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Chapter 5

A sunbeam awoke Naruto the next morning, who panicked for a moment at seeing unfamiliar surroundings. But then he remembered the events of the past day and he calmed down. After a quick shower (he loved the hot water!) he made his way to the kitchen. Kyuubi once again was resting as a "scarf" around his neck. Naruto pondered on how much sleep that Kitsune seemed to need but forgot about it the moment the smell of breakfast hit his nose. There, standing in the kitchen, was his new mom preparing breakfast. He almost cried in happiness because of this.

"Ohayo Naruto-kun! How are you this morning? Did you get enough sleep last night? You have a long day before you."

"Yeah I'm fine Tsume-chan. I have never slept so good for as long as I can remember. And being able to have a warm shower is a nice change too…" he muttered the last part under his breath, but he had underestimated the superior senses of the Inuzuka clan.

"What?! How is it that being able to have a hot shower is something new to you?"

"Well my "apartment" didn't have running water and my cottage didn't have plumbing."

"But you could have used the public baths. They have everything you need and are open all day and night."

The blond only snorted at that.

"They refused to give service to the "demon". So that wasn't an option for me either. Instead I always bathed in the river. But hey, it could have been worse."

Before Tsume could retort, they were interrupted by a loud shout of "Ohayo!" from the entering Kiba.

"I'm so excited! I'm really looking forward to this "clan-team" thingy. We're totally going to kick some serious ass! Ouch! Why did you hit me okaa-san?!"

"Mind your language runt!"

"What's with all the squabbling so early in the morning? Can't you be quit at least once? We have a new family member you know?" said one Hana when she arrived together with the companions of the three Inuzuka.

Naruto noticed that unlike Tsume and Kiba, who were wearing their usual ninja attire, she was dressed in civilian clothing. She was wearing a dark red skirt and a white t-shirt with flowers imprinted on it. Also her hair wasn't tied into a ponytail but instead hung loosely around her neck.

"So you are Naruto, eh? It's nice to finally meet you face to face. How's the furball doing?" Kuromaru Tsume's wolf was the only Inuzuka companion who could speak the human language. He was known throughout Konoha for this, so Naruto wasn't really surprised when the wolf addressed him.

"I was doing just fine until the commotion woke me from my nap, just to let you know. Now if everybody could tone it down a bit, I need my beauty sleep."

Before Kyuubi or Kuromaru started a fight, Tsume served breakfast and then took Kuromaru aside to explain the situation. She had been too tired the night before to do it then.

"Hana, why are you in civilian clothing? Don't we have meeting with baa-chan later? And wasn't there something about me meeting the rest of the clan?"

"That's true Naruto, but before that you and me are going shopping. You seriously need a new wardrobe! How can you stand wearing this jumpsuit?! And the meeting with the clan is scheduled sometime this evening."

"It's the only thing that shops would sell me…"

"Grrrr, if they try that in my presence they'll regret it. I'm not letting them treat my new brother like a demon!!"

Blushing Naruto only gave a small smile as response.

"Speaking of getting things done before the meeting. You have to sign the summoning contracts for apes and foxes kit. It's not a big deal summoning both the boss summons, especially with your large chakra capacity, especially after your transformation into a hanyou. The boss for the foxes should be my brother Kurama, so that won't be much of a deal."

Twenty minutes later, Naruto and his new family were standing in the Orchard that Naruto's clones had transported the night before. After signing both contracts he made the proper handsigns and cried:

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu: Kitsune!" after a puff of smoke a giant eight tailed silver Kitsune stood in the clearing. After taking note of Naruto's nine golden tails and his "scarf" it bowed.

"How may I be of service Naruto-sama?"

"Don't I have to go through some kind of test for being able to summon you?"

"As you were the Jinchuriki of Kyuubi-sama there is no need for such a test. She would have only giving you our contract if you are worthy of it."

"Um, okay, thanks I guess. That would be all then."

"Very well, until we meet again." With that Kurama puffed away.

"One down, another to go. Kuchiyose no Jutsu: Saru!" this time the smoke gave view to a much smaller figure, but an imposing one nonetheless. Everybody in Konoha knew Enma, personal summon of the deceased Sandaime Hokage.

"Ah, young Naruto. It is nice to meet you. I trust you have received the will of Sarutobi? I will not test you, since the test for us monkeys is one of loyalty, kindness and courage. Traits, that you have already shown more than enough. I am looking forward to working with you in the future. Is there anything else you need from me?"

One shake of the head later Enma disappeared where he came from.

"Sugoi Naruto-taichou! Now you can summon three bosses if you need to!"

"Hehe, yeah but it's not that a big deal. You see Kiba, Summons do not help in any situation. For example using Gamabunta in my fight against Sasuke would have been stupid. There was neither enough room, nor would it really helped me. Gamabunta is only useful against an army or somebody just as large as him like the Biju."

