A/N- So I abandoned my rule of no more then two stories at a time, as I currently have about four out. Oh well. I'll finish each of them eventually. I was talking to Becky, and she made a comment that was something like "What wouldn't you do for Ted?", and this story came about. It's not about what a girl would do for her favorite wrestler or anything, this is different from what I usually write.

I'm not sure who the pairing is going to be yet, you guys can help me out with ideas for that.


Kendra sat on her couch, that was ready to fall apart at any second. She sat staring at the old television, patiently waiting for the news to begin. All she really wanted to see was this weeks lottery numbers. Taking a bite out of her sandwich on stale bread, she pulled her two tickets out from her pocket. She knew she had better things to use her money for then cheap lottery tickets, but that didn't stop her from hoping she'd get lucky one day.

"And tonight's winning numbers are...13....9...24...18...6...and 11." The TV anchor announced, just a few minutes past seven thirty.

Kendra sighed to herself, and threw the losing tickets onto the table in front of her. "Maybe next week." She told herself, week after week.

Her phone began to ring while she was in the bathroom dressing for work. Walking into her living room in her underclothes, she answered the phone after tripping over boxes scattered throughout the room.

"Hello?" She doesn't know why she always says hello, when it's always the same person.

"Do you want a ride to work tonight?" It was Paige, just as she suspected.

"Uh, yeah, sure." Paige was in the same predicament she was, except Paige was much better off. They both worked in the cigarette and alcohol outlet a few blocks over, Wasted. Of course the job paid little to nothing, offered no benefits, and rarely gave either girl any time off. The only difference with Paige was, she wasn't struggling to make ends meet at the end of each month. She had a boyfriend, Tony, who made more money then either girl ever dreamed of. Trafficking drugs, no doubt, but it was still money.

"I'll be pulling up to your apartment in five minutes." All Kendra heard was a click. Typical Paige. They weren't exactly friends, just knew each other from work. After working with a girl for six years, you usually begin talking to them. Kendra went back to the bathroom to finish dressing, and cursed when her phone began to ring a few minutes later.

"I'll be out in a minute Paige!." Kendra said.

"This is Mr. Rhodes, your landlord." A deep voice sounded on the other end of the phone.

"Oh, sorry sir. Did you need something?"

"Kendra, you're two months behind in rent, and I can't let it go anymore." You could tell he didn't want to do this, but he had to make a living too.

"I know, I'm sorry. Just give me to the end of the week, and I'll deposit four hundred." She had to wait until she got her next paycheck, then add it to her other savings to make the payment.

"You owe more then four hundred Kendra, you owe six fifty."

"Can I pay you four hundred Friday, and two fifty the following week?" She begged. It was the only way she could afford it.

"I suppose, but the following week, next months rent I due." She just couldn't win. Nothing she ever did put her ahead. She couldn't remember the last time she rented a movie, or ate out in a restaurant. She'd been working since she was eighteen years old, and at twenty four, nothing was any easier.

"I'll figure something out Mr. Rhodes. I have to go to work now though."

"I hope to be hearing from you soon Ms. Arnold." Kendra just hung up, willing her tears not to fall. She couldn't afford it all. Rent went up seventy five dollars in the past four months, and on two fifty a week, she couldn't afford three fifty a month.

She grabbed her purse, that held nothing but pens, and a checkbook with the balance of zero.

Maybe she'd hit the lottery next week.

Just maybe, the next lottery winner would be from Jackson, Mississippi.


"Cody Rhodes, what time is my hair appointment?"

"I think three?" Cody said, not looking up from his video game.

"Exactly. You think three? WELL GUESS WHAT ASSCLOWN? IT WAS AT ONE." Chris screamed. He just got off the phone with his hair stylist, Francis, who informed him he missed an appointment.

"Chris, it's not my job to keep dates of you appointments." Cody told him, still not looking up from his game.

"Stop playing that game of Zelda Legends." Chris demanded.

"It's Legend of Zelda." Cody corrected, not helping his case any. Ted snickered from the corner of the room, flipping through a magazine.

"I DON'T CARE IF IT WAS 'CHRIS JERICHO IS AMAZING', PUT IT DOWN AND LISTEN TO ME." Chris screamed again. It was amazing how this man didn't have high blood pressure problems, or heart failure. What was even more amazing, was that he had his voice box still intact.

"Chris, I almost have it beat. What do you want?" Cody asked, sighing as he got hit with something in the game.

"I want to know how you messed up my hair appointment?"

"Why don't you just hire someone to take care of everything for you?" Cody suggested, still not looking at Chris, who looked like steam was ready to come out of his ears.

"I remember dates and times fine. Why would you suggest such a horrible thing anyway?" Chris was appalled. Who did Cody think he was?

"Yeah Chris, hire a personal assistant to care of everything." Ted said, putting his magazine down and looking at Chris.

"You mean like a personal assistant?" Cody was ready to tell him that that's what Ted just said, but refrained from it.


"I'm such a genius." Chris proclaimed.

"We'll be in Jackson, Mississippi in two days. Start looking there." Ted said. Jackson was about thirty minutes from his home in Clinton, so he was familiar with the area.

"How about I start looking in Jackson, Mississippi?" Chris asked, going through his leather pants in his suitcase.

"Good idea."