The Watcher Prologue


A/N: This takes place around a couple of weeks before the season 5 episode The Longest Day. But that doesn't mean I'll be following the same story line as the show did.

-Yours truly, Randy Taylor

Randy's POV

'Do you hear something?' I ask mom. She's sitting in the living room, sewing something. I'm at the table writing a paper for History. Brad, Mark, and dad are in the garage working on the hot rod. I really don't see what kind of enjoyment they get out of that car.

'No, I didn't hear anything. What did the noise sound like?' mom asks.

'I don't know. It sounds like some kind of animal or something' I say. I just shake my head, and go back to concentrating on the essay. I'm probably just imagining things.

About thirty seconds later, I hear the sound again, a little louder this time.

'Now don't tell me you didn't hear that' I say to mom.

'No' mom replies. This is too weird.

'I'm going to check outside. It really sounds like some kind of animal is out there' I say, getting up from the table.

I head to the front door and open it. I don't see anything, so I venture further out into the darkness, eventually heading around the side of the house, to the backyard.

And there, right in the middle of the pool of light illuminating the backyard, is a small black kitten that appears to be on the brink of death. I run back inside to get mom.

'Mom, there's a kitten out in the backyard!' I shout. She puts down the blanket she's been working on, and follows me back outside.

'Get a blanket or something' I tell mom as I walk over to pick up the kitten. She does so, and we meet back inside the house. She's holding a baby blanket of Brad's. Together, we carefully wrap the kitten in the blanket, so it can hopefully get warmed up. As we do so, I notice there's blood on my hands and shirt from the kitten.

'What do we do now?' I ask as dad, Brad, and Mark come through the garage door. The kitten in my arms doesn't even respond to that.

'What do we do about what?' dad asks, looking concerned.

'Randy found a kitten outside in the yard' mom explains.

'Isn't there some sort of animal emergency room in Dearborn?' mom asks.

'I think so. What are you saying, we're going to take care of this animal?' dad asks.

'We have to! We can't just sit here and let it die!' I exclaim.

'Okay, okay, just calm down Randy. It's only about twenty minutes or so to Dearborn, so we could drive there tonight' dad says.

'Do you want to drive, or should I?' mom asks.

'Honey, the poor cat's been through enough. Let me drive' dad jokes. I give dad my best version of "the look". Mom does too.

'As I said, I'll drive. Randy, you'll have to set in the front seat of the car' dad says.

'Brad! Mark! You two need to get down here!' mom yells upstairs. They come running downstairs.

'What's the matter?' Brad asks.

'Your brother found a cat outside, and we need to take it to that animal hospital in Dearborn, and you two need to come with us' mom explains. They both head out to the garage and get into the car. Mom follows them, then me, and finally dad.

Later at the Animal Hospital

Randy's POV

Thank God, the kitten will survive. The doctor said someone must've abandoned the kitten at the curbside (no kidding!), and some sort of other animal attacked, which is why it was bleeding. It (he) is only about three months old, but is smaller than a typical cat of his age would be.

I'm just glad he'll survive. Now I just need a name for him.

A/N: This story isn't honestly what I sat out to write today. This blank document was supposed to be chapter 14 of Crash, but I just started writing this instead.

I still have two other stories planned, one of which, I swear on a stack of Bibles, is about Mark.

I know this doesn't seem like much of a story, and the title seems confusing right now, but you'll figure it all out if you keep reading.

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