Love Story

Friday came all to quickly and brought the traitorous night that I would have to really face the fact that Edward was in love with someone else and all of those dreams I had of him sweeping me off my feet where fake. I was stuck in this sick reality and It was harder than I could have ever expected to face up to that.

So, as my eyed opened that moment I reminded myself of something much more important than my sorrow.

Edward would be happy.

Sure, I would want to die. But, knowing that this girl could put a smile on his face, and all of the girls to come in his life. Might just make me the least bit happy in life.

So, for him, I got up. Dressed myself in tight dark denim jeans, my worn out black converse and a pretty black flowing top and got myself ready for school.

As I walked down the stairs into the kitchen I saw Rose, Jasper, Alice, Emmett, and Edward.

Sitting their in all his glory on in my kitchen.

"Hey Bells! What took you so long?" His beautiful voice asked.

"Nothing" I replied coldly.

I didn't mean to be a jerk but I couldn't help it. I wasn't mad at him. Just myself for being so unworthy of his love.

The rest of the day dragged on just as the morning.

He would ask me something or comment on something, anything really, and I would just reply back with a short one word answer and freeze him out.

I was mostly just trying to save myself from the night that I dreaded.

As he dropped me off at my house he asked me, " Bella? What's wrong with you today?"

"Nothing." Cold, again.

"Bella, I need more than I cold one word answer for this. What is wrong?" His velvety voice made me want to cry knowing that another girls name would fall from his lips tonight.

"Nothing is wrong with me Edward. I'll see you later"


That night I dressed in black tight jeans and A deep blue flowing top. Alice lent me a pair of silver ballet flats and curled my hair the lightest bit. Along with this she applied the littlest of makeup to my plain face commenting on how I "didn't need it" and how I was "beautiful in so very many ways"

Yea, right.

This all seemed like It was a lot to go through for me to get my heart broken.

But, she insisted that I had to go. And, that I might be surprised.

I'd highly doubt it.

The walk to our little meadow was hard but I made it.

As I came through the clearing my heartbeat stopped and my knee's got weak.

Their was Edward. In a Suit non the less, holding a bouquet of flowers with the instrumental of "Yellow" by, Coldplay playing in the background.

This was like something out of the movies.

"Bella, I love you. I can't live with out you and I'm sorry it took me so long to realize it. I'm sorry that I hurt you. Alice and Rose kind of told me. But, I never meant to do that because, it was always you. It will always be you. Bella Swan will you give me the sweet honor of being your boyfriend?" The words flowed from his mouth. From his angelic lips.

"Edward…" I couldn't speak. My breath was labored. It all made sense to me now.

The questions everything. He loved me.

Without me really knowing I took steps towards him and was only inches away from him.

"Yes, I love you. I always have. I love you Edward." With that a single tear of utter bliss slid down my cheek.

Suddenly his cool Hands where on my face. Wiping away the tears.

I couldn't take the tension anymore.

I closed the distance between us.

Are lips crashed together in a passionate dance.

It was like nothing I'd ever felt before.

It was everything I had waited for.

His soft lips molded perfectly with mine. We where after all meant to be. Everything else melted away. The meadow. The world. It was just me and Edward. Together, forever, or at least for now.

The situation quickly brought me back down the earth and I realized I did after all have a need for air.

With both pulled away at the same time staring deeply into each others eyes.

I saw nothing but truth in his and I'm sure that he was pleased with the look in mine.

"Utter bliss" He murmured against my skin.

That's when I passed out…..

A/N: Sorry its so short more up soon. :-D