"When did you get so intelligent Naruto?"

"That's because he's half Kitsune now. Of course he should be more intelligent! Kitsune are the most intelligent creatures in existence after all; that should weigh up more than enough for his stupidity. Most of which was an act anyway."

"Shut it, baka Kitsune! If you are so intelligent why did you get tricked by Orochimaru in the first place?"

Growling Kyuubi was about to scratch Naruto's eyeballs out, but before she was able to do so, Hana had snatched both Naruto and her by the ears and was pulling them towards Konoha.

"Let's put your energy to a better use and get started on the shopping. We have a lot of ground to cover".

Kuromaru was snickering watching things play out. "Already under a leash huh? Poor boy, woman can be so pushy..." Suddenly he felt a foreboding presence behind him and he heard the sickeningly sweet voice of Tsume ask: "What were you saying..?"


"That's what I thought, come on, we have some cleaning up to do."

Meanwhile Hana, Naruto and a now again sleeping Kyuubi were walking through the shopping district of Konoha.

Though Naruto certainly looked as if he rather not be there.

"Oh come on Naruto-kun it can't be that bad to have to get a new outfit!"

The kitsune-hanyou sighed.

"I'm not upset because of the idea of getting a new outfit, I know orange is not the color for a ninja. But the looks of the civilians are worse than normal....and I also have some bad memories in this district...."

Sadly he was right. Instead of the indifferent looks he usually got, now the populace of Konoha was eying him with undisguised hatred and in some cases fear. Hana hadn't really noticed since she never payed attention to the civilians. That is until now. She started to growl at every single person that was giving Naruto a wrong look. This caused many people to subconsciously take a step back and shiver. Naruto sent her a grateful smile.

"It's okay Naruto-kun, that's what family is for."

Finally they arrived at their destination. The "Konoha Ninja Supply" was famous. It had been around since the founding of Konoha and was frequented by all of the Hokages and all the major clans. It had everything from weapons to armor and other things a ninja could need. But before they could start browsing the items for Naruto they ran into opposition: Namely the shopkeeper.

"What are you doing in here, demon scum? Didn't I tell you that I don't serve the likes of you?!"

This proved the wrong thing to say, because one second later he found himself lying on his back a furious Hana on top of him, holding a kunai to his throat.

"If you ever address my otouto that way again, I will kill you on the spot as is my right my the law passed by the Sandaime Hokage. Am I clear? And if you refuse to give service to him, I will notify the Godaime and since Tsunade loves Naruto like a brother, I don't think she will be very pleased, don't you agree?"

Fearing for his live the man nodded frantically and swore to never think about refusing service to Naruto.

"Pass the message on to every shop in Konoha. Whoever tries to cheat Naruto in any way or refuse to sell him supplies will face the wrath of the entire Inuzuka clan and the Slug Sannin Tsunade. Have I made myself clear?" Another nod.

Then Hana did a 180 and smiled at her adopted brother.

"Let's shop!"

The blond only nodded dumbly, still astonished at the turns of the events. He had never been protected so fiercely in his life and from a good looking female nonetheless.

"Where did that come from? She's nice and all but...ah never mind. I'll think about it later."

One hour a transformed Naruto left the shop.

Instead of his orange jumpsuit he was wearing black shinobi sandals and pants. Additionally he was wearing a black t-shirt with a brown vest on top. The vest had the usual chunnin-design but also sported a golden nine-tailed kitsune on the back. His headband was tied around his neck, allowing his grown hair to fall freely. In the back it was tied in a loose ponytail. Furthermore he wore a cloak. But unlike the Yondaime whose had been white. His was black in color and once again sported several nine-tailed golden foxes and additionally several dogs of the same color – a tribute to his new clan.

"Naruto-kun you look really good in that outfit! Look at all the stares you are getting."

She was right. Several females eyed Naruto with a look of lust. Hearts could be seen in their eyes and the boy started to fear them more than the looks of hate. But that didn't stop him blushing from Hana's comment.

"Thanks Hana-chan. Let's get back to the compound, I can't wait to see my mothers sword! I bet it totally kicks ass!"

The female Inuzuka rolled her eyes at his outburst but was happy that he was still his cheery self, it hadn't been a total mask. A Naruto without even a bit of cheerful attitude just didn't seem right.

But in the back of her mind, Hana felt that they had forgotten something. But they couldn't put she could not put her finger on it. Oh well, it most likely wasn't important anyway.

Back in the shop

The shopkeeper was cleaning up when he noticed a peculiar looking orange scarf lying on a pile of shirts. He lifted it up only to look into the eyes of a very mad fox. In panic he threw it away as fast as he could – and right into the wall.

"When I get my claws on that blond bastard who forgot me here, he will never conceive any children in his life!!!!!!!"