A New Thief in Azumano

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Chapter Nine:
A Thieves' Showdown, Let the Games begin! Part III

Despite that it wasn't Wiz's first time leaving the Niwa house, it was his first time running into some stray dogs that wanted to eat him. And it was also the first time he went out without Daisuke. The little rabbit-like creature that was also Dark's wings whimpered in fear from the growls and barks directed at him and he started regretting ever going outside without Daisuke.

One of the dogs soon pounced and Wiz shut his eyes, waiting for the pain to come. But the tables had turned as he heard one of the dogs yelp in pain and felt someone or something scoop him up. The action made him open his big red eyes in surprise and was met with the same dogs that surrounded him but he was at a level where they were looking up at him.

"You okay, little one?" Came a soft voice from slightly above him.

"Kyuu?" Wiz then looked up to see whom the voice came from and saw a guy with a pretty face that had a smirk. His eyes were kept on the dogs to make sure they wouldn't attack.

Kagome narrowly managed to jump in front of the dog that was about to attack the little rabbit and kicked away the dog that was about to attack. Once she had scooped up the little rabbit into her arm, she turned back to the dogs that surrounded them. It was only four of them and they weren't demons but they could still bite really hard.

After she asked the little one tucked in her arm, the dog she kicked away started to get up as one of its buddies jumped at her, ready to kill.

Using her other hand to shield the little rabbit, Kagome did a high kick with her foot connecting her the dog's lower jaw and making it yelp before the other three dogs started to attack. To avoid them, she made a jump that made the dogs just barely miss her and make contact with each other and noses first into the garbage that was behind her. The same dog before them got up again and started to growl at her before whining in submission, bringing it's head low and its ears folded toward its skull.

She then turned toward the other three dogs as they soon did the same. Nodding in acceptance, Kagome spoke, "try hurting this little guy again and I'll be hot on your tails." And with that, Kagome walked away with the little fur ball in her arms as she made her way to where she dropped her drawstring bag.

Adjusting her hold on the little rabbit in her arm, Kagome lifted her bag and hung it have her shoulder before looking down at the adorable creature she just save. Giving a smile, she spoke, "It's okay, little one. You're safe now."

Wiz's eyes sparkled before he started nuzzling happily into her chest (Not in a perverted way). He was so happy and relieved that the human saved him when he did. This pretty human boy was savior!

Wiz's action made Kagome laugh lightly at how cute he was. "I don't know who your owner is but I'll keep you with me until I can be able to find them. I just hope Daisuke-san and his family will allow me to keep you with me during my stay."

The little creature in her arms didn't listen, too happy to be alive to even care.


At the Niwa household, all the residents were searching everywhere for Wiz, even Towa and Argentine were helping look for him. Daisuke was getting worried. This was the second time that Wiz disappeared. And even though Dark said that he could easily summon Wiz, the red-haired boy was too worried to listen.

Plus, Kagome, Satoshi, and Saehara were going to be arriving soon!

'Still don't know why you invited Hiwatari. You know how your mom is when it comes to him even being in the house.'

'Yeah, I know but she said that as long as Saehara and Kagome-san are here as well, it was fine since Hiwatari wouldn't be given the chance to try looking around the house for where we keep the stolen pieces of art.'

Dark was silent for a while before he nodded, 'that's true… plus, your mom seemed excited that you were inviting Taisho over. I wouldn't be surprised if she decided to make a very gourmet dinner tonight and breaking out the fine dinnerware.' The phantom thief smirked as he remembered how excited Emiko was when Daisuke asked he could invite a couple of friends to sleep over. And when Daisuke had said Kagome's name, and right after Satoshi's, Emiko did complete switch in emotions from on edge and untrusting to surprised and excited.

'She's even going so far as to bake some sweets and snacks for when Kagome-san and the others come over…'

Daisuke could hear Dark laugh before the thief spoke, 'well, rumors of Taisho had spread so she's no doubt curious about him and just wants to make a good impression on him.'

'Yeah, I know… but she's really going to some extremes. And with Wiz missing, she's a bit moody to be putting all her preparing on hold to look for him, even though she's also worried about him.'

'Don't worry about it. She'll calm down once Wiz comes back home and she can pick up where she was on her preparations.' Although Dark could easily call Wiz to come to him, Daisuke was too worried about the little fur ball to remember that little bit of information.

Aside from all the chaos in the household, Dark was pretty curious on how the evening will turn out with Taisho, Saehara, and Hiwatari at the Niwa home.

