Disclaimer: this is a work of fan fiction based on JRR Tolkien's Middle Earth, in particular the Silmarillion, the HoME books and the Lord of the Rings. I make no money off this whatever, so please don't bother trying to sue the me.


Although Beleriand has been beneath the sea these many thousands of years, it was once a wide land filled with many peoples and was the location of the great War of the Jewels. These realms are little known today, and therefore I have been requested by Queen Arwen to tell of them in order to improve understanding of the history of those distant days. The events that took place in Beleriand during the first Age are vitally important for understanding the history of Gondor fully, as the ancestors of the Numenoreans fought beside the elves in the battles that took place during this time, and many alliances and enmities were formed that continue to shape Gondor's culture and foreign policy today. It is hoped that this treatise will assist students in Minas Tirith in visualising and understanding the events of the first Age.

A/N: this is my attempt to better visualise the realms of the eldar days and the ways in which they functioned and interacted with each other. As such, it contains large amounts of material from the Silmarillion and HoME. It also contains deductions from my knowledge of science and geography on earth, and a good deal of imagination. It is my hope that other people who write fan fiction may enjoy reading it, and possibly find some of the ideas useful in their writing. If you notice any factual inaccuracies, such as contradictions with Tolkien's published works, please let me know so I can fix them. If you want to use any of the ideas from here that are obviously not of Tolkien origin, go right ahead, but mention where you got them.