A New Thief in Azumano

By: Bishonen'sFoxyMiko

Co-Authored By: DeathNoteMaker

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Category: Crossover

Anime(s)/Manga(s): DNAngel/Inuyasha

Genre: Romance/Comedy/Spiritual/Fantasy/Action

Pairing: Dark/Kagome/Daisuke with admiration and blooming one-sided love from Satoshi toward Kagome and one-sided desire from Krad.

Warning: Major Hirada Twins bashing because I really do hate them. Risa is too prissy and lovesick about Dark and acts too much like a little girl. Riku is just stupid, can't really act like a tomboy, and she can't really accept both Dark and Daisuke as one.

Summary: With the journey for the Shikon over and Naraku dead, Kagome is now 17 years old and in her third year of High school. Due to Sesshoumaru, who is now her elder brother, Kagome moves to Azumano to finish her schooling. During the day, among demons and mythical creatures, she's known as the miko who transcended time and brought humans and demons together while among humans she's known as the feminine-looking younger brother of Taisho Shesshoumaru. But by night… she's someone who can even rival the great Phantom Thief of Azumano in thievery… watch out, Azumano. There's a new thief in town!

Chapter One
It's Just The Beginning

It was eight-thirty in the evening in Azumano and most of the city's population (the majority being women) was outside the Azumano Museum of Arts and History. The majority of the police department, along with Inspector Saehara and Chief Commander Satoshi Hiwatari were outside, guarding the entrance and a sculpture made entirely of silver in the form of a dragon. Along the sculptured dragon's spine were spikes made from turquoise stones, same with its claws and its eyes were made from blood red gems.

But what made the sculpture so valuable and worth guarding was the large baseball sized jewel that was embedded in its neck. The said jewel was a clear red-orange color with bits of misted black swirled just below its surface and within its center was a very light opal that looked as if it was glowing.

"The Jewel of The Dragon's Neck", the sculpture was called. Was said to have been created five hundred years ago during the Sengoku era made by the Hikari clan and was said to be one of their most harmless of their creations. It was also created because its creator was inspired by the story of "The Tale of The Bamboo-Cutter" after finding the jewel on the shores of one of the lakes that surrounded Mt. Fuji.

The reason the sculpture was being guarded was because the Police working for the Task force to capture Dark received a warning letter with a black but fresh rose, saying, "At the stroke of 9pm in two days, one of the mythical creatures the bamboo-cutter's tale will be mine for the taking." The letter wasn't signed but had an elegant design of a black fox with smoky blue-tipped ears and tail.

At first the police suspected that Dark had sent them the letter and the rose, but they weren't too sure.

It took them the entire two days to figure out what the riddle in the letter meant when it mentioned "One of the mythical creatures of the Bamboo-Cutter's tale". Close to the deadline they were about to give up but once Satoshi stepped in and solved the riddle while giving the name and picture of the item that was to be stolen as well as its location. Within a few hours before 9pm, they were able to prepare for the sender's arrival and to capture them before they could steal the sculpture.

'Pretty clever…' Satoshi thought, twirling the thorn-less black rose that came with the letter in his hand. He knew that it, as well as the warning letter, was not from Dark. First of all, Dark always left a black feather with his warning letters… not to mention Dark is too blunt about what he steals and doesn't go through the trouble of giving the police a riddle of what he's stealing…

Turning his attention from the rose in his hand to the museum, he felt and suspected that they were dealing with someone entirely different from the Phantom Thief they tried to capture.

Satoshi's thoughts were cut short when Inspector Saehara gave an impatient sigh, saying, "When is that damned Dark coming? It's already 4 minutes before 9!"

"It's not Dark who's coming…" Satoshi said softly, gaining the older man's attention. At his confused expression, Satoshi explained the differences in what Dark usually left in his warning letters and this person who left them the warning letter in the form of a riddle. After a pause, Satoshi stated while looking to Inspector Saehara from the corner of his eye, "… we're dealing with someone far different from Dark… a probably more clever thief than Dark…"

The alarms within the museum then sounded along with a few surprised and shocked cries of the men who were guarding "The Jewel of The Dragon's Neck". The men outside who heard them, quickly made their way inside to where the silver Dragon sculpture being displayed but were met with darkness… and shadow holding the seemingly heavy sculpture in their hands.

Inspector Saehara barked out an order for the culprit to freeze with his men flashing their flashlights around erratically, not really giving them a good look at the culprit. The culprit quickly turned to them before making a run for it. But, just before the culprit ran off, Satoshi caught a glimpse of a female form and a smoky blue-tipped tail.

"… A woman…?" He muttered softly before running ahead of Inspector Saehara and their men. The young commander, as well as the other men, followed the thief to the roof of the museum. Cutting her off at the ledge, Inspector Saehara took out his handcuffs with a grin and spoke, "Alright, thief… there's nowhere else to go, so just hand over the sculpture and come quietly with us."

