Deciding after a few moments she has a mind block, she closes it, puts the padlock in the loop but doesn't close it, and she shoves it in her bag, pulling out another book with weird Runes symbols on the cover and starts to read it.

Too engrossed in her book, she doesn't realise what her friends are planning. She doesn't notice her blue-eyed friend stand in front of her, ready to jump in the lake.

Noticing all too late where he is, she screams as a wave of water crashes over her and her book.

"Ronald Weasley!!" she screams.

The blue-eyed boy laughs and looks at her with the mention of his name.

"Liven up Hermione!" Ronald laughs.

"I will liven up when I choose to liven up!" she laughs, unable to stay angry.

"C'mon!" Ron whines.

"No!" Hermione grins.

"Too late!" Ron reaches over, grabs her legs and pulls her into the lake with him.

Squealing and thrashing around in the water, Hermione thrusts her arms forward in the water, sending an icy wave at Ron.

"Oh this is war now Granger." he laughs and swims toward her.

She yelps and swims to Harry, hiding behind him.

"I'm not a human sheild!" Harry laughs.

"Well you bloody are now!" Hermione laughs.

"I didn't know you were into water sex, Potter." Malfoy drawls, sauntering toward them. "Weasley's little sister didn't tell me that."

"Sod off Malfoy." Ron snaps.

Hermione gets out the lake, casts a drying spell on herself and sits back by her things, taking her notebook back out.

"What's this crap the Mudblood's writing??" Pansy asks, snatching the book from her hands.

"Give it back!" Hermione snaps, standing back up.

" 'Love's lost love's bound what would it cost to realise I'm bound'??! That's the most ridiculous tripe I've ever read in all my life!" Pansy laughs.

Suddenly a flash of red flies past Hermione and hits Pansy square in the chest, sending her flying against the tree.

Hermione turns around and sees Ginny smiling at her, with her wand in hand.

"See you later boys." Hermione says, taking back her book, shoving everything in her bag, linked arms with Ginny and walked back to the castle.

"You're getting good with that non verbal casting." Hermione grins.

"Thanks. I've been practising on poor Neville." Ginny laughs.

Later that evening, Harry and Ron are pestering Hermione to 'help' them with their homework, Colin and Demelza are pestering Ginny with Potions.

"Some things never change." Ginny laughs.

"But would we have it any other way?" Hermione asks.

Both girls made brief eye contact and said in unison:


The group of friends then spends the night in the Gryffindor Common Room, by the crackling fire, helping each other, talking, laughing and playing games