The battle began in an almost undiscribible flury of blows and counterblows between Naruto, Neji, Sakura, and Ino.

Neji arrived first and went into a complex series of steps that seemed to be trying to get Naruto to circle back towards the rest of the squad, but Naruto countered by simply backing up. Sakura and Ino arrived in a few seconds and moved to the flanks forcing Naruto to up his speed and defencive consentration to keep ahead of them.

Back near the posts Hinata and Shikamaru watch for opening in the swirling melee thirty feet away.

The turning point came when Neji throw a plam strike at Naruto's (apparently) unprotected shoulder. Naruto had lured Neji in then batted his palm up, grabbed his arm and used it as a lever to throw Neji at Ino, causing her to drop her kunai and try to catch him.

Before Naruto could recover Sakura charged in with a chakra enhanced punch aimed at his head.

CRUNCH, everyone heard the distintive sound of bone shattering and Naruto started to fall forwards, his head covered in blood.

"NO!" Hinata looked like she was in shock as she watched Naruto's body hit the ground face first. Sakura was just a shocked as Hinata and couldn't bring herself to get the bells from Naruto's waist.

"First pillar of the ninja 'A ninja most be able to see through disceptions!' so can you see through mine?" a voice asked from the forest. Everyone but Sakura looked up, she just keep stareing at the 'body' which suddenly poofed from existance to be replaced by a large, black box with four holes in the top.

Neji, Shikamaru, and Ino just reacted on their priorities.

Neji made a dash in Hinatas direction as Shikamaru dragged her behind a post (she's still out of it) and Ino grabbed Sakura and pulled her to the ground.

There was a loud popping sound just as everyone started moving and Ino, Sakura and Neji caught a glimps of a black cylinder jumped a few feet into the air and exploded. Little rudder balls were kicked from the cylinder and pummuled the three in the open, Neji was lucky and managed to get to cover before the second cylinder fired but Ino and Sakura were caught in the open not ten feet from the launcher with no clover from the pounding but for a friendy arm or leg from each other.

Four seconds later the volley of pain end.

Everyone waited a few seconds before takeing a look to be sure it was over, then Hinata, Shikamaru, and Neji risked a look to see what Ino and Sakura were doing.

And what they were doing was groning in pain on the ground, their bodies covered in dazons of bruse, welts, and lasseration.

"What the hell was that?" Sakura groned as she drag herself to her feet.

"I believe it is called an antipersonnel mine or 'bouncing betty', there a weapon found primarily in the west." said Neji in his emotionless drawl.

Shikamaru was about to comment when the voice in the forest spoke aguin.

"Motion is life to a ninja" everyone looked up and missed the blinking light on the mine less then a few meters away. A dazon large bean bags were throw the sides of the mine by twelve gauge shootgun shells to pepper the ninja.

After this final volley ended Shikamaru some'd up everyone feelings quite well.

"I don't know about you but" he growled.