Digimon: Shadowed Past

Skyler just shrugged and walked away. She had no time to be messing around with silly children's fantasies.

As she did, Impmon yelled, "Hey, wait up!" and jumped off the police car.

The police raised their guns higher, but Impmon just grunted and ran past them.

Skyler was almost to her apartment when she felt someone bump into her with a loud thud.

She swung around and was surprised to see the little imp Digimon sitting on the ground, his hand to his head.

He got up fast and yelled, "Hey, what was that for?!"

Skyler just stared at him dumbfounded.

"What do you want?" She finally asked.

Impmon crossed his arms and squinted his green eyes. "I don't know…you just looked like you needed a friend."

Skyler took a step back and with one more look, turned around and walked quickly into the apartment building.

Impmon shook his head and ran after her. Could she really be the one?

He peeked around the corner of a wall just to see Skyler unlock a door and walk in, shutting it hard behind her.

Impmon squinted and crept towards the apartment room.

When he got there, he slowly reached his hand up and turned the doorknob, opening it just a crack, and peeked inside.

He could see Skyler sitting on a green couch, writing something in a binder.

As he watched her, he didn't realize how much weight he was putting on the door, and fell inside.

Skyler jolted up from the couch in surprise, her binder falling to the floor.

She relaxed a little when she recognized him. "Impmon?"

Impmon strained to look up and when he did, Skyler was knelt down in front of him.

"Um, are you…okay?" She asked quietly.

Impmon slightly nodded and heaved himself up, falling back down on his back right after he did.

Skyler sighed and held her hand out. Impmon blinked and slowly grasped it as she pulled him to his feet.

The two then just stared at each other, not knowing what to say.

Finally, Skyler crossed her arms and asked, "Now why are you here again?"

Impmon put his hand on the back of his head and laughed nervously.

"Well, you see…I…uhhhh….well…I was wondering if you…ummm…wanted to be my…partner?"

Skyler's eyes opened wide, not knowing what to say.

Impmon stood there, waiting for her to reply.

"Uhhh…well…don't you have to have…a digivice…or something like that?" She asked after a few seconds of silence.

Impmon frowned and looked at the ground. "Well, yeah…but if we build trust in each other and friendship…you're bound to get one."

Skyler put her hand to her chin, resting her elbow on her other hand and thought, Hmmm…not a chance like this comes along everyday…and plus, on the show, they sure seem to have lots of cool adventures...

Finally, Skyler sighed and said, "Okay, fine, we can be partners."

Impmon smiled and held out his hand.

"The name's Impmon, if you didn't already know."

Skyler half smiled and took it, shaking it slowly. "I'm Skyler."