Another way to die

Bella is 15 and a half, not to mention the Princess of Italy. Edward is 17, the brother of the Mafia bosses; and Edward has wanted nothing more than to join them. But when Bella runs away from the life she never wanted, Edward is ordered to kidnap her and hold her ransom. But when Edward and Bella begin to fall in love who will Edward choose; the work he has always dreamed of, or the girl he loves... AH!

Song that inspired this: Alicia Keys and Jack white – Another way to die.


Bella's POV

Four words that describe me...I hate my life.

I hate the destiny that waits outside my bedroom door, I hate my father for bringing me into this world and I also hate the fact that I have no choice.

Most girls my age would die to be a princess. But not me, instead I would die to be a normal teenager. This all meant nothing to me, I just wanted to be normal and have a boyfriend, go to school, proper parties... Unfortunately for me though, I couldn't have any of this, because of course I had my 'duty' to attend too.

But the worst thing was that no one could even tell unhappy I was. Maybe they didn't care enough about me to notice? That was probably it then. So you're thinking, what about your parents? Only, I hardly ever see my father, he is always on business trips, conferences and negotiations. And I never knew my mother, she bailed out when she gave birth to me, she couldn't handle all of the pressure of being royalty, I guess that I had inherited that from he

So was younger, I was just left with whichever nanny my Father had hired for me at the time. Though, they never lasted long, apparently I was a difficult child. My Father always shouted at me when they quit, but then after a few years he just gave up and let me be, it was obvious that I was never going to learn.

So that left me here then, unhappy and stuck in the middle of a palace in Italy, with numerous guards and servants roaming around. Right this minute, I was getting ready for a ball that was about to start, and as usual I was late.

"Isabella, I assure you, you look fine, in fact you look beautiful," my maid Angela was trying to convince me. Looking in the long mirror, I twisted to the side and sighed. Who was I kidding? I was never going to be the pretty princess that you read about in story books. Instead, I was plain with medium length brown hair and chocolate eyes, the only thing I actually liked, was my pale flawless skin.

A bell rang in the corner of my room, signalling that my Father wanted me downstairs immediately. I suppressed and frown and forced a smile on my face.

"I better go..." I said and Angela laughed.

"Good luck!" she called after my retreating back and I smile a little to know that someone cared about me, even if it was just a little.

If I had a best friend, it would be Angela. She was the reason that I kept sane, I always told her about my worries, and she would always willingly listen to me with sympathy.

I had even told her my darkest secret, one that I was even sure if I could go through with yet, but she sympathised with me, and all but kicked me out herself. I know that sounds pretty strange of me to say, but if you knew Angela, you would know why, she was only thinking the best for me.

I turned the corner at the edge of the hallway to be met with a servant.

"Isabella," he panted, he had been running. "Your Father is furious you are almost an hour late...he wants you to meet someone."

"I'm on my way," I said impatiently and pushed passed him and proceeded down the stairs. I knew I was being rude, but I had dreaded this day for weeks, and I was going to make it as short as I possibly could.

I entered the ball room, to be met with chatter and laughter, while sweet music was playing in the background.

I had only taken a few steps into the room, when I was steered to the left by my Father. "Isabella!"He said, sounding delighted, the confrontation will be later then, I decided. "I have been looking for you everywhere, and I would like you to meet someone!"

By now we were standing in front of a tall man, whose skin was a mix of what looked like copper, but also lighter than you would expect, he was probably from two races then. The tall man had a brooding expression on his face as he looked me up and down once, satisfied with what he saw, he smiled.

"This is Akil Fadil, he is the third oldest, and one of the Princes of Egypt, he is here as a representative of his family and will be staying here for a few days. Akil this is my only daughter Isabella," my father introduced us. Oh great, he is match making again, I desperately thought to myself.

Smiling a little Akil took my hand and kissed it, "It is a pleasure to meet you Isabella," he murmured against my skin. His accent took me by surprise, it was Italian, but with a hint of American somewhere behind the roots.

"The pleasure is all mine," I said with a curtsy. I may be in a bad mood but I still knew how to be polite. My Father walked away, muttering something about speaking to the Duchess of France, I stared urgently after his retreating form, but he didn't turn around. Half rolling my eyes so that Akil couldn't see, I turned back to him, as he began to engage me in talk.

"So Isabella, how old are you then?" I frowned this was a strange question.

"I'm fifteen... What about you?"

Akil smiled, as though he was in on some private joke, "I don't like to tell people about myself."

Oh how nice, I thought as I stared at him, trying to figure him out. Nothing seemed to fit, his skin colour (which looked the shade that Native Americans usually have), or the accent Italian American, also he didn't look very Egyptian either, it just didn't make sense.

"Would you like to dance?" He held out his hand, and hesitantly I took it, unsure, because I couldn't dance very well.

But thankfully Akil wasn't either, he danced like someone who wasn't use to all of this, the opposite of me, who was used to it, but just couldn't dance well.

