Digimon: Shadowed Past

"Hey, kid, take off the goofy costume and get off the car!"

Impmon just ignored the police officer and continued taunting them. A crowd was forming around the scene as the day got later.

"No! I can take all of you stupid humans at once!" Impmon yelled, and raised his hand in the air, preparing for a Badda-Boom.

Meanwhile, Skyler was pushing her way through the crowded streets of Manhattan a few blocks away.

Man, why can't I ever get home on time? She thought, looking at her black, leather watch.

"Oh man, what's that?" She whispered to herself as she looked up and saw the crowd around the police cars. Her black ponytails swayed in the slight breeze as she shoved her way through the crowd.

Skyler squeezed her way in between two people and looked up at the purple creature standing on top of a police car, surrounded by officers holding guns and ducking behind their cars.

"Do you really think you can defeat me?" Impmon said cunningly.

The police officers where starting to get annoyed and raised their guns higher.

"Listen kid, we don't want to hurt you." One officer said into his speaker.

Skyler tilted her head to the side as she recognized the creature. "What a sec, isn't that Impmon?"

Impmon caught his name and turned his head toward her.

Skyler just stared at him, bewildered. "But…isn't he a Digimon? One of those monsters from that TV series and card game my brother plays?"

Impmon continued staring at her, a glint of interest in his green eyes.