Naruto stood just short of the mouth of the gullie that would lead him into the back of Kohona village, well the main part of the complex of villages and hamlits that was collectively know as Kohona anyway.

Kohona had been built in a large leaf-shaped box canyon in the mountains of the fire nation and as such was one of the best defended places their was. Good thing too sences as a ninja village it had a habit of getting into alot of fights with alot of people. The canyon of Kohona only had one easily accessed entrance in the form of a narrow track next to a large stream that cut through the canyon wall.

Naruto disided that it was time and checked his mask with one hand. Every ninja wore a mask when on duty to protect their identity {oh and their face} and a uniform that covered most of their bodies. Each ninja made their own mask and uniform and it was common to include some personal decoration that refected they're personality, Naruto's mask was shaped like a snarling, laughing fox and had a large amount of deep red hair to hide his own blond spikes.

It took Naruto a few minutes to climb up the gullie and at the top he was greeted by a pair of ninja with white faceless mask at the top. They check his identity and then ushered him through.

After leaving the ninja Naruto headed into the forest towards the centeral village of Kohona. After awhile he hit a road and started down it but was stopped at an intersection by a prosetion.

Naruto watched as Lord Hyuuga and his daughter Hinata walked by under an escort of branch family guards. Lady Hinata was the same age as Naruto with dark blue-black hair and the Hyuuga pale white pupiless eyes.

As they passed Lord Haishi nodded in Naruto's direction and Lady Hinata couldn't resist giving him a big smile. Naruto got along pretty well with most of the Hyuuga's when he had his mask on and a few when it was off.

After the Hyuugas passed Naruto waited for them to get a few hundred feet down the road before he moved to follow them.

After about twenty minutes or so the Hyuugas arrived at a large undiscripted building that held the ninja headquaters and Naruto arrived a few minutes later. Naruto gave the Hyuugas a few minutes to get settled before he entered and headed for the main desk.

"Agent Fox reporting in from sucesseful mission 09002 per the hokage's intructions" he said to the pretty girl at the desk, she was about eighteen with brown hair and hazesl eyes.

"So though was it" she asked with a giggle, Naruto thought that he heard some one humphed and turned his head a little to see who. Sure anough he saw Hinata with her eyes tightened and her cheeks puffed out, a sure sign that she was upset. Naruto couldn't help smiling under his mask, under less formal surcomestances he would have walked over and pinched her cheeks, the resaulting blush would have distracted her nicely.

"I'm still tring to figure out how it counted as a C ranked mission" Naruto complained.

"Any mission for the Lord or Lady of the Fire Nation is considered at leasted a C ranked mission Fox" a voice said from behind him. Naruto turned to see who had spoke an found the Hokage standing a few feet away. The Hokage was an older man in his late seventies at the youngest and liked to smoke a pipe at all times. Naruto couldn't help liking the old guy how had been like a grampa to him after his father and mother had died some sixteen years ago.

"Come on old man I can think of academy students who could do this mission just as well as I could" Naruto whined.

"FOX" the Hokage warned "you just had an easy, relaxing mission so I fail to see the problem"

"Relaxing? you call chasing that crazy cat around the Fire lord's castle a relaxing mission?" Naruto whispered loudly.


"Yes sir"

"Shut up" the Hokage said though he had a small smile on his face. And he wasn't alone as Hinata was fighting to keep a straight face and the girl at the desk and two of the Hyuuga guards outside were bustin their guts with laughter.

The Hokage stood looking at Naruto for a few moments before he turned to the desk and asked "remind me, what was I waiting for Fox for?"

"You have him sceduled for dinner tonight sir" the girl said. Naruto perked up at the sound of that.

"Oh yes, Fox tonight you will join me and some others for a dinner to discuss your next mission, do you understand me" the Hokage asked.

"Yes sir, what time should I arrive sir?" Naruto asked.

"Six should be good"

"Then I'll go get ready sir" Naruto said as he headed for the door. And invitation to dinner was the Hokage's was of telling Naruto that he was going to be introdused to someone who would known Naruto's true identity and would be working with him in the future so Naruto di'side to make a good first impression as he headed home to change.


