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His lips tasted like vanilla.

Once I had started, I couldn't stop. It was like an insane addiction that I had been able to function without so far for thirteen years of my life. And then, as soon as it was introduced, I couldn't stop. I spent every waking minute thinking about it. Every second I was around him, I found myself looking at his lips and wishing they were against mine as I felt the swirl of his tongue. I would be sitting next to him and would resist the urge to tangle my hands into his hair and tug his face down to mine.

It was strange. I had always thought that kissing would be something you had to think about. You would have to carefully move your tongue in specific patterns and be perfectly synchronized when moving your lips. Your hands would have to be placed in the exact spots and you had to breathe in timed intervals.

I wanted that sort of contact, but at the same time was absolutely petrified. What if I was no good? Would he make fun of me for not knowing how to kiss properly? Would he reject me? What if I didn't like it? I had never felt a tongue on mine before, would I be grossed out?

But when I was kissing him, I didn't think about anything, and couldn't dredge up the idea to be embarrassed at my lack of experience. I just lent myself over to the feelings and let myself do what my body directed me to do. And from the pants and sighs that came from him, I must have been doing something right.

His arms wrapped around me, tightening their hold around my back as his hands moved from my hair to my neck, wrapping around my shoulders and occasionally moving down to cup my backside.

My back arched and I pressed against him, causing us to stagger. We broke away for a moment and I let myself breathe as he peppered my cheeks and forehead. Sometimes, it was hard to believe that this was happening to me. That this perfect God was mine. That he felt the same for me that I felt for him. It was hard to fathom because it just didn't happen. These kinds of things just don't exist.

He brought his lips back to mine and we continued our activities.

Someone was clapping somewhere in the vicinity, and, not knowing or caring who it was, I stuck my hand in the direction of the noise and lifted my middle finger. I heard a chuckled and felt him smile against my mouth. The feel of his teeth against my lips sent shivers down my spine.

He was leaning against the wall, his arms wrapped around my waist as mine wrapped around his neck when we heard Jasper's squeaky voice echoing down the darkened hallway of our high school. "Where's Edward?"

"Shit," he whispered against my lips.

We hadn't been able to keep our hands off of each other since we left the state championships football game. I had been able to sneak onto the bus with him on the way back to school, and we had traveled seventy miles without coming up to breathe. We came back and easily avoided his friends and found a darkened hallway where we continued to feed our addiction.

"Edward!" Emmett's booming voice was closer now and we could hear his pounding footsteps. I couldn't help but chuckle. "Edward, I know where you are and I know what you're doing." I giggled. He groaned. "And I swear to God, if you are not out here in two seconds I will kick your ass in every direction!" I was laughing so hard that I pulled away and darted behind a pillar. I pressed my back against the wall and covered my mouth to hold my laughter.

"And keep your goddamn pants on!"

A hand clasped around mine and pulled me back toward the main hallway. I heard his light footsteps as he raced gracefully and thoughtlessly to Emmett's voice. Feminine laughter joined in with mine as we ran toward the front doors. "Bella, I can't believe you!" Alice laughed, bursting through the door and pulling me toward her car.

Laughing, we threw ourselves into the seats. I clutched my stomach as I continued to laugh, choking on air as I tried to suck it down. "I…caught the…finger…you shot… at…me," she said through her giggles. "Very…nice. I still…can't…believe…you two… are…"

She continued to talk as she turned on the car and raced out of the parking lot. After I had a moment to calm down, I realized that I had left without saying goodbye to him. We had both broken away, racing off in separate directions. I felt bad, and waited until Alice dropped me off in the safety of my own house and I was locked in my bedroom to pull my phone out. I sent him a text message.

He never responded. And I wouldn't see him again for another ten years.

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