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Tears of Constantine

Sophie felt like a Popsicle. It was the only thing she had to compare the new sensation to. She remembered the way the sweet tasting treat had hit her tongue and she had felt relief wash thru her body at the sudden pleasure. This was not like that though; there was no pleasure in this.

" Sophie?" Matt had stopped and was now staring down at her his large hands perched on his thin hips. " Come on, Soph."

" I'm trying!" Sophie hissed as she wrapped her arms around her frail body and took another step up the hill. " Matt I'm…." she struggled to place the sensation was it tired, angry, happy…

" Its called Cold." Matt finished for her as he skipped back down the hill to her side and extended a hand. "Once we get where we are going Soph, it will disappear."

She continued to glare at his outstretched hand, not sure if she could trust the bait he presented. Matt waited smile slowly falling at the corners as his hand swung slowly to his side.

" Come on Soph." He encouraged gently while pushing a strand of hair from her face. " You can do this for me, can't you?"

For a while he kept eye contact then slowly he leaned down and planted a gentle kiss on her forehead.

Sophie remained with her eyes focused on the dirt below her feet as Matt chuckled nervously then reached out and seized her hand slowly coaxing her up the slope.

They clawed there way up together their hands never more then a few inches apart before their fingers managed to find each other's again.

Matt panted as he hauled Sophie up the final stretch of the slope and she collapsed against him her worn sneakers scrambling to find a footing in the dirt.

" See not hard at all." Matt smiled as he let go off Sophie's hand. " You did amazing."

Her grin was luminous in the darkness as he felt his heart leap; the same moment the dirt beneath Sophie's feet.

" NO!" Matt shrieked as Sophie tumbled down the slope one hand extended reaching for him.

" MATT!!" She screeched as he lunged missing her fingertips by inches.

Sophie continued to fall, her wings jerking as the slide moved downward toward the street, directly below where they had been standing. In fact the young angel kept rolling tell she landed directly on the road with a solid sounding thud.

There was a screeching sound as a car that had been taking the corner shoved on it's breaks in order not to hit Sophie, it weaved then stopped only a few feet away from where she lay.

Sophie moaned quietly as the car's headlights dimmed. She might at one point have been terrified of yet another strange earthly object approaching her, but right now another sensation was meeting that terror head on.

She flattened her wings against her back, as flustered women crouched by her.

" Are you okay?" The woman demanded voice panicked. " Oh My god, are you real?"

Sophie glanced up her trademark smile sneaking its way back onto her face as a hysterical giggle rose out of her. She had survived! The giggle continued to grow tell it was a hacking laugh.

The women looked at her as if she was insane, her hands hovering as if to help. There was yelling from inside the car, sounded like arguing to Sophie, a thing she had experienced more than enough of since coming to earth.

" What's your name?" The women demanded as Sophie's head slowly meet the pavement and her eyes flickered shut leaving her with the image of the women's name tag, shimmering against her closed eyelids.

Dr. Martinez

i know it was short but it was necasarry, More Fax coming.