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We entered the house after a long, unbreakable silence. No one had tried to end the silence, and I didn't know how to say anything except for: mum has died, Rosie, so I kept my mouth tightly shut.

"Daddy?" Rosie shouted as we ambled into the hallway, hanging up our winter coats on the hanger – mum would go mental if we had done anything else with them.

"I'm here." Dad shouted, as he appeared at the top of the stairs, fully dressed, complete with a top-hat.

"I thought you were training for the army." I said, my voice shaking. He made a face before replying.

"I thought I should be here with you two, in this difficult time."

"What difficult time, daddy?" Rosie asked, her smile fading quickly. I soared up the stairs, not wanting to be the person to tell her the worst news of her life.

I could hear the dis-jointed conversation from my room, I could hear the awkwardness, the crying of Rosie, the sympathetic grunts of my father – and I sat motionless on my bed, wondering what my next move would be. It wasn't long after Rosie had been told the news, my father decided to check on me.

"How're you holding up?" He asked, removing his ludicrously tall hat and placing it on my dresser. I glowered at him, and didn't bother answering.

"Do you know how mum died?" I asked, my voice sour.

"Well…er… Edward, I didn't want to know."

"Well, dad, my mother was walking to Thomas' Cathedral School to collect me. She was walking along the street and a carriage wheel hit her, some Samaritans past, and they took her to the church. Mark Baker." I whispered, the words coming out quickly and therefore slurred.

"Look, Edward. I'm sorry." Dad mumbled, his head in his hands. "Tomorrow, I.. I have to go back to the army. I have to go back to the training. You and Rosie, well, my Commander, Mr. Barber, well… everyone under sixteen must be evacuated." He rose from the chair he was sat on, and retrieved his hat. I couldn't stand this any longer, but I had to be strong, for Rosie.

"When will we be leaving?" I asked thin air, my father was by the door thinking.

"A couple of days." He murmured, and then he was gone.

The rest of the day I began to pack, knowing I would also have to pack my sisters things, and I made room for that, especially.

"Edward, do you think mummy is in heaven?" She asked me as I scooped up my toiletries.

"Is there a heaven?" I asked sceptically, raising one eyebrow.

"Yes. Father Daniel said Christ is there, and God." She was sure of herself. Everything that Father Daniel said was truth, in her books. But I wasn't so sure, why had this awful travesty happened to one of the best Christians?

"Yes, mummy is in heaven. Right now, she is getting turned into a feathery angel." I said sarcastically, but Rosie grinned.

"That's what I thought. She'll be getting a real gold halo, one that hovers above your head…" She rambled on and on, spinning around the bathroom, talking about how our mother was the most spectacular angel.

I left her in the bathroom, feeling too depressed to even pretend to join in with her anecdotes. I lay on my bed for an immeasurable moment, wishing there was someone who I could talk to, that wasn't dead. I went to sleep early, knowing that tomorrow would be my last chance in finding Mark Baker.

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