Hey, Because of Blizzard Hearts brilliant success, i am honoring all my reviewers requests and writing a sequel to the story. So here you are please enjoy! Also this new chapter has two parts the first part is important but there is Fax in the second part!

" Sophie!" Matt whispered thru his teeth as he eased Sophie's trembling hands away from her dirty tear streaked face. "Please, Sophie, get a hold of yourself!"

" No…. Matt!" Sophie wailed as he slowly eased her into his arms, clutching her frail trembling body against his own.

" Its all right Sophie." He lied as she buried her face against the fabric of his shirt.

" No, Matt." She said suddenly cold and stiff in his arms. " Its not."

He Didn't say anything to that, just continued to rock Sophie back and forth in his arms, as he stared at the rain pounding down behind them as it rolled off the canvas over them and hit the ground in floods.

Earth, sucked he decided. No wonder Humans hated it here.

He had to save Sophie, from this Hell!

Sophie burrowed her head under his chin as she exhaled shakily, her dirty blond hair tickling his chin.

" Matt?" She mewed quietly as his wings pressed tighter against his back.

" Yes, My love?" He replied as she shivered her thin arms tightening around his waist.

" There going to find us, Matt."

" No, Sophie don't think about that." Matt reprimanded his throat tight as she sobbed dryly into his shoulder.

" They are, they won't stop Matt! There whole reason to live is to hunt us!"

Matt didn't argue, Sophie was to smart to believe any of his fake reassurances, the only thing they could do now, was wait here.

And Pray.

That maybe just maybe Heaven would take them back. He was a good healer, wasn't he. Surely commiting a horrible sin hadn't earned him this..

Oh wait yeah a horrible sin.

" Max?" Fang whispered huskily as I zipped up my own thin jacket and slipped my wings through the slits in the back.

" Uh, Yeah." I offered as I pulled on my boots.

" Its going to be cold out there Fang." I cautioned. "You better dress."

" You know I'll keep you warm." Fang said sincerely as I turned to face him. He was in a baggy blue jean jacket his dark wings tucked against the fabric.

I couldn't help mentally peeling away his baggy clothing to the perfect chest underneath. Something I had been shamefully doing more and more lately since the snow cave.

Where I had gotten to see just how perfect his chest really was.

" I know." I grumbled as he strolled forward toward me his hands shoved deep into his pockets.

All the rest of the flock was already streaking through the cold air as Fang wound his arms around my waist and lay his chin on my shoulder.

This had to stop! I told myself through my own bliss. Fang and I where friends and nothing more… and..Oh! I shivered as he skimmed his lips over my neck and nipped my ear tenderly. Then as if he had been teasing me he backed up tell he was just holding me against him.

" I love you." He said freely and I slowly disentangled myself from his arms.

" Lets just fly okay." I murmured "The others…."

Fang snorted as he flared his wings out his coat billowing as he straightened. "Yeah, Max." He sighed " Its always about someone else, isn't it?"

" Fang!" I grumbled as he shot off the ground and pivoted out into the gray sky.

" He sounded pissed." My sister Ella observed from the porch as I sighed. " Yeah, he's always like that."

" Ahh." Ella stirred her hot chocolate then shot me a half smile. "Well you better go follow Mr. Sunshine, lover girl."

" Yeah and you watch the blind one." I grumbled in retaliation as Ella shot me an amused look.

" Hey, I don't have a problem with that." She blushed and I rolled my eyes. " Iggy's..... cute."

" Of course you don't have a problem with that." I grumbled, as she sighed.

" Hey at least I am not trying to get him in between the sheets." Ella called as I froze halfway ready to shoot off the ground.

" What!?"

" Iggy said that Fang and you have totally got something going on." She snickered." He thinks you guys are doing it"

" Hmm he does, tell him I am going to kill him." I grumbled as I hovered off the ground and Ella pouted "You wouldn't."

" Oh, I totally would and he knows it." I grinned as I shot off. I was going to kill Iggy, that was my mission of the day.

Me? Get Fang in-between the sheets?

No! That would never happen not in a million years! Okay well maybe not a million…

Fang was coming back as Angel passed by me and Gasman swooped after her.

" Hey, you!" I grabbed Fang's arm and he looked at me sharply. " Why did you just storm off you know it's not like that."

" I thought?" He raised an eyebrow. "That something had changed between us."

" You thought wrong." I lied as he bowed his head toward me then brushed his lips over mine.

I hovered there with him for a second my heart racing as he swept me against his chest and kissed me deeply.

I had to force myself to remember to flap.

" You confuse me." Fang whispered as I smiled into his shoulder, as what Ella had said swept through my mind unwilled. In between the sheets....

" Hey, and who started a rumor about sheets." I asked as I pulled back and he cocked his head in confuscion

" What?"

" Oh forget it, it was Iggy's fault." I swooped away and he followed. My heart was still rocketing from the kiss, my hormones where positively raging.

" Ahh, isn't it always."

" Yeah pretty much." I laughed as Nudge streaked past us in a graceful dive.

" You coming." I turned to look at Fang and saw that he had frozen in the air his wings flapping as his only movement.

He was listening to something, I realized.

I forced my ears to seek out the keen sound.

A click. My heart chilled as I recognized the well known sound. It was a safety release on a gun.

" Max!" Fang roared as he shot toward me, I heard the rushing bullet as it flew through the air and nailed Fang as he darted in front of me protectively.

" Fang!" I screamed as he was blown backwards. My face was showered with blood as it exploded out of Fang's shoulder, where the bullet meet his body.

Fang roared in pain as his body snapped backward.

" Fang.." My head spun as his hand flew to his shoulder which was gushing blood all the way down his shirt. He inhaled shakily as his glassy pain torn eyes focused on me.

" Max." He whispered as his eyes closed and he fell, his wings folding in against his body as he streaked toward the ground, unconscious.