"Kate?" Gibbs asked as he entered the room, gun still drawn from their earlier investigation of the house.

He took one look at the body on the floor and the thick kitchen knife sticking out of him and focused on the shaking brunette in front of him. He put the gun back in its holster.

"Come here." he ordered, she looked at him lost.

He waited a beat, his eyes focused on her unfocused ones, before he spoke again.

"Kate, come here."

She didn't move and he had to get her to come to him. It was hostage after-math 101. You didn't approach the victim unless you wanted them to slip into a coma or you wanted to be killed.

"Agent Todd." He demanded sharply, "come here."

The brunette took a hesitant step forward, but then stopped and retracted her foot. She was still lost inside her head. She was the strongest on his team, she could take anything. He was scared with her actions her glazed unfocused eyes, she was folding and it took something big to make her do that. He changed tactics.

"Katie," he slurred softly, "come here love."

The brunettes head snapped up she took two steps forward looked down at the body and stopped. Taking their working relationship out of the equation had definitely been the right idea.

"Katie, baby look at me." he demanded softly, "good, now come here. Easy." he added when she started to blindly rush across the room.

She buried herself deep in his chest. He soothed a rough hand down her back. He pulled her closer when a sob ripped from her chest.

"Shh, shh Katie. It's OK."

He brushed a hand threw her long brown hair and tugged her out the door. Her shivering stopped as soon as the warm air hit her in the face. He looked down at her, her eyes were focused, no longer glazed. He, however, was not ready to let her go. She was still lost. And was ready to do anything it took to bring her home.