Hinata watched Fox leave with a feeling of being leftout of whatever he was up to. Not that that wasn't a new thing in her life, she was always missing out on the fun staff that the rest of her friends always seamed to be having.

She didn't have long to think about it before she had to follow her father into the room that the Hokage used to meet with his council and other dignitries. He looked mildly haggered as he sat down on one of the large pillows and motioned them to the others.

Hinata carefully lowered herself onto the pillow so that her kimono wasn't ringcled or torn, she really didn't like wairing formal type kimonos or any kind of formal cloths for that matter, not that she didn't actionally like her kimono, she just didn't like wairing it.

Hinata was still settling herself when the Hokage started talking.

"So Haishi I bet your wondering why I sommoned you here with Hinata?" he asked as he sat watching them. Hinata snapped her attention to the Hokage though she never looked straight at him, she could makeout a calulating look in the old man's eyes.

"I have wondered a little Sarutobi but I also know that you will reveal your plans in your own time" Haishi said as he too studied the Hokage.

The old Hokage took a long pull on his pipe before he answered Haishi.

"You have been training young Hinata here for a long time, longer then most other ninja of her generation and I need as many new ninja as possible this year." he paused to allow either Hinata or Haishi to answer or ask question.

"Whats the rush this year sir?" Hinata asked, Haishi shoot her a cold look but the Hokage came to her rescue.

"No Haishi, its actually a good thing that she asked and as you know I profer my subordinates to asked questions so I can address any issue that they might have" the old man took another deep draft on his pipe as he prepared to answer Hinata's question.

"For the last few years a certain 'organization' has been gaining strenght in this and surrounding countries, this 'organization' is made up of S ranked criminals and other less then likible people though their current gouls can't be determaned, in order to combat the group I need every high ranking ninja availible to track and fight and in order to have that I need more ninja too take the other low level mission that come up all the time and maintian the village income and power." the Hokage leaned back and took another long draught on his pipe.

Haishi forgot his annoyance was Hinata's question when he heard this and started 'chewing' the information as he called it in his head.

"Who could be so dangerous that you would wont all the high level ninja free to counter them?" Hinata asked, she really wonted to get an idea of what she might be facing.

The Hokage spoke slow and clear when he answered.

"First theres Orochimaru and second and worst is Itachi Uchiha."

Haishi's head snapped up as a gutteral snarl ripped from his chest, Hinata couldn't help the instinct to cringe and dive for cover, Hinata had never heard her father snap like that.

"Your right Sarutobi, this will take many high ranking ninja to properly handle in an appropriate manner." Hinata's father started 'chewing' the information aguin and shooting Hinata side looks.

"What are you thinking Haishi?" Sarutobi asked.

"I'm tiring to deside if Hinata can survive in a battle with someone even half as strong as Uchiha or Orochimaru."

"She wont be facing them Haishi and even if she did meet them she'd be with someone who could get her out" the Hokage said. He took a calming draft on his pipe and continued "I was planning on assignning her to a low level team to gain expirance and skill."

"hmm, I can agree to that on one condition" Haishi said.

"Yes?" the Hokage said, he was puffing away on his pipe as he lissened and Hinata thought that he would had already agreed to what ever her father was thinking.

"Neji" was all her father said.

The Hokage took a looong pull on his pipe before answering.

"Yes that is aggreeble and I get Neji to so way shoud I complain" he said. Hinata thought that Neji would be just as happy about his as the Hokage. He had been getting slightly grumpy sences Her father had pulled him to help train both Hinata and her little sister Hanabi.

The Hokage tapped out his pipe as he spoke. "Now that thats finished I would like to invite you all to dinner tonight as well." he began to repack his pipe as Haishi spoke.

"Need help keeping Fox in line?" he asked.

"No I'm going to introduced Hinata and Neji to their new squad leader" the Hokage said.

"Oh, well we'll see you at six then Lord Hokage" Haishi said as he stood to leave.

"Yes, oh and Haishi this is an informal dinner so don't try to make too much of an impression" the Hokage said as he held the door open and relit his pipe.

"Yes Lord Hokage" Haishi said as he and Hinata left to change as well.