After the song was over, I gave Akil a small smile and walked away as fast as I could without drawing attention to myself. I grabbed a glass of wine of servants tray as he walked passed, and I stood at the edge of the room, watching the dancers, but also concealing myself, so that my Father won't find me and scold for not mingling with the guests.

From across the room, I felt someone's eyes on me and I looked up to see Akil staring at me. I repressed a sigh, looks like this one is going to be hard to get rid of. I saw Akil's mouth moving slightly as though he was talking to someone close to him, but nobody was standing near enough to him to have a conversation, but then after a moment's inspection, I saw that his hand was next to his ear, holding a small boxed object. Ah...that explained it then, he was on the phone.

"Isabella," I heard someone call my name from behind me, I groaned and turned around to find my Father glaring at me and his arms crossed across his chest. I had subconsciously begun to walk across the dance floor towards Akil, and I was surprised that nobody had knocked into me yet.

"Why are you not talking to anyone? I have been watching you for the last ten minutes and you have just been staring off into space," my father said softly to me, so that this talk wouldn't be heard by passers-by, but his voice also held a hint of intimidation.

"I don't want to be here, and you fully well know that," I hissed back at him.

"It is your duty to be here, it was what you were born for, now go mingle!" he retorted.

"No, I don't take orders from anyone anymore," I said, speaking loudly so people could hear me.

My Father grabbed my elbow and towed me to a corner, "Fine go to bed then, I don't want to see your face for the rest of the week. I'm ashamed of you," and with that he walked away.

Frustrated now, I headed out the doors, towards my chamber. I turned around once, to find Akil, staring at me again, but this time with a twisted smile of his face.

Mashing my lips together, I went upstairs to my room and went to bed sobbing into my pillow.


I awoke with a start, my room was pitch black and the faint music that had come from downstairs from earlier had ceased, making the night seem more eerie.

I couldn't keep going on like his, I couldn't keep up pretences, while deep down I was miserable. Didn't God want his creations to be happy?

I looked over at my alarm clock, which read 3 o'clock in the morning. I sat up in my bed and ran my hands through my hair; I had no other choice now really. I could keep going through life like how I was now, or I could actually go through with my plan and run away to America.

I could do it right now... and nobody would know until the morning, and by that time I would successfully be in the air to America.

I got out of bed, wincing, when the floorboards creaked, but no one would be around this time in the morning so what was I afraid of? I turned on my bedside lamp and walked over to my wardrobe, where I got dresses in a pair of dark wash skinny jeans, a t-shirt and threw a dark purple hoodie over it all. Not the attire you would expect a princess to wear, but still.

Next, I took out a black rucksack from under my bed which I had never used before, and stuffed as many clothes, toiletries, and another pair of shoes, as I could. I grabbed my passport and my purse which was stuffed with money and prepared to set off.

I stood with my hand on the door handle, deliberating whether I should at least leave a note for my Father, saying that I was safe and hadn't been kidnapped. But at the last moment, I thought better against it.

I opened the door and stepped onto the red carpet, which coated the hallway. It was dark, so I could only see a few feet in front of me, but so far, I couldn't see or hear anybody. So far, so good.

Walking down the main stairs and into the lobby, I had met no one yet. I guess that the servants didn't get up this early, not that I would know anyway.

My sneakers squeaked as I walked across the shiny flooring, being self conscious as I was, I glanced behind me every few steps, to ensure that no one was following me.

But just as I was about to open the main wooden doors, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and I felt eyes on my back. I jumped, and turned around, ready to bolt it down the driveway, or come up with some pathetic excuse like ' Oh, I was just going for a walk in the gardens with my backpack on.'

To my relief though, no body stepped out of the shadows, if there was even someone there.

I twisted the brass doorknob and the door opened with a creek, I pulled it open slowly as if it would somehow make the noise less loud, but usually that makes it worse, so in the end I just pulled it open and it made the loudest noise I ever thought a door could make. For a minute or so, I stood in the open doorway, but heart beating, wondering if anybody would come and investigate.


Sighing, I stepped out in cold night air, cold enough, that it felt like a slap in the face. The imaginary eyes, stayed on my back as I ran down the front steps, careful to keep to the shadows, so as to keep out of sight of the security cameras positioned on all of the walls. When the wall behind my back ended, I prepared to run for it across the front lawn to the bushes where my secret gate was hidden.

When I was younger, I always wondered what life outside the palace walls would be like, so I made a gap in the fencing that surrounds the Palace ground perimeter. I had never gotten round to use it though, too scared that I would be caught. I was older now, and more smart than my five year old being, so I wasn't as terrified off what would happen if I was discovered.

One...Two...Three... Go! And with my countdown, I sprinted as fast as I could across the black stretch of grass towards the bushes, hoping that the gate was still there, I crouched down in the bushes and began trailing my hands across the fencing looking for the gap.

Yes! My hand fell through the wood and I felt the blanket of ivy that coated the outside wall, which hid the gap from outsiders. I pushed the ivy apart and stuck my head out onto the street, nobody was awake at this hour, and hence the empty roads and I grabbed my bag and climbed through.

I stood up and began jogging down the pavement in the general direction of the airport, reminiscing in my newly found freedom.