The thief, who's silhouette looked like that of a woman's, turned toward them as one of the searchlight's below passed her and the sound of a helicopter sounded and directed their spotlights on her. What the police and Satoshi saw made them almost stop breathing.

The culprit was indeed a woman, who looked to be about Satoshi's age in age appearance with long dark midnight blue hair that reached her knees. Said hair had light smoky blue tips on the rest of her long mane and her bangs that framed her face and almost covered her cat-slit eyes that were a deep sapphire with specks of starlight silver.

She wore a black Chinese styled tunic with white pants, a white long-sleeved shirt, and black Chinese flat-soled slippers. Around her waist was a white sash. Everything about her looked like a man's Asian fantasy come true but what really stood out with her were the smoky blue-tipped ears on top of her head, swerving at every sound and tail, swaying behind her.

When her eyes landed on Satoshi, she just smiled softly, almost innocently yet mysteriously… not at all like Dark who always just grinned on an arrogant but coy way. The girl then turned to Satoshi and the police who were with him before speaking, "I'm impressed… you guys found out what I was after and where it was being displayed. What impresses me more is that you solved my riddle just barely before time was up."

Stepping forward with a bit of an angry stomp, Inspector Saehara yelled, "And why the hell did you send that stupid riddle?!"

The fox-eared girl just grinned with mirth and answered, "The reason I sent the riddle is to see if you guys have what it takes to be one step ahead of me. And to see if you are smarter than the Phantom Thief, Dark Mousy gives you credit." She than added as if it was an afterthought, "And maybe to help you guys get into better shape when trying to catch either me or Dark…" the girl then just grinned a grin that seemed to glow, "then again, I also find it very amusing to see you guys just struggling to find the right answer to my riddle before time is up and I get away with the prize."

Her eyes than glowed with a light that seemed almost similar to Dark's and she then spoke, "it's still too bad though…"

"What is?" Satoshi asked.

"That you're still not clever enough to try and catch me… let alone fast enough." The new thief answered as she lifted the piece of art that she held in her arms. Her face set in an unreadable expression while her eyes revealed that she was slightly disappointed. "Azumano's police still have a long way to go before they can catch someone like Dark… let alone someone like me."

When Inspector Saehara noticed that she was about to jump, he yelled an order for the others to catch her. But the young woman was too quick for them as she flipped backwards and yelled to them, "There's a new Thief in Azumano, gentlemen! And she goes by the name of Tsukiyo!" before disappearing in the shadows below without a trace of her or "The Jewel of The Dragon's Neck."

Most of the officers left the roof to look below, hoping to catch sight of the new thief who called herself "Tsukiyo".

'Moonlit Night…' Satoshi thought, remembering what the woman's name meant. He'd admit, she was beautiful and may even be as smart as, if not smarter, than Dark.

He could feel Krad trying to surface so he could track down the new thief. But unlike the times before when Krad tries to force himself to surface against Satoshi's will, this time it was less painful… almost like flash of nausea with a slight chest pain. But he pushed that down along with Krad's desire to be let out.

But a part of him and the 'white' angel wondered… what would happened if Dark and this new thief, Tsukiyo were to meet…?

'I dread at the thought of them meeting…' Satoshi heard Krad muttered with a bit of disgust and a bit of a creep-ed out shiver before grinning, 'then again… it could be very amusing to see those two fight over a similar target.'

Satoshi gave a slight smirk. Despite that Krad still despised Dark and Daisuke, his attitude toward Satoshi had eased up and was a bit lighter… if only by a little.

As the young special commander looked toward the crowd that had gathered, thinking it was another "Dark appearance" and wondered, 'I wonder if Daisuke and his family watched what happened…'


The Niwa household was in an uproar after hearing what was happening at the museum from the news. At first, Daisuke thought that his mother had sent a letter without telling him about it. Heck, Dark's yelling from inside his head was giving him a headache.

But after Himiko said that she didn't send anything or even planned for Dark to steal anything that was a piece of Hikari Artwork. Even Grandpa Daiki and Daisuke's father, Kosuke were there to back up Himiko's claim of there being nothing to steal.

After a bit of arguing then calming down a little, they all turned to the TV to hear the reporter announce, "This is just in after speaking with Inspector Saehara of the Azumano Police. It seems that it wasn't The Phantom Thief, Dark who had appeared at the museum tonight but someone entirely different. A woman who calls herself Tsukiyo." A sketch of the woman appeared on the screen showing a girl in her late teens wearing Chinese clothes and had dark colored fox ears.

'Hot damn! Who is that?!' Dark exclaimed giving Daisuke a mental image of the thief with his eyes wide with surprise and drooling a little.

'I think that's the woman they were talking about… Tsukiyo, they said her name was…' even though Daisuke would never admit it but he too also thought that this Tsukiyo woman was good-looking. Much more than the Harada twins, separate or put together.

"Many who have gathered are disappointed that it wasn't Dark who had appeared to steal 'The Jewel of The Dragon's Neck' but say that they are interested in the appearance of another art thief who may give the Phantom Thief a challenge. Questions arise wondering who this Tsukiyo is, where she came from, if she's as skilled as Dark, and do the two thieves even know each other. All these questions are being left unanswered but leave many possibilities behind the mystery of this new female Art thief…"

Daiki turned the TV off, also shocked that there was another thief in town. The emotion was shared with Daisuke's parents and Toto who walked in when the reporter first announced the appearance of Tsukiyo.

An uncomfortable silence stretched before Himiko yelled out, "Oh my gods!" Her cry surprised everyone in the living room and almost gave her father a heart attack. She then clasped her hands together, her eyes sparkling with excitement and admiration. "A female thief finally made an appearance! A female role model for every woman and girl!" Her expression then changed into a grin, "She may even get a large male fan club for herself."

As Toto started to join Himiko in the gushing of a female finally taking on a role that was usually taken by males, the guys (Dark included) sweatdropped.

Daiki made a mention that Himiko hoped and wished that some day there would be a female art thief who could hopefully be on par with Dark. It had been a sort of dream of hers since she was a child and first heard about Dark.

Within Daisuke, Dark remembered something like that when Himiko was a child. That dream was manifested after hearing that only the male descendants of the Niwa family could house him. He also remembered Himiko making a few attempts to train her body to become the desired female Art thief she dreamed of.

The Phantom Thief chuckled; thinking that Himiko's dream of a female art thief appearing came true. He paused for a moment, realizing that this new thief; Tsukiyo could become competition for him.

Daisuke then started to laugh when Dark started to cuss about having a rival but not really minding if it was someone as good-looking as Tsukiyo.


On another part of Azumano, Tsukiyo, a.k.a. Higurashi Kagome arrived at her home, which she shared with her Aniki, Sesshoumaru and her grandmother, Mei-lien.

Sometime after the final battle and going home for good, Kagome found out from her mother that they came from a family of female art thieves. This came from her father's side of the family, before Kagome's father Han came to Japan to get away from his family's ways.

With every first-born girl, on the day of her sixteenth birthday she undergoes a transformation, gaining fox traits and the ability to manipulate shadows. She also gains the title of Tsukiyo, The Kitsune Art Thief.

Kagome was told this, five days shy from her sixteenth birthday and when her grandmother, her father's mother came to visit Japan for her upcoming birthday. As well as teach what she needed to know about being a thief and control her Tsukiyo transformation.

With six months of her grandmother's training, combined with Sesshoumaru's (who found her again on her sixteenth birthday), Kagome was ready to take on the title of Tsukiyo. But unfortunately, her school had transferred her to another school in a seaside town called Azumano (I think the town is located close to the sea…).

A part of Kagome didn't really mind. She could finally get away from her so-called friends and Hojo. Plus, she wanted to start over in a new school and maybe even a new town where she was a complete stranger.

Once preparations were made and Kagome and her grandmother, who insisted on coming to live with her and Sesshoumaru to oversee the miko's thievery and set up what she should steal from the museums.

With a sigh, Kagome retracted her shadows and turned back into her original form. Looking around, she noticed that she had arrived in her room instead of Sesshoumaru's study like they had agreed to meet after every heist. 'Gotta improve that trick with the shadows…' Kagome thought as she exited her room and made her way to Sesshoumaru's study.

After figuring out how to cloak her presence with her shadow manipulation, Kagome had figured out how to use her shadows as some sort of portal to take wherever she wanted to go in a quick second. Only problem is… she needs to work on the precision of where she wants to go or else the port way works like roulette and she could end up somewhere no one could hear her…

'Like Sesshoumaru's wine cellar…' Kagome thought sheepishly, remembering that incident.

It was her first time working on her 'shadow portal' and she accidentally ended up in Sesshoumaru's wine cellar. And after being stuck in there for a few hours with countless tries of getting out, a girl tends to get a bit thirsty and well… she ended up drinking a little too much. She soon found out that she could only handle one bottle of California Grape Wine. And so, right when Sesshoumaru decided to have a glass of wine, he finds her in a drunken slumber.

"That's the last time I'm EVER drinking more than half a bottle…" Kagome muttered, as she was halfway to the study.

The next morning after waking from her intoxicated sleep, Sesshoumaru tripled her amount of training. Poor girl was sore for close to two weeks and really learned her lesson about drinking unsupervised.

Shaking her head, Kagome adjusted her hold on "The Jewel of The Dragon's Neck" before knocking on the door of the study. At the sound of Sesshoumaru's voice allowing her entry, Kagome opened the door and spoke, "Tadaima."

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