"And so the lion fe-"

Edward's words were cut short, a look of shock coming over his beautiful face killing his smouldering glance. Bella's brown eyes widened in shock as Edward looked down to see the end of a wooden stake pointing out of his chest. He only had enough time to turn his liquid, golden topaz eyes upon Bella one last time before disappearing in a cloud of dust.

Bella reached out, her arms passing through the space that Edward used to occupy, grasping at the particles of dust floating weightlessly in the air. The dust seemed to clear and Bella could make out a pretty, blonde girl who was almost a head shorter than her, holding the wooden stake that had taken her love away from her forever. The blonde cocked her head at the dust pile and smiled in satisfaction.

"Another vamp bites the dust!"

Bella stared at the girl, shocked by her pretty pastel pink dress contrasted with the oversized black leather jacket that she wore. "But-" she choked out.

The blonde raised her eyebrows almost sarcastically. "What? You gonna tell me that you were in love with a vamp? Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt," the girl said, unsympathetically. She started walking past Bella, pausing beside her to add: "Trust me, I did you a favour. He would have just eaten you eventually."

"Buffy!" a familiar voice called from behind Bella. She spun as the blonde smiled enthusiastically and bounced off to meet the owner of the voice. Bella felt tears sting the corner of her eyes as she caught sight of Jacob leaning down to kiss the girl.

He looked up to see Bella and her pile of dust. Looking only slightly apologetic, Jacob shrugged at Bella. "Sorry, Bella."

As the girl and Jacob walked away, Bella heard the following conversation:

"Thanks Buffy! I would've felt pretty guilty taking him out myself. Pretty good, but pretty guilty."

"Hey, it's what I live for."

"They were going to get married you know?"

Buffy glanced back at the stricken Bella. "Hm. Well, they can be Mr. And Mrs. Big Pile of Dust now."

Bella heard Jacob laugh. "Sure, sure."