All movement within the Niwa home paused when the doorbell rang twice. As it rang a third time, Daisuke heard his grandfather call out, "It's alright, I've got it." After that, Daisuke continued to look for Wiz but was stopped once again when his grandfather called out, "Daisuke! One of your friends has arrived!"

'You better get down there Daisuke. I'm sure your parents and the others will be able to find Wiz.' Nodding in agreement, reluctantly, Daisuke hurried out of his room and went downstairs to the foyer.

As he got closer, he could hear his grandfather speak, "Oh! Saved him for a couple dogs, you say?"

He then heard Kagome's voice reply, "Yeah. I was on my way over here when I saw some dogs ganging up on him. And I couldn't just leave him to die like that."

'Sounds like Kagome-san came over early…'

"Well, it's a very good thing that you ran across him when you did. Everyone had been very worried about him, almost tore the house to pieces looking for him." Daiki laughed before Daisuke appeared around the corner. When he took notice of him, he called out, "Oh! Daisuke! Taisho-kun decided to arrived early so he wouldn't get lost on the way here. He also found Wiz, so we can call off the search."

"Huh?" That was when Daisuke notice Wiz's familiar form cuddling against his friend's chest. Daisuke exclaimed with shock but also relief, "Wiz! Kagome-san, where did you find him?"

Kagome just smiled, "Like I told your grandfather, I found him getting ganged up on by dogs while I was on my way over here."

Although Kagome was happy that she was able to find the little guy's home, she still wanted to keep the little cutie and take him home. But she only decide that option if she couldn't find it's owners.

'Still… he's so adorable!' She mentally gushed as Wiz climbed up on her shoulder and started nuzzling her cheek and neck.

Daisuke smiled, grateful that Kagome came across Wiz when 'he' did. "Thank you so much, Kagome-san. You have no idea how grateful I am."

'Yeah, even though it looks like Wiz may have found a new owner.' Dark muttered, amused at his little partner's antics as he continued to cuddle into the 'boy's' cheek. But he was also thankful that with was brought home safely.

"it's no problem, really. I'm just happy that I was able to bring him home safely." Kagome's smile then turned sheepish, "although, I don't think that he'll be letting me go anytime soon."

"Oh, it's fine. It's just his way of saying thank you." Daiki said with a chuckle at how attached Wiz was becoming to Daisuke's new friend. He then turned to his grandson and suggested, "Daisuke, why don't you take Taisho-kun upstairs to your room so he can set his things down. Then you can introduce him to everyone properly."

"Yes, sir." Daisuke nodded before motioning Kagome to follow him once 'his' shoes were off.

Watching Daisuke lead Kagome to his room, Daiki smirked. He thought that the so-called 'young man' looked familiar. Her features almost looked very similar to an old friend of his from his younger days. Oh, yes, he could tell that Taisho Kagome was a girl but he would keep that bit of information to himself.

And considering that Daisuke was a good kid, he wasn't the least bit worried about anything happening. Not to mention Saehara and the Hikari boy were going to be over as well.

'Besides, it's really her decision whether to tell Daisuke about her true gender or not.' With that thought in mind, he made his way to where he last saw Emiko to tell her that she could finish baking her goodies since Wiz was returned home and also tell the others that they didn't need to look for Wiz anymore.


Upstairs, Daisuke was moving about his room picking up some of the things that fell on the floor while he was looking for Wiz in his room. With his arms full with some of his art supplies and his smaller sketchpads, he sheepishly turned to Kagome, "Yeah, sorry about the mess. I just wanted to make sure I looked everywhere in my room before I was certain that Wiz wasn't here."

Kagome laughed as she set her bag by the door and went to help as Wiz hopped onto her head, "Oh, no. It's okay, Daisuke-san. Sometimes my room can be worse than this when I have a bad day or when inspiration hits me for a painting my brother or other family members request."

Daisuke smiled softly, 'That's right. Kagome-san did say that he liked art…'

'I'm guessing you're gonna ask him to draw something to pass the time before Hiwatari and Saehara get here. Although I'm also curious about his skill.'

Ignoring Dark's remark, Daisuke went back to picking up his things with Kagome's help and setting them in their proper place.

Once they were done, Daisuke suggested, "Well, since Saehara and Hiwatari won't be here yet, you want to meet the rest of my family? We also have two other residents who live here to help my mom around the house."

Setting the boy's aisle back up properly, Kagome replied, "Sure, I'd love to meet them."

"Come on. You've already met my grandpa, Niwa Daiki. My mom, Emiko should be in the kitchen right now. After meeting her, I'll introduce you to my dad, Kousuke. About this time, he should be in the bookroom." With that, Daisuke led Kagome back downstairs for 'him' to meet his parents, as well as Towa and Argentine.

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