I watched Bella carefully. She was in one of her trances, where she was neither awake nor asleep, but somewhere in the middle. The mound that was her baby rose and fell under Esme's thick blanket. I sighed. It was a world that I could never have, a life I could never live. I was furious in that instant. I had tried so hard, had wanted nothing more than a baby, and here she was tagging along to some lonely and crazed vampire and-

"I heard that," said Edward quietly. "She isn't tagging along." He chuckled. "I'm tagging her to me." I groaned. Edward wasn't making sense. He was sick with worry over Bella, and he didn't think much about what he was saying. I was surprised at his accuracy today. He usually just garbled nonsense when he wanted to tell us something. I looked back at Bella. My jealousy had faded, and I felt better, calmer. I silently thanked Jasper as I watched him smirking from the stairs.

Then, the door flew open, and in walked the last person I wanted to see. Jacob Black grinned and hurried over to Bella. She came out of her stupor and smiled. Jacob hugged her. I fumed. He looked up at me, seeming to notice for the first time that I was there. "How do you get a blond to ignore you?"he asked sarcastically. I didn't answer, and looked away from him. If I didn't answer him, then he would just give up and leave me alone. I was silent, and then I realized the punch line of his joke. I whipped around and full out smacked him. He didn't even flinch. "I got a blond to ignore me, didn't I?" he asked mockingly. I shook my head in exasperation